Friday, 7 October 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

So what happens here every Friday?
Yes, that's right -
me and my fellow Rockers
(led by Rocking Queen Virginia
consider the previous week and pick out any 
gems that are worth a mention.
It might be only a small thing that's made me smile
and feel all warm inside but don't you find that
it's too easy to remember only the things
that weren't so good?
I prefer to remember the 

DD Hope and I enjoyed the surprise late summer sun
and sat by the duck pond in Lingfield, Surrey
while we ate a little picnic.

The splash in the photo is a shy duck - 
every time I took a photograph he 
disappeared under the water!

There's something very calming about sitting 
next to a pond watching ducks doing
 what ducks do.


Rosie Mae (best dog in the world).

Deaf as a post, and (selectively) as blind as a bat
she forgot that she's an old girl and chased 
a squirrel this week.
She hasn't bothered chasing small 
furry mammals for a few months,
and she didn't stand a chance of catching this 
one but it was lovely for her inner puppy 
to make an appearance.


Susie Tu.

Boy, does this cat know how to sleep!
I love this contrary girl so much.
I truly spend more time thinking about what she's 
going to be having for tea than what I'm 
preparing for the rest of the family.

I am, after all, only here to serve her.


X Factor 2011.

Encouraged by Bad Penny I have been
sucked in to all the dramas of the new
X Factor on tv.
I like that the judges have had a shake up,
and Gary Barlow is my favourite judge
(I am an old Take That fan after all!).
The live shows start tomorrow.


DD Hope and I are looking forward to
going to see
The Lion King in 3D
at the cinema tomorrow.

Lion King is one of Hope's all time top favourite films
(along with Spirit, an animated horse film)
and it has been re-released in 3D. 

We'll be happily singing along to "The Circle of Life....."

"Hakuna Matata!"

amongst other great songs.
And, of course, weeping at the sad bits.


I've just bought 2 new cookery books.

Jamie's lovely new book
(£10 from the book box man at school, rrp £30)

and Hugh's new Veg book
(£11'ish from Amazon, rrp £25).

I'm in a deep cooking rut -
I'm bored shopping for the same old food,
bored cooking it and
really bored eating it too :o(
so it's time for a change.

Yum yum!


So a few smiles from this week and I've got 
something to look forward too.
Lucky me!

Wishing you all a great weekend.



Susan T said...

Where do I start with this. First love the pond piccy sans duck. I bet you aren't picnicing now are you, we have had hail up here! bring back the sun.

Rosie Mae in all her great beauty, she may be getting on in years but she is one glam gal, hair like Richard Gere, but it looks better on her.

Susie Tu looks like she is in an advert for chic homes. I love that cushion she is playing with.

The 'Circle of Life' one of my all time favourite songs, it makes the hair stand up on my arms (I don't know why and just to add I am not a terribly hirsute person)

I bought The River Cottage book too this week, from those nice people at AMAZON, I have been in a cooking rut for years, and Helena and I tried to go completely Vegi for a while, but Alan lured us back with fillet steak. Food shopping is SO expensive now we may as well make meals as nutricious and tasty as possible. I have just chucked some butternut squash into out curry tonight and it tastes great.

marigold jam said...

It's always good to "accentuate the positive" so I loved this post. That dog is gorgeous and the cat looks so comfortable just like my Tom! The picnic in the park sound good although as Susan above said not today as it has turned cold here too. Shall be interested to hear how you enjoy the recipes in Hugh's book - I used to be pretty much vegetarian when my daughter lived at home but now it just seems easier to cook one kind of meal instead of two as my husband is a definite meat and 2 veg kind of guy! Have fun at the cinema.

craftattack said...

Enjoy the Lion King, one of my fave films too. Hugs, Valerie

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Enjoyed reading about your week and loved the pics of the pets! Such sweeties! Enjoy the Lion King - you'll be singing for weeks!

I guess next week we will hear about what you get up to in the kitchen!!!

Have a super weekend

Lots of love to you all


ps i love duck watching.... reminds me of many happy walks to the duck pond when we lived in Holybourne when W, E and O were little :)

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi Jo, X-Factor is my guilty pleasure too! Know what you mean about the cooking .... my unadventurous 15 year old has dictated our menu for too long .... now, its my turn!Were you checking in at the Craft Barn by any chance? Rosie Mae is as cute as pie as is Susie Tu. Enjoy the Lion King petal. pen x

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Lion king is a fave of mine too!
Sweet pics of your fur babies :)
Have a lovely weekend Jo!
Jan x

SusieJ said...

I love the Lion King!! Have you and Hope seen the stage show? Fabulous!!
Good for Rosie Mae..chasing a squirrel..inner puppy still there. :)
Picnic sounds idyllic and love the "duck splash"..ooh, that reminds me, I have some photos of a trip to Stratford with DS Nick feeding the ducks..we had to buy a whole loaf specially....must be worth a LO!
Have a great weekend and please, please, pass on any worthwhile recipes..I'm in the same rut as you. :(
Hugs xx

Clarky J said...

I am smiling away at your links - DD asked for some disney movies on DVD for her birthday at 16 LOL - we adore The Lion King so your links have really made my day x have a fab weekend and sorry i am such a rubbish follower :0(

Kath said...

Love the photo of Rosie Mae. You know there's "life in the old dog" when they chase the odd squirrel. Ellie is 14 next month and now on regular Metacam. She has got a new lease of life, but still just as stubborn LOL

Menopausalmusing said...

"Hugh" has scrubbed up rather well, don't you think?

Know what you mean about pet food. I stood for ages in Tesco's yesterday selecting "gourmet" cans for my elderly tabby.

BadPenny said...

Oh dear ...if it's a bad X Factor don't blame me ! It's just that we both enjoyed last year's so much ! I love Gary as head judge.

Sam was virtually blind & selectively deaf too but at fifteen would suddenly have mad puppy moments.. but he also had short term memory & would stand behind a door forgetting what he was doing ! Bless.

Enjoy the Lion King though I don't think I could cope with 3D !!!

That duck pond with the houses on the island is adorable. I could sit there for hours !

Gina said...

Hi Joanna :d Looks like you really enjoyed that picnic. Wasn't it just worth dropping everything to spend that last day in the sun before winter sets in?
We really enjoyed Johnny english, some real cringe making jokes well acted out :D The majority of the audience were older teens and uni students, who all seemed to enjoy it too. Everyone left smiling and giggling haha!:D XXX

Virginia said...

Morning Sweetie - just catching up whilst hubby screams at screen in other room - rugby on!!!! Your list is fabulous (as always) I love the brief description of Rocking Your World at the top - something I should maybe adopt for anyone who happens by do you think?

the duck pond and a picnic sounds awesome stuff enjoying the late summer that we had!

I'm sure you'll enjoy your cinema trip - and Hope gets to enjoy a favourite film in 3D!!!

Please share if the Jamie book is OK, I love the 30 minute one but not so much the Ministry of Food one, so do tell if you have fun, let us know if the veg one is any good too - always intrigued with doing something different with veg!

Hope you have a great Saturday

Much Hugs


Jennie Louise said...

yeah *new* cook books... im bored of same old, same old recipys so i too need to buy some more or at least check out BBC website for ideas.
enjoy Lion king - one of my all time faves.
Jennie. x

William the Lurcher said...

Glad you found the youngster in you Rosie Mae...good for you.

Katie said...

so manygood things. I like the look of that Veg cookbook. I,too, am in a cooking rut--maybe I never really started cooking and lost it, it's more of a 'nothing sounds good' rut. Have a wonderful day, Jo!

Carmen said...

Love the look of those cookbooks - espesh the veggie one! I'm no longer vegetarian but the majority of our meals still are so always looking for new ways with veggies.

I mentioned the 3D Lion King to Craig and his eyes practically rolled out of his head so maybe me and the girls will jog along to that one on our own :P

I adore that picture of Rosie Mae. Lucy is going deaf we thing and is definitely getting a tad grumpy in her old age but the puppy mischievous side peeks in now and again and you wonder how old she really is! (We haven't a clue!)

Irish3 said...

Hello there!!!! I haven't been by in a quite a while so I have to take some time to catch up on all your posts! Rosie Mae is looking sweet and I'm so glad to hear she's feeling fiesty from time to time! Riley is good, impatiently waiting for me to take him for a walk right now..
I'll be catching up, have a great week!