Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy Birthday to DD Hope!

(Tabitha, Hope and Victoria giggling.  Happy days)
Happy Birthday
to DD Hope!

She was 15 years old yesterday.

Where did those years go?

For her treat, she went to the cinema today
with her lovely friends Tabby and Tori.
They really enjoyed the new Twilight film
and came out of the cinema with garbled talk
of babies being ripped out of wombs with vampire teeth,
backs getting broken and Jacob taking his top off.
There was lots of talk about Jacob taking his top off!

Back home it was time for a bounce on our 
birthday present to Hope, a trampoline
(I'm trying to forget the perfectly decent trampoline 
we gave away 18 months ago because it had 
stood unused for absolutely ages),
then pizza and the chocolatiest chocolate cake ever
(with extra chocolate).

Then back onto the trampoline for 
more bouncing.........


Thank you so much to you all for your 
sweet comments and emails 
following yesterday's post about dear little Susie.
It's been a strange day without her,
and I'm sure I've heard her purring from her 
favoured spot on a chair under the 
dining room table.
But I can't have, right?



craftattack said...

Birthday greetings from Germany to Hope! Hugs, Valerie

PS I am sure your little pussy is still purring for you!

sugar Creek said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!! I know what you mean about then time. Meagan will be 16 next month and Jordan will be 12, it goes by so fast!

SusieJ said...

Happy Birthday Hope!! I so envy will take me to see "Breaking Dawn" and I sooo need a fix of Jacob taking his shirt off! lol
Hugs xx

Leigh Sanders said...

Happy birthday Hope! I'm sure Susie Tu was looking down with love from Kitty heaven :)

BadPenny said...

I love the pic of Hope & friends & so glad they enjoyed the latest Twilight film ( especially Jacob Black )!

Kath said...

I believe the people and pets we loved never leave us, they are always with us, just out of sight, so yes I think you did hear her purring x

Heavens2Betsy said...

Happy Birthday to your DD. What a fabulous fun-filled photo to treasure. I can just imagine how it will be to look back on this later in her life and remember. You are keeping Susie warm in your heart Jo, where she belongs. pen xxx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

♥«´¨`•°..Happy Birthday DD°•´¨`»♥
I'm so glad that it was an enjoyable and memorable day!!

Monica said...

A perfect day for birthday 15. indeed where do the year's go?

Carmen said...

Yep - my "baby" will be 15 in April. Can't be possible can it?

Sounds like a wonderful day was had and she was thoroughly pampered.

Virginia said...

Nope I'm guessing Susie will still be arrived, our big cat was still around us in Stafford, sometimes glanced him in our peripheral vision and sometimes we'd notice the feel of him brushing past our legs - it was a nice feeling knowing he was still around!

Glad Hope had a great birthday, not sure whether chocolate cake followed by trampolining sounds like a good idea LOL!


Serenata said...

Belated Happy Birthday Greetings to Hope. She will enjoy many good times bouncing. Our son ALWAYS bounces straight after eating a meal! LOL

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh joanna . . . my heart is with you. xo

Letticeleaf said...

Two things Jo, my heart went out to you this morning when I belated read your blog. Don't you just love them to bits and when they go they leave such a huge void in your life. Chins up lassie! (joke, feeble I know).

Hope is so like you; this lovely photo reminds me of how good it is to giggle.


Susan T said...

Hope looks so happy in the photo, isn't 15 a wonderful time? Yep I am very sure Susie Tu was there with you. She couldn't miss out on one of her favourite girlies birthdays could she.xx