Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Received - 'Summer's Day' Postcard Mail Art

I had good mail today.  
I have been waiting very patiently
(OK, not very patiently) 
for the return postcards from
Lenna's Creative Swaps Mail Art Postcard Swap, 
and today the third and final postcard arrived.

I am so happy with the postcards I received 
so top marks to the artists and 
to Lenna for selecting them for me.

The theme was
'A Summer's Day'.

'A Summer's Day is A Summer Camp Song!'

This wonderfully colourful card is from Jewels.
She hand painted the watermelons.  
I love the image and those juicy colours!
Jewels explains all about her postcards
(including the others she made for the swap)
I greatly admire Jewels' style and am very
happy to have another of her creations.
'Summer is enjoying the beautiful flowers in the garden.'

This fabric beauty is from Pam Gonzalez.
This really is so gorgeous -
 the flowers are printed onto the fabric and
then Pam has picked out
petals for embroidered highlights.

I will have to do a bit of investigative work
to find contact details
for Pam so I can thank her.
'A Summer Day...........With Sunflowers.'

The final postcard is from Sharon Walworth
and unfortunately it suffered on its journey from the US.
Sharon's postcards in their pre-postal condition
 can be seen on Creative Swaps


The brilliant quote says,
"Bring me the sunflowers
Crazed with the love of light."
(Eugenio Montale)

This beautiful postcard really brings back happy
memories of 
our summer holiday in Italy,
when we drove past fields and fields of sunflowers.  

So those are the 3 superb postcards I received.
I'm extremely happy with my selection
and enjoyed taking part.

Just to remind you, for the swap I made
3 postcards like this one;
'To be once more a little child for one bright summer day'

I know Sharon received one of them.
I hope she and the other 2 recipients like them.

Lenna is taking a necessary break from 
Creative Swaps following the recent illness 
and sad passing of her father, 
but when the time is right her intention 
is to return to arranging her wonderful swaps.

I'll definitely be signing up for more!



craftattack said...

Hi Jo, love your postcards. I have got 2 of mine already, was a great swap! Hugs, Valerie

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Eight sheep btw and a gorgeous shepherds hut which you would LOVE! I'm really excited about the exhibition.... I don't think it will be huge but I'm sure it will be great :)

Anyway, I LOVE your postcards received (and sent) but I'm especially drawn to the top one. I just think the colour and happiness of it is amazing.

Love Karenx

Katie said...

Those are all wonderful! What a treat! Maybe I should do one of Lenna's swaps too! :0)

Menopausalmusing said...

Lovely cards, both sent and received. I also am drawn to the lovely colours of the first one.

BadPenny said...

Delightful cards Jo I adore yours. Fields of sunflowers.... sigh

Jewels said...

It really was a great swap Jo - so glad you like those melons (LOL). Lovin your postcard to - what a treat! Jewels

Susan T said...

Just lovely, especially the first one, it reminds me of the blissful sun last week and walking on the beach to cool down. Today it is raining, cold and now shooting us with giant hailstones. Back to normal ugh!

Heavens2Betsy said...

A wonderful swap to be involved with Jo. Your 'summers day' one is an absolute beauty. I see you are reading The Gargoyle. I LOVED it. Hope you are enjoying and, thanks again for your encouraging words when you come to visit. pen x

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

What a fab swap...I just adore your postcard Jo x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thank you for posting your postcards received, Joanna. So lovely. i will get you Pam's email. xo lenna

Carmen said...

All of them beautiful and I just love the one you sent. Your background and layering is always delicious to look at!