Friday, 23 September 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Phew, it's been a bit of a week with one thing 
and another - like tension at work 
and long hours for DH Grant -  
but having dug deep there have been 
some moments that have positively shone.

After a few weeks off (life kinda got in the way)
I went back to Zumba.  I'm so glad I did, it was
great fun and although I ached a bit for the
 next couple of days, 
it was a good ache, if you know what I mean.


I received such a lovely fabric postcard from
dear Katie at The Red Tin.

(watermellon attack!!)
We had arranged to swap something, anything.
She sent me her first precious fabric postcard the
she made for Sunday Postcard Art.
She explained that she'd been saving it for someone
special - awww,  how warm and gooey did I feel?!

Don't you just love the slices of water melon
raining down on the lady with the umbrella?!
And those pretty technicolour aeroplanes?!

I will treasure your whimsical postcard and it 
has pride of place on the shelf above the 
stove in the sitting room as I write.

My swap to Katie is in transit 
(I sent mine a few days later).
I'll do a show and tell once 
I know she's received it.


DS Luke made me smile this week.
The barber's where he is working his 
apprenticeship was having a turnout of their 
storerooms prior to having the floor relayed.
They found a pile of 1970's Playboy magazines.
So he brought them home, for ME!
"I thought you could use them in your artwork, Mum."
He assures me he didn't tell the guys at work that he was going to give them to his mother, 
that would be just too weird.

Funny thing is, flicking through the magazines 
I couldn't help but notice how the girls look 
far more natural and normal than
those in the top shelf magazines of today
 (and so far more attractive, in my non-male opinion),
The pictures are far more subtle, 
almost classically arranged - not so 'in your face'
(excuse the pun!).
 There are also lots of intelligent articles - 
finance, fashion, hair styles, 
how to persuade a lady to, er, try
something different etc etc.  
Lots and lots of words of more than one syllable,
small print and long sentences. 
 So different from today's
picture heavy/word light magazines.

Anyway, I really don't think I'll be using 
1970's pornography in my
artwork any time soon, 
so we'll probably put them on ebay
(of course, let me know if you're 
interested in buying them!).


DH Grant is off for a few days -
yesterday, today, and the weekend.
We are all enjoying having him home, and not
just waving him off to work which 
is all we seem to have been doing 
for months.

We haven't got anything exciting planned, 
just chillin'.


We've ordered some sitting room furniture, 
which is really rather exciting for us.
Our existing furniture has done well but is
 looking really rather sad now 
and has kinda lost its 'oomph' 
(I know the feeling!).
Hopefully we should be sitting on it by 
the middle of November.
And you know what it's like when you get 
new furniture, for the first few days it'll be, 
"Don't eat anything near it, don't drink anything near it, 
don't sit down on it so heavily, take your feet off it, 
don't breathe near it......."
and then you use it and abuse it like 
it's always been there ;O)


Beef casserole for tea tonight - our first casserole 
since the summer.
The aroma of casserole is filling the house
and it smells yummy.
(I won't be thinking that tomorrow morning 
when the house still smells of casserole!).

So that's it for this Friday.
I'll post it with Virginia at Celtic House and 
catch up with the other Rockers.
Thank you so much for putting up with and 
reading my rambling Rocking Friday posts.


Please would you spare a kind thought for my dear friend 
Lenna, who is going through a dreadfully sad and
difficult time just now, as her Dad is so very ill.


Virginia said...

Sending a big prayer up for Lenna during a difficult time, knowing she has friends who think of her will hopefully ease her burden.

Your list as always made me smile, the idea of Luke arriving home with 1970's porn made me giggle, I suppose back then there wasn't so much in the way of medical enhancements so I assume everything looks kind of normal!

Glad DH is managing some time off finally and glad your plans are to do nothing, we on the other hand have an 11 year olds birthday to contend with so ours is going to be somewhat hectic!

The trip to the secondary school certainly eased my fears, however my trawling the art room was much to be bemusement of said 11 year old who preferred the science labs! However, I was completely in awe of the work the art students had done - simply magical!

Hope you have a beautiful, blessed and relaxing weekend


craftattack said...

How sweet of your son to bring you home a big bundle of porno to help with your art - I'm still grinning!

I too got a fabric card from Katie, so I know how you feel about that!

Have a good weekend, too! Hugs, Valerie

Kristin said...

Oh, what a great post! I love the thought of your son coming home with vintage playboy mags! It was so sweet of him - and makes for a good story ;) AND I totally agree - I bet the women were pretty and natural looking.
I hope your tea was wonderful and that you don't hate the smell in the morning. . . and your last two journal pages are beautiful. xoxo

SusieJ said...

Spoilsport! After Luke went to all that trouble! Still giggling. I too know what you mean about the girls looking more natural then.
Enjoy your time with DH Grant at home and your casserole.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Katie said...

What? I expect to see mail art and journal pages w/ vintage porn! And, hey, didn't you have an old post of a page that had something looking awfully similar to a nipple? hee! hee!
You're family rocks!!
Glad you liked the card. :0)

Serenata said...

Laughing at the thought of your 'journalling' with the new found magazines ;-)

Have a great weekend.

Monica said...

Those centerfolds would give your postcards a real lift!

Susan T said...

Now pardon me if I have got this wrong, but you seem to have a expert knowledge of the difference between vintage and modern porn magazines! Is there something you are trying to tell us? Mrs Urbani I am shocked. One minute making delicious casseroles and the next, Oh My!

Joanna said...

Those casseroles take a mighty long time to cook, Sue!

Bad Penny said...

Ha! Good for Luke to think of his mother so thoughtfully ! What a laugh.
I've started doing casseroles just as the weather heats up ! )

Enjoy your new furnature ... no crumbs ppppllleeeeaaaassee ! well for a few ays at least ! xx

Carmen said...

I just love that your DS is comfortable enough with you to present you with a big pile of porn. Absolutely fabulous - am still grinning.

Love your list again this week and will be thinking of your friend.

Carmen said...

p.s That postcard is gorgeous. Lucky girl!