Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Thank you, Blog Advisers!

Thank you EVERYONE
for letting me know 
about your experiences 
when viewing my blog.

I passed the issue over to my resident 
IT Expert (daughter)
who waived her usual fee
(chocolate cake)
and has, I hope, sorted out the problem.
Apparently my background was set to turquoise.
Goodness knows why.
The IT Expert would probably charge
me extra for that information
and as long as it's sorted out,
who cares?!

Thank you again!



Margaret said...

I didn't see it before but it's all looking rather fab now, love that caravan!! Mx

craftattack said...

If only all problems could be sorted out this quickly! Hugs, Valerie

Carmen said...

Wow she's cheap - do you hire her out?

Serenata said...

Glad it is all sorted now :-)

Susan T said...

Well done IT expert. I can see you brightly shining now.

Printed Material said...

I wish I had an IT assistant! Looks even better now. x

Ann's Art said...

Yes, clicked on your blog and it came up White straightaway, no turquoise in sight. Hooray for your techy guru....don't tell her but I think it deserves more chocolate cake, a new dress and a really large Christmas present!! LOL.

Monica said...

Love the maps on the sides. Where are they from?

Joanna said...

Hi Monica, the background, including the maps and caravan is one of the many blog backgrounds available from shabbyblogs.com.

Hope that helps!


BadPenny said...

Joe gets paid with chocolate too !