Saturday, 29 October 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday, late

Oops, I'm late again with my Rocking post.
Thank you, Penny for your concern.
I'm absolutely fine, just a rubbish timekeeper!


I've really enjoyed this half term week.
I've been a busy little bee sorting and de-cluttering.
Over the years I have developed a remarkable 
skill for accumulating STUFF, and the house
 is bulging at the seams with lots of random STUFF.
So with new sitting room furniture being delivered this
week, it was a good excuse for a major sort.
But of course, with sorting, comes even more mess, ugh!
The dining room is now stuffed to the brim with bags 
for the charity shops which we take out with 
us a couple at a time.
I'm selling some of my books and Somerset Studio type magazines on ebay (I must have some 
very confused customers, a few weeks ago on ebay
 I was selling 1970's Playboy magazines!),
as well as our coffee table and any other furniture 
that is just taking up space and so thus offending me.

We're really happy with the new furniture (good ol' DFS), 
as is Susie the Cat.  We saved one of the footstools 
from the old suite specifically for her because 
she likes to sleep on it.
She hasn't looked at it since the new furniture arrived so
I suspect the de-cluttering fairy will strike again and 
off the footstool will go, poof!


DD Hope had her braces fitted.

She was such a brave girl and has adapted really well 
to not being able to chew her food (she has 
developed a system of squashing her food 
against the roof of her mouth with her tongue!).

DS Luke was an absolute top brother
and without our knowledge bought Hope an ipod Touch 
which he had engraved for her, because, having
been through it himself, he understood that having braces
was not much of a fun experience.

For one special moment, Hope was speechless!


DD Hope and I had a brilliant day in London.
We went to the Natural History Museum
to see the photographs of the
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011.
Why hadn't I realised there would be a queue to get 
into the museum during half term?! 
 Luckily it was a beautiful day so the 45 minute wait 
whizzed by.  The lady on the ticket desk
 told me the previous day they had 22,500 visitors!

(Photo: Cyril Ruoso)
This has to be the cutest little guy on the planet!
(Photo: Cyril Ruoso)

(Photo: Thomas P Peschak)

(Photo: Xavier Ortega)

(Photo Eric Pierre)
(Photo: Ron McCombe)

We really enjoyed looking at ALL the photographs,
taken from every corner of the planet.

This was a brilliant exhibition.


We then popped into The Victoria and Albert Museum, 
next door and went to 
The Power of Making Exhibition.

What a fascinating little exhibition this is (and free!).
It is all about anything that is made - by real 
craftspeople both traditional and modern.
There were bikes, coffins, boats, sculptures, 
flutes, false eyes, crocheted animals, 
glass nose moulds (a surgical thing apparently),
shoes, clothes, dry stone walls, giant knitting, 
robots, signs, etc etc.

('King Silver' gorilla sculpture by David Mach, made out of coat hangers)
Source: MPD Click's Trend Journal Editor
(Prosthetic suit for scientist Stephen Hawking with Japanese steel)
Source: MPD Click's Trend Journal Editor 
('Widow' dressmaker pin dress by Susie MacMurray,
literally covered in pins!)
Source: MPD Click's Trend Journal Editor  
('Alphabet' by Dalton Ghetti)
Source: MPD Click's Trend Journal Editor  

This is a lifesize baby CAKE!

I wouldn't make a special trip to see this exhibition, 
because it really isn't big enough, 
but if you're in the area you really should 

I have been enjoying some 'arting' when I'm not 
clearing the house of junk, 
but have nothing to show you yet.


So, it's been a busy week but it's been a good week.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
I'll post this with Virginia, Rocking Queen,
and tomorrow I'll try and catch up with the other 
Rockers and Rockettes - including new member 



Katie said...

Way to rock the braces Hope, and what a great big brother! That show looks amazing---I want that pin cool. Take care, Jo. xo

Alix said...

What a sweet gesture from your son! Trust that Hope's teeth and jaw are now settling down - it'll be worth it in the end! I am amazed by the pin dress - beautiful, but what the time it must've taken. Awesome!

craftattack said...

Sounds like a bracing week; glad I'm not the only one clearing up! Valerie

Jane Housham said...

What a great week. I can't get over that baby cake! Amazing.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi Jo, So glad you are back! I really enjoy your Rockin' and missed it when it didn't appear. Wow! your guys obviously have a lovely relationship - what a kind thing for Luke to do for his Sister. Braces look painful - I'm pleased Hope is managing them.I love the Wildlife Photos Exhibition tho I haven't been for years. I love, love, love the pencil stubs photo 'Alphabet' ... I would love this on my wall - think its genius.
Glad you've had a good week. Happy new furniture! pen xxx

Kath said...

If you gotta have braces, why not go for purple sparkly ones- well done DD!

BadPenny said...

What a lovely half term Jo the exhibitions look terrific ! The pencil stubs are amazing.
That was so thoughtful of Luke. I bet Hope was Gobsmacked ! Great photo of her "traintracks" ! It'll be worth it Hope- Joe's are off now & his teeth are lovely !

SusieJ said...

What a great half-term week you've had.
Luke is a wonderful brother!!!
Loving all the photos...fab exhibitions you've been to.
Hugs xx

The Scrappy Tree said...

What a wonderful wander through your week :) enjoyed your pics!

Menopausalmusing said...

That is SUCH a great thing for your son to have done for his sister. Loved looking at the photos of both exhibitions.

I am also in the process of decluttering but its still at the upward struggle stage..........

missy k said...


Great post....

I'm glad you had a great half term..... the exhibitions look great. I love those pencils

How lovely of Luke ..... what a sweet thought. Especially getting it engraved too. Livi and I had lots of trips to the orthodontist and we made them into a 'special' thing....

I am impressed with your de-cluttering!!!!! I am going to look into selling on ebay when I get a bit more time.

So glad Susie is happy with her new sofa!

The sun has come out! Hooray. Barry and I are going out for a walk to counterbalance our roast beef dinner! Probably should be a jog as we had apple crumble and cream too!

Lots of love


Carmen said...

Love seeing all the piccies of the places you visit! Thought that baby was a sculpture or something... but a cake?? Wow.

What a lovely thing for your son to do :) Wish my two eldest got on like that but it's a constant battle with those two!

Virginia said...

finally I got to read your post, tried unsuccessfully the other day, the furniture from DFS sounds like a dream if I'm honest and decluttering could definitely do with a bit of that at the moment, but I'll settle for the world sitting still for a change rather than whizzing at a great rate around my head.

The photos are great and the exhibition at the V&A looks great,

How amazing is your son for being so considerate towards his sister, having not had to deal with braces myself but having had a close friend who had to contend with them, I can only imagine the discomfort, so WTG Luke for pressies - awesome stuff!

Hope this week is proving just as positive and fruitful!