Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Can you let me know?

Hello lovely people.

Can I please take a moment of your time?
Jennie from Snapdragon Diaries
commented on my latest Rocking post and said
that she was having problems commenting on 
my blog,

 I can't see your links properly... It took me ages to find the comment box
 option as the links are not showing up against the dark turquoise 
background of your blog. 
I wonder if it's just me struggling to read your blog posts.

Now this surprised me - 
when I look at my blog it has a central white
page, flanked by (at the moment) old fashioned
 maps and a caravan.  
No turquoise.
Is this an isolated problem or are you all struggling
to read/comment on my blog posts?

Thank you, Jennie, for letting me
know that there is a problem.

Assuming that you can find my comment box 
I'd really appreciate it if you would let
me know what it is like for you.
Thank you!



Susan T said...

Jo, when your page first opens it appears as a deep turquoise background, this settles to your normal white background after a few seconds, when the background is darker it doesn't seem to want to let you leave a comment - strange.

Asia said...

I see the same way like Susan T. Regards, Joanna

Sabrina said...

I have no problems viewing the white background or accessing the comments.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Same for me.... it always starts with the dark blue background,snd then after a few seconds it changes to white.

Do you have travellers on your site? How did that caravan get there?

Have a great day

Sunny AGAIN here.... lovely!


Menopausalmusing said...

Another one who sees turquoise and then white.

Won't discourage me from visiting though :O)))))))))))

SusieJ said...

Snap from me too!
Turquoise then white.
Hugs xx
p.s. see you Thursday

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Same as above...background is Turquoise for short while (this is when it's hard to read) then background turns white.
Jan x

Heavens2Betsy said...

Maps & Whiteness for me! But, I found I had a lot of trouble commenting on some blogs (not yours) until I updated to Google Chrome. Then, miraculously I could comment everywhere again and my followers who had vanished reappeared. Maybe its a related problem?! pen x

Ann's Art said...

Yes, me too...same as above, but sometimes it takes about one minute or more for the deep turquoise to go on my screen.

Jee said...

Yes, I see the same as the other commenters, but like Ann it takes some while for the white page to come on.

craftattack said...

Last week yes, today it's OK! Valerie

Printed Material said...

Jo. I get the blue and then the white and have no problems with the comments! Lesley

Clarky J said...

I just managed fine but I have found that some blogs are not allowing me to comment at the moment which is very frustrating! Your is fine for me tho x

Yvonne said...

I see your map background, and I am able to leave this comment. Good from my end :)

joy said...

Turquoise (my favorite color) and then white for me too! No problem with commenting.

Monica said...

Ditto me. Same as everyone. My computer is not quite a year old so it is working well and your page loads fine.

sugar Creek said...

Hmm I can see white and the comment box as well! Hope you have a great day!

Kath said...

When I first arrive, the whole page is turwuoise. After a while it clears to white, which includes the comment box.
I have found, my friend with her very old PC never gets the "right" colour on some blogs.

BadPenny said...

It took a minute for everything to appear... before that all bluey colours ! But here you are !

Carmen said...

It's turquoise for less than a second with me but I thought all blogs were like that (not turquoise but the original 'theme' colour that it would have been before we put the codes for our fancy backgrounds in... think mine goes an orangey colour.) Like I say less than a second for me and then it goes to white with the maps either side. I've never had trouble reading or commenting on your site. I view either in Firefox or Google chrome if that's any help.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joanna, for me it goes right to the white page and then the map background comes in on the sides. It could be a slow-loading computer that keeps it stuck on the dark turquoise. I seem to remember that happening at some point and then moving on, but not now. Different browsers can have an effect on viewing too. It is always good to try with a different browser if you are having trouble. I use chrome and it works well. Commenting was not a problem at all.


Julie Forest said...

I'm seeing the white center and old maps on the side. No problems here. :)

Lululiz said...

How strange. I don't get turquoise, for me it goes straight to white background and maps at the sides.