Friday, 9 September 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Not a great week
with all the 
~back to school~
~back to work~
~back to reality~
stuff going on
but I'm sure I can drag out some things
to point at and say, 
"Thank you, that made the week better."

Here goes.....

DD Hope and I had a lovely time at the
Kitsch and Stitch Fair
last Saturday.
There are loads of pics of the event here.
I bought a gorgeous pendant from

'Know it all fairy'

(Image from online shop
where there are lots of lovely things available to buy)

I also bought a wonderful pack of mixed 
media goodies from Suzie Sharp, 
papers, fabric, postcards, buttons, stamps etc etc.
Amongst other things, Suzie makes wonderful bags using 
original vintage and retro fabrics 
(Hope and I both bought one at the last Fair).
My nose hung over a beautiful blue wicker 
basket (very retro), but really couldn't justify buying
it for myself.
Hope treated herself to some cute hair clips
and a few other bits and pieces.

And yes, there was

The next Kitsch and Stitch Fair will
be on
3rd December 2011.

DH Grant DID have Saturday off
AND the sun DID come out.
He enjoyed a day pottering about in the garden,
slurping on a beer, or two.


Yesterday, Grant and I went to the funeral of 
Grant's Great Uncle, Matthew.
Saying goodbye is always hard to do, 
but the service, though sad, was just right.
He was a quiet undemanding man, a confirmed bachelor,
who enjoyed reading, crosswords, music and 
being with family and friends.
Apparently as a young man he was a keen 'grice' 
hockey player and referee - 
grice hockey is just like ice hockey but played on grass.
I had never heard of it.
There was a very moving tribute from one of Grant's 
cousins who grew up with Matt
and had remained very close.
I don't know how he managed to speak
so well when so upset, but he was brilliant.

A sad day, but it was lovely to share some
of the fond memories that people had of him.


The Killing on TV.

We are watching the first series of this Danish 
crime thriller, and it's very good.  
It's makes a refreshing change for the story to 
be happening in a country apart from the 
UK or USA.
The programme is subtitled which doesn't 
make for easy viewing,
I can't watch it while I'm ironing, 
for instance, but it is compelling.

We're loads of episodes behind and 
are trying hard to catch up
so no spoilers please!


That's about it for today
so I'll pop along to Virginia now to post my link
and then visit the other Rockers.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.
My thoughts are with my
American friends as they remember
the terrible events and aftermath of 10 years ago.



craftattack said...

Hi Jo, glad you found some good things in your week's review. Saying goodbye is always hard, but a necessary part of life. Glad you enjoyed your fair and managed to spend some money! I am going to the German *Stamp Mecca* on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that. Have a great weekend, Valerie

Heavens2Betsy said...

Aaah, such a lovely post Jo. Its been far too long since I called by. Sorry for your loss. We are lucky and escape the back to school thing altogether, but being back to home ed can also have its moments! I'm going to spend a quiet half hour catching up with all your fabulous doings! lots of love, pen x

Jennie Louise said...

ohhh I have to say I'm very envious about the vintage fayre.... Im just in the mood for browsing one of those shows. Such lovely things right?

yes school has started up again.. my son likes routine though, and earlier bedtimes too ~ always a bonus!

lovely blog post.

Jennie. x

Serenata said...

Well you did pretty well at finding some good things if you ask me! Must say I have cheered this week with school being back, terrible Mummy that I am...I did used to love the school holidays with the boys, but things change.

sugar Creek said...

Well I'm glad you found something to rock your world! That necklace is so cute!! Jealous!!
So sorry about your loss, of course that's always hard.
I have been nothing but a darn taxi since school started I tell ya!
Yes even though it's been 10 yrs it is still so hard to think about all those innocent people!

Virginia said...

ah Sweetie - you too were having to dig deep this week, particularly when you consider that you've had a funeral in amongst it all, but as always a beautiful list. Glad DH Grant managed a day off on Saturday and had chance to enjoy the great outdoors for a few hours!

The fayre with Hope sounds awesome, loving the necklace off for a noisy at the other pics and things in a minute. Hope this weekend is beautiful and blessed!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Jo, the Kitsch and Stitch Fair
looked and sounded great, Love those sort of shows... will try and make a note in the diary for the december one ;) Loving your little know it all fairy pendant :)
Glad to hear that Hubby got a well deserved day off but Sorry to hear of your loss... Have a lovely weekend my friend.
Jan x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Hi Joanna, wow. What a week for you. I appreciate your list ever more!! Glad you and Grant had time off together in the garden with a beer or two -cheers! xo lenna

Bad Penny said...

back to school is always unsettling.
What a beautiful pendant. My Uncle's funeral last year was really touching & my aunt told the lovely story of how they met so of course iot was happy & sad all at the same time.

joy said...

Hi, Joanna! I've been gone too long, but here I am commenting on your Friday post! Glad you got to go to the fayre with your daughter; love the pendant you bought! Sorry that you had a funeral to attend this week; but it is good to look back on the person's life and reminisce.

Hope this week will be a good one for you!

Kristin said...

Thank you for your visit - your comment about our mojo's playing together cracked me up! Sorry to hear about the passing of your family member and I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, xoxo

Dezinaworld said...

Great post and interesting about the vintage fair. Love the pendant its so beautiful. I am also a vintage addict :)
also just wanted to let you know I have a free collage sheet today for all my friends, please pop by and help yourself
hugs June x

Carmen said...

The fair sounds lovely - the pendant is fabulous :D I'm glad hubby got the day off to chill too.

We've been watching a lot of the 9/11 documentaries here - Craig because he is addicted to the news and politics, me because I love documentaries. It's so sad and so hard to believe it was so long ago, I remember it so vibidly. Yet Devvie was just a tiny nipper in nappies and now she's nearly taller than me. Some of the explanations trying to dispel the conspiracy theories have been compelling an heartbreaking to watch.

You'll have to let me know what you thought of The Gargoyle - I've not long ago finished it - just before we moved. Not what I thought it would be but I did enjoy it.

Carmen said...

Awful spelling, above - slap my wrists.

SusieJ said...

So pleased you found some gratefuls Jo...sad that you too had a funeral to attend. :(
The rest of your week sounds good..soooo nice that Grant managed some time off and enjoyed it appropriately.:)
Must admit I'm trying to avoid 9/11 documentaries..I'm afraid that if I start crying I won't stop..I'm that emotional at the moment. :(
Hugs xx

Susan T said...

I know just how you feel Jo, back from Scotland - and playing catch up! we seem to have been there forever, soon Helena will be back at university, Patrick already at college, Alan back to work on Monday, the house will seem so still and quiet, well apart from a furry lunatic hound, what would i do without him now.

I just love the grumpy expression on the lady in your last post, she is probably related to Alan! she looks so disapproving, tut, such goings on.

Jill said...

Quite a week in the end - glad the sun shone for you even though you had some sadder moments.

missy k said...

hi jo

really enjoyed a catch up and seeing what you've been up too.

lots of lovelies as usual

hols were great.... and the sun came out today which was great.... it was grim when we first got to Southampton!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! With our internet now repaired I can catch up on what I've missed and what's rocking your world!! I hope your week is off to a good 'rockin' start!!' :-)))