Friday, 21 October 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Welcome to my weekly list of things that 
have made the last 7 days better.

I've felt a bit grotty 
-headache/sore throat/backache -
but I know that's just a passing niggle
and have still found some positives to highlight.


It's the end of term, hurrah!
A whole week off.
We haven't got much planned -
DD Hope is having braces fitted (ouch!),
and we're also planning to finally take a 
previously postponed trip to London to
The Victoria and Albert Museum
and then we'll pop next door to
The Natural History Museum

I enjoyed lunch with Grant's parents, 
John and Barb, last Sunday.
Luke was at a Hair Salon Show with his 
Barber Shop colleagues
(he came home with news of a £400+ comb!),
so it was just me, Grant and Hope.
Very tasty food 
(which neither Barb nor I had had to slave over a 
hot oven to prepare, bliss!)
and great company.

Matt Cardle's new album,

The cd arrived today,
and at the risk of sounding like a 12 year old,
I'm LOVIN' it!

His success is all down to me, you understand
(with all the voting I did for him on last year's X Factor).
I'm surprised he didn't send me a signed copy of his
album but I expect he's a bit busy.

I don't really know who I'm going to vote for this year -
last week Hope and I voted for Johnny.

We know he won't win (at least we don't think he will, 
what a bizarre result that would be!), but we just like him.
And he's very funny.


Carmen has furnished me with the details
of my 'victim' for her fun Secret Santa.

(Carmen's very first ATC!)
I've started my stalking to get an good idea
of what this person might like/dislike, and
I've got a few ideas already....... ;o)

DH Grant ~ for being lovely (as usual)
and for not getting too cross when I, 
yet again, failed to get petrol for the car
and was driving around on petrol fumes.
(Although I could hear him muttering, 
"silt in the petrol tank......ruin the engine....
 she could end up stranded on a dark country lane... etc etc").
DS Luke ~ for always making me laugh 
(even when he's actually being really annoying).
DD Hope ~ for her constant friendship and perfect
cups of Earl Grey tea (using our groovy new
see through kettle with coloured lights -  
she insists on the kitchen lights being 
turned off to get the best discotheque effect.  
She really needs to get out more!).
Rosie Mae ~ for never QUITE killing me on the stairs
(despite her best efforts).
Susie Tu ~ for finally deciding that, just for now, 
she WILL eat the medicated
food that she needs to help keep her alive
(and that she's ignored for the past month, grrrrr!). 


That's just about it for this week,
I'll whizz over to Virginia's with my link
(she is, after all, our lovely Rocking Queen.  I
hope she's feeling better because she's been feeling 
very poorly) and pop over to see what's been good 
for the other Rockers this week.

Thank you for reading,
whatever you're up to this weekend,
keep safe and have fun.


ps Trip to Highgate Cemetery (mentioned in 
last week's Rocking post) postponed until the 
Spring due to us girls feeling very under the weather 
and we feared we'd be mistaken for one of its 
'residents' if dragged ourselves up the hill from
Archway to Highgate.
As Luke would say, "Laters, girls".


Virginia said...

Wow that's a great list, sorry you've been feeling grotty but glad you've got a week off to look forward to and hopefully turn the corner. The Exhibitions sound fabulous so do tell what you thought of them on your return.

Glad the lunch was lovely with Grant's parents and did I hear that right a £400 plus comb?????? - you mean something you run through your hair - honestly? Is it made of gold?

Glad you're enjoying the new album, we don't normally do 'pop' music but have tuned into XFactor this year because Simon's not there, I'm not a fan of his at all!!! Now will Johnny win - no idea, I'm still reeling from them booting out Jade from Fife if I'm honest!!!!!

You too are now doing the stalking, I'm really struggling to fathom out how to go about this and I'm such a tight person I'm wanting to make the world's most elaborate gift for a tenner LOL

I too have been running on fumes this week, but the petrol 'pot' of money is in Craig's account so that's his responsibility he went and got me some last night - bless and funnily enough it was me doing the silt in the petrol tank mutter

Your children both sound awesome, and I'm glad that Susie is now taking her medicine and has stopped her hunger strike. I gather from the comment about Rosie Mae that she likes laying on the stairs.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week off - now get better.



Pixie said...

sorry you have been icky. We have had a touch of it as well. I put it down to the rapid shift in temps. 80 one day, 40 the next. It is enough to make one's body go into revolt!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Sorry you're feeling a bit rough.... a nice week off is just what you need.

Good luck to Hope with her braces... ouch.... but SO worth it in the end :)

Can't wait for your report on the Power of Making Exhibition as I kinda fancied that one myself. When I have a 'decorating break'.... I'll have to check when it ends!

Hope will love the Wildlife Exhibition. My mum was saying how brilliant Hope's photos were. She was most impressed :)

The comb!!! Well, Christmas is coming up.... ha ha. In this house that would be for about four Christmases!!!!!

Don't watch X Factor or Strictly!!!! Never heard of Matt Cardle! Livi and I are going to be catching up on Merlin when she is back this weekend. (She is still poorly and is coming home to share her germs around) - also did you watch the new Kirstie programme in the week.... recorded it :)

Your Christmas swap sounds fun....

I know your kettle we had one like that! Groovy indeed.

Anyway.... better get on. I have a paintbrush waiting for me!!!!

Sorry for mega long comment....

Feel better soon

Love to you all


missy k said...

ps sorry me again.... just to say 'straight to white' this week!


BadPenny said...

I think if we'd gone ahead with Highgate we'd have taken a nap...on the nearest toombstone !

Lovely list Jo apart from the horrid headache & throat. Love Matt's single out & seeing him on the X Factor. Johnny is a sweetie - I hope he gets a good song choice this week !

Lovely to hear that Luke is loving his Barber shop apprenyice. Joe keeps coming home with leaflets from careers' fairs at school. Army ? No Joe no !!!

Have a lovely half term xx

Serenata said...

Ooh, wildlife photography exhibition - must go to that!

Sounds like a pretty good list for the week to me, despite the dreaded lurgy.

Hoping to get to the Highgate visit now it has been postponed.

Have a great weekend.

Alix said...

Hope you're soon feeling properly better - I like the bit about the possibility of being mistaken for the residents of the cemetery! I too like Matt and wanted him to win all the way through last year. Not sure about this year...sounds completely different. Have a good weekend and half-term week!

SusieJ said...

You made me smile!!! Thank you!!
Not about the lurgy of course, especially as I was one of the ones who would have been mistaken for a resident had we got to Highgate. lol

I'm trying to imagine a £400, sorry, can't picture it. But I'm sure it's worth every penny.

(((Hugs))) for Hope and her braces.

Had to really laugh @ Rosie Mae and the stairs..think she and Max have been comparing notes...

Have a great weekend and enjoy half-term.
Hugs xx

K said...

£400 comb!!!! I can think of better things to spend £400 on. Was it a comb to wear in your hair or to actually comb it?

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Carmen said...

was that the song he sung on the show? I really didn't like it I must admit but it's quite good on this here video!

I'm liking Mischa (right spelling?) Craig and Johnny at the moment - I do hope they give Johnny a chance and not turn him into Jedward!

Am so glad everyone seems to be enjoying the Secret Santa :D Can't wait to see what you all do!

Carmen xx

p.s is it possible to have kettle envy?

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh, joanna . . . i so love your friday posts reminding us of how easy it can be (??) to extract the lovely goodness out of everyday things! You make me feel very grateful with your pets not quite killing you on the stairs ; ^ )

perhaps you will be grateful I think commenting should be back to normal on my blog now that I switched it back to the previous template instead of the new one
: ))) thanks for hanging in there! your blog is one of my highlights of the week! xoxoxo

Katie said...

Enjoy your week off!
Oh dear, is it Santa time already? Uh-oh, I'm usually more prepared by now. xo

Kristin said...

That better be a good comb ;) Thanks for sharing this - I love to hear about your world through this link - and hope that all is well with you - LOVE the new background too, way to go to the IT team (okay, daughter ;) xoxo

Menopausalmusing said...

Looking forward to reading about the V & A exhibition. Shame about Highgate, but it'll always be there waiting for you! ;O)))))) Better to go when you can all get the most from it.