Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Check This Out

You heard about Art Trader Magazine?

No, me neither.
I read about it on Leigh's blog, Ruby Barr.

It's a quarterly online downloadable magazine,
stuffed full of ideas and swaps
and runs many many online courses.

And the best bit?

The magazine is free.

Click here
to go and investigate.



Heavens2Betsy said...

Thanks Jo - I'm off for a peruse. Sounds fab! pen x

BadPenny said...

OMG a freebie ? !!! Thanks Jo x

Carin said...

Oh cool! Thanks for that!

craftattack said...

Thanks for the tip, I'm off to look! Valerie

SusieJ said...

Me too! Thanks for sharing..
Hugs xx

Katie said...

I hadn't heard of that! Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out.

Leigh Sanders said...

Isn't it gorgeous! Thanks for spreading the word. :)

Dezinaworld said...

Wow Joanna, thanks so much for sharing
hugs June x

missy k said...

oohh.... sounds interesting....

will be checking that out later :)


Carmen said...

Ooh thank you Jo. Have you seen the one on http://www.clothpaperscissors.com/ ? You should get a little pop up window when you go to the site :)