Friday, 14 October 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Hello friends in the Land of Blog,
welcome to my list of happies for the week
(if you want to do your own list just link it
to Virginia's blog and we'll come and visit):

Beautiful Autumnal weather,
leaves turning colour and dropping,
a moist chill to the misty morning air.
 I love it! 
The sun is out today making it so enjoyable
to stroll in the warmth, it definitely has the
'feel-good' factor.


I have been so lucky to receive lots of GREAT mail.

one of her lovely stitched and stamped bookmarks 
which I'd admired and a fun postcard of a cowboy 
riding a prairie dog 
(she saw it and thought of me!).
Then, from Linda (Lambsworld)
fab Kitsch Kitchen Mail Art
(the theme is 'beginning with k'),

which came with superb retro contents

and I am so lucky to have won 
giveaway -  a brilliant book called 
'Drawn In',
which is SO PERFECT FOR ME that
 I did a Snoopy happy dance when I found out I'd won.
Thank you, Carmen!
Carmen (whose middle name is Miranda, 
how cool is that?!)
writes reviews for selected books -
I bought a book from Amazon this week,
Creative Wildfire by LK Ludwig,

 on the strength of Carmen's review and 
You can really trust Carmen's opinion,
she's very honest with the books' pro's and con's.


Brilliant charity shop purchase, 
for £1.25 -

this book was published in Canada
and has various recipes
including plaque-busters,
and low-fat.
They all look really yummy, 
and I'm not even a dog.
I LOVE the 3 little bone shaped cutters that 
came with the book.
DD Hope and I will be trying the first recipe 
this weekend
(for Rosie Mae, not us!).


I really enjoyed watching
'Who Do You Think You Are?'
this week on the tv - the family tree being 
investigated was that of artist
Tracey Emin,

whose exhibition I went to in the summer with Penny.
Tracey really is as mad as a box of frogs
and it made me smile that her biggest fear was
that her forebears came from a cul-de-sac in suburbia.
She was thrilled to bits to find that she descended from gypsies living in tents 
(with a couple of thieves thrown in for good measure!).


So what am I looking forward to next week?

 Sunday lunch with DH's parents, John and Barb.
We're going to a lovely pub local to them so neither 
Barb nor I are having to cook which will be a lovely 
treat for both of us.

Next week, weather permitting,
I am going to Highgate Cemetery 
with Penny
and maybe some other bloggers.
I have to admit that generally I'm 
not a lover of cemeteries 
(I always seem to feel so sad)
I twisted Penny's arm to go to the Tracey Emin 
exhibition so I thought it only fair that I went to 
something that she particularly wanted to go to.

Having said I'd go I'm actually really
looking forward to it.
Although not if it's raining.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with 
sunshine and cake.



craftattack said...

Lots of lovely things today, but the dog-bone baking book and cutters really takes the biscuit! Enjoy Highgate Cemetery, one of the *haunts* of my youth, wish I could be there, too! Hugs, Valerie

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hello Madame Fiddlesnips! First, congrats on your win .... that book looks amazing. I loved your mail art you received - especially the retros. The dog recipe book looks a hoot. I can just imagine you and Hope whipping up delicacies for your darling Rosie-Mae. Loved Tracey Emin's search - hadn't expected to like her as much as I did. She was much gentler than I'd assumed. Isn't the weather fab? If it stays like this I'll be a very happy bunny and so will my .... bunnies be! pen xxx

Virginia said...

What a fabulous list full of good things, loving the idea of you making tasty food for Rosie-Mae - awesome stuff!!! The bone cookie cutters are genious!

I love all the mail art you get - where do you keep it once it's received? Have you got a giant box full of all the gorgeous art?

Loving the book win and the book purchase, haven't seen Carmen's book review on that second book so must go and have a read, because it looks like my kind of book!

Hope you enjoy your lunch with family. The cemetary seems an interesting option - we went to the cemetary in Glasgow because of Billy Connolly and did a repeat trip last year when we ventured back to Scotland, it is still a fabulous place. I normally don't find them sad, just peaceful, probably because I don't think there is anyone there - they are off doing things that are far more interesting once they leave this world.

Hope you have a great weekend, I'm still suffering, but I've been glad of a day when I've been able to stop.



MrCachet said...

Wonderful MAIL ART!

missy k said...

hi Jo

gosh another Friday come around already.....

i am so glad we are having such beautiful weather.... it truly is glorious

good books this week arty and doggy!

hope Rosie enjoys her treats :)

enjoy your trip to H C..... i generally find cemetries really peaceful and often used to walk around the one near our old house... although i was always glad to come out and be in the land of 'living' people! and of course NEVER at night!!!!

Enjoy your lunch with my mum and dad...... think of Barry and me painting the living room ceiling if we get that far!!!

ps we had Grant's double at our house today! Uncanny!!!!

Lots of love to you all


Alix said...

How lovely to receive anything other than bills by post, and all the more so when it's art! I love the dog biscuit book though I'm not a dog either, AND I don't even have one! Have a great weekend and a fun week - I'm hoping to do Highgate Cemetery too!

Monica said...

Highgate cemetery sounds a wonderful place to visit. They use it a lot in movies. Enjoy your family lunch at the pub.

Kath said...

you will love Highgate cemetery, very atmospheric, very Gothic, just wonderful. I wish I were going too!

BadPenny said...

Just goes to show "Never judge a book by its cover" I had not liked Tracey Emin at all but I warmed to her at the exhibition then in the TV programme. Looking forward to Highgate.

Katie said...

well,miss Jo, you have much to be happy for! wow! Where do I begin? great goodies in the mail,and I've eyed that book before! Have fun w/ it! I love cemetaries-I think they are so beautiful and interesting. Enjoy your weekend and time w/ friends!

K said...

Fab fab fab list! Congrats on your win **goes green with envy** lol, & what a fab dog book you found!!!

I'm a fan of graveyards, I dont see them with sadness, but that could be because all the family I've known die were cremated so no grave to mourn over. I find them beautiful & have a great curiosity with old gravestones, the possible tales behind them etc. They are such peaceful places.

SusieJ said...

Fabulous list!
I'm planning on being there next Thursday..I find graveyards fascinating and in fact did my revision for "O" Levels in our local cemetery..weird , me ??? Well, yes, I probably am. :)
Enjoy your "cooked by someone other than me" Sunday lunch.
Hugs xx

Linda said...

How fun Jo! I'm so glad this envelope only had to make ONE journey across the water. I bought that same LK Ludwig book recently...I think you're going to enjoy it.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

You receive so much gorgeous mail Jo!
Fab books! Like the look of the doggy one!! :)
Your Highgate cemetery visit sounds interesting...great photo opportunities...Enjoy.
Jan x

Carmen said...

Aw you done made me blush and laugh out loud at the same time. Thank you so much for the huge compliment! Glad you are enjoying the book. Your other mail looks gorgeous too - doesn't it just make your day when you get fab snail mail?

My Dad watches Who Do You Think You Are religously and he phoned me up THE DAY AFTER to ask if I'd watched it and did I know Tracey Emin was it. Ooh he's getting bad for that, am going to have to take him to task! Mind you I did immediately think of you and wondered if you'd seen it. Am going to see if I can catch it on iPlayer over the weekend. He said it really changed his opinion of her too.

Am so jealous of the cemetary visit. I have always been fascinated with them and used to wander around or sit in our local one quite a lot. I call them graveyards and my Mum went mental at me one day saying I was being disrespectful - I still don't fully understand how or why but I tried to get in the habit of saying cemetary around her. I think my thinking is the same as Virginia's they don't make me sad because I don't believe there is anyone there. Especially after losing Mum - she was gone straight away. I'm positive her own Mum was in the room waiting for her - long story but to cut it short - after being practically comatose for days she opened her eyes on the last night, looked over at the corner and said clear as day "oh hello Mum" Freaked us all out but helps us to think that she wasn't alone too.

Lots of piccies please :)

Kristin said...

What a cool post! LOVE your mailed art ;) and all your wins! Sound like so much fun - hope you have a wonderful Tea Sunday (is that today?) xoxo

Jennie Louise said...

Hi !!
Can I just start off by saying that I can't see your links properly... It took me ages to find the comment box option as the links are not showing up against the dark turquoise background of your blog. I wonder if it's just me struggling to read your blog posts. But hey I persevered as I love reading about the goodies your receive in the post and your hobby.
Jennie. X