Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mary's Monthly Challenge - October

(the new gown)
Mary Green from
has set her challenge for this month,
when the participants use the images 
provided in a collage sheet prepared by Mary.
I have just about used an element from all 
3 images in this 4" x 6" postcard.
(The wife's head, her little hat, and the mistakenly
 obscured edging on the top left corner).

For the 'O's on the background, I stuck hole 
reinforcers onto a plain gessoed background 
and then coloured the postcard with 
watercolour crayons.  When dry I removed the
reinforcers, leaving the uncoloured 'O's.

The quote,
"Don't let your husband get into the habit of
never noticing when you wear a new gown."
is from 
'The Book of Don'ts for Wives, 1913'
picked up in a charity shop.
Some of the 'don'ts' in this book are screamingly funny!



missy k said...

Hi Jo

What a fun piece ..... I love this style and the quote!!!!

Another great tip about the hole reinforcers....

I've printed off the sheet but that is as far as I got!

Love Karenx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
Love the color, subject, quote, execution-
Love it all,
Well done!
enJOY a lovely weekend,

Heavens2Betsy said...

I bet those dont's are beyond funny. Love your postcard Jo. The muted colours are beautiful and the quote is a cracker. pen x

Susan said...

I love how you used these images! Her hat and dress are so cute!

Linda K said...

Love it Joanna and thanks for the comment on mine.

craftattack said...

Great piece, Jo, and I am very envious of that book you mentioned; perhaps you can entertain us with a good quote here and there? Have a good weekend, Valerie

Jane Housham said...

Beautiful Joanna styling. You must definitely illuminate our lives with some more of those don'ts.

Kristin said...

What a cool idea for a challenge! I will have to check it out - and YES you HAVE to (look at me, all bossy ;) join PPF - it really is a fun group.
I LOVE your postcard - the quote is the best! Beautiful work as always, xoxo

The Scrappy Tree said...

Fab piece! Love the quote you used :) those old books are something else aren't they!

Monica said...

That is a funny quote and expect you will use many more of them.

Nan said...

Very clever-and you really disguised the challenge pieces on this one!

Nancy said...

You did a terrific collage using the images. I had to look closely to find what you used from the originals. Thanks for visiting my blog.

sugar Creek said...

This is so cute! Love it! I need to get back into it, I've been so busy lately!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
very well done!!! Love it.
Have a great weekend.

Susan T said...

You have a brilliant imagination Jo, I love the way you transform an idea into art. I am sure if you did a range of cards using the 'dont's' list they would be a best seller.

That little book sounds a perfect way to giggle through a wet afternoon, a lucky find.

daisy said...


Carmen said...

Love it - love the quote too! Fabulous effect with the hole reinforcers :D

Mary said...

this is terrific, what a great job!

Birgit said...

Oh, I see more fun collage with those quotes in the future! :)

Thanks for the smile, Joanna -- and thanks for visiting my blog earlier today.

glori said...

Brilliant collage and fun quote!. Good job

Margaret said...

Brilliant! love the quote and your source! bet there's some fun reading in that little gem, talk about being inspired. Fab collage, great use of the reinforcers, I keep meaning to have a go with them! Mx

bockel24 said...

This is just wonderful and my favourite for this challenge!

fani said...

Congratulations Joanna.
I love this I see

Sabrina said...

Joanna, this is so impressive, witty, and creative. I stared at the challenge sheet and got absolutely no where. It's wonderful that you had the vision to see this in there. As always, you amaze!