Saturday, 1 October 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday, late

Friday has seemingly seamlessly merged into Saturday
(try saying that after a gin and tonic or two), and
I'd better get on with my weekly happy-list
before Saturday turns into Sunday!

First up for a mention is 
online and other (I'm not going to say 'real' because
that would be like online friends aren't real
and we all know that isn't true).

Lunch with my old friend Dawn on Thursday.
We last saw each other before the summer holidays
so we had a lot of 'life' to catch up on.

Drinks with my friend Louise last night.
She's going through quite a rough time at the mo,
and I do wish I could wave the magic wand for her.
We still found lots to giggle about though, 
mainly because she's as mad as a box of frogs!
In a good way;o)

I received a postcard this week from my friend Lenna,
who is also going through an emotional wringer.
She extended an invitation for me to visit her in 
Florida, and you know what, 
one of these days I might just do that!

The ebay fairy has been mighty busy and 
through my letter box this week plopped

as well as it being the time of the month for the new 

which this month came with a kit to make the sweetest
coin purse.

Reading Heaven!

Mail Art from Sue Emmerson arrived this week too.
The has the theme of 'Beginning with the letter K'.

Kookaburra, kite, kangaroo, kitten, kettle, koala etc
I think she's just about cornered the 'k' market!

Thank you, Sue!


DS Luke's finger is recovering from his first lesson with
the barbering scissors.
The VERY SHARP barbering scissors!
It was a deep snip, there was lots of blood 
and I've cleaned out Boots' stock of bandages 
and plasters.
It probably should have had a stitch or two, 
but hey, he's a MAN!
(I think he's got a new found respect for scissors).


DD Hope and I went to a sweet exhibition today,
which was held at an equine veterinary practice 
in Forest Row.

The theme was, perhaps unsurprisingly, horses.
Please click on the name of each artist 
to go to their websites.

There was sepia photography by 
who we were lucky enough to meet.
She so beautifully captures the special bond 
between a horse and owner.
Please go and visit her website, 
her photographs are so beautiful.
There were gorgeous charcoal pictures by

in which the strength and movement of these magnificent
creatures was cleverly portrayed.
We really liked the equine portraits

in which she particularly captures 
"key moments of
sporting life from the race track to the stable setting".

Both Hope and I were very taken with the 
beautiful sculptures 

we loved the wood sculptures by

This unicorn head was Hope's favourite.


Can you make out this little foal?
Sorry, the sun was too bright for my silly little camera, 
but this driftwood fella was so gorgeous.

Hope and I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful artwork 
and it was all for a good cause as entry was free 
but donations were requested for
 Riding for the Disabled.


Well I think I've kept you quite long enough.
I'll be posting this with Virginia, Rocking Queen,
and then it's time for a nice cup of tea.

Have a great weekend!



Susan T said...

I have to say you do some lovely things Jo, horses make me a bit nervous, but they are absolutely wonderful animals, and very beautiful.

Nothing like a catch up week with friends. I have one coming up.

Poor Luke, it could have been the end of his career if he chopped off a finger, those scissors are lethal. A hairdresser once caught Alan's neck while chatting and cutting his hair, it was like a bloodbath.

Enjoy that cup of tea - given the weather I think you might benefit from a cool glass of lemonade, it is meltingly hot here, goodness knows what it must be like in Kent.

craftattack said...

Try and have a relaxing day now. If you are confused about whether it's Friday or Saturday there are those strange things called Calendars, which sometimes help. I am glad to say I am not confused today, even though I did drink my paint water again instead of cola. Have a great weekend, and hope Luke's finger is soon better,

Katie said...

Lots of news this week!I really love that horse art show- those photos are beautiful!
I've never seen Mollie Makes...that looks like a fun magazine.
Enjoy your weekend.

SusieJ said...

Ouch! for Luke's finger - hope it heals soon.
What a wonderful exhibition....loving the sculptures especially and all in a good cause too.
Have a relaxing evening..I may have some wine myself tonight..:)
Hugs xx

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your weeks sounds gorgeous in so many ways dear Jo. Even the mail on your mat was interesting! I love the art you saw especially the sculptures. The unicorn is truly magical. pen x

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Jo, you know 'What's Rocking World' posts are among my favorites because they always remind me of what's rocking mine!!

The horses in this post in all shapes and form are just magnificent!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I was wondering where you were and what you'd be up to!!!!

I find horses quite scary.... I am a baby I know! (I had a bad experience in the New Forest when I was young!) but I do love the horse in the last pic!

Tomorrow is going to be another 'hotty' enjoy :)


Monica said...

The days of the week are generally know to my unfocused mind due to the pill box that is a set of 7 joined boxes with the day printed on the lid. It seems every doctor has a special vitamin you should take. hence the box.

BadPenny said...

Wonderful Friday post Jo. The exhibition looks fantastic & your ebay buys lovely.

Poor Luke ! Barbers' / hairdressers' scissors are so very sharp & woe betide if used for cutting anything but hair... I think the culprit may need o run & hide !

Love your new background x

Printed Material said...

Jo, those exhibition images are great. I'm off to follow up the links especially the driftwood sculpture artist. Nice to see CPS. Reminds me that it's a long time since I bought one. I still have them all from the start but they got a bit bitty and I stopped. I think I'll go have another look!Looks like a busy week. Lovely to read about it all. L x

bluepurpleandscarlett said...

I just saw Molly Makes for the first time in our local bookstore, oh my goodness!! Each and every page was delightful, so many wonderful projects! Have fun. :)

Relyn said...

Oh, me too, me too! I do LOVE a good mail day.

Virginia said...

I'm here with my virtual cup of tea - honestly I made it a couple of days ago so it's gone cold now, but I've made a fresh one or should I say Craig has so I'm sat having a read. Loving the exhibition the driftwood pieces are fabulous, we went to Chatsworth yesterday for the Beyond Limits Sculptures which were awesome, I'll share some pictures later.

Sorry DS Luke cut his finger hope it's on the mend, scissor cuts are just plain nasty as they don't heal quickly!

Loving the mail art and the things from e-bay never managed to get hold of the Somerset Studio mag yet, must make a concerted effort to do that to see if I like or not!

Had a busy but tiring weekend overall which resulted in a bombed house (I kid you not) so just need to sort out some things I've brought home from work, a stack of ironing and a shower and that's before I collapse into bed!

Hope you're having a good week!



Kristin said...

What a cool post! I love the art - especially the wood sculptures - they are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and for your sweet congratulations ;) xoxo

Margaret said...

Lovely catch up post, so much to see! Of course I'm totally jealous of your reading stash, I really must take out a subscription to Mollie Makes! fab mag!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Just catchin' up here Jo!!
What a wonderful week, apart from poor Luke, hope his finger is making a speedy recovery!!
Liking the look of your new mags, must get my hands on a Mollie Makes.... have heard lots of good reviews.
Those driftwood horses are amazing.
Awesome week!!
Jan x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear joanna,
i am just getting to your friday post and boy, did you make me smile. Not about Luke's finger -eewww! I am squeemish about such things!!!!! No, about that you really may come and visit one day. That would be simply grand! Florida is lovely almost anytime of year. : ) I would love it. xo