Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November's 30 day declutter

November's 90 item declutter target


I suddenly realised that it is December tomorrow
and still had 8 items to find to reach the 90 item target.
So this was sorted with a quick visit to my
 scarves/gloves/belts drawer.

So, what's gone?

To the charity shop:
1 skirt
6 pairs of trousers
16 (!) tops
4 scarves
2 handbags
1 tube Body Wash (a gift with a hidden message?!)
3 hardback books
5 paperbacks
2 ladies belts

To the school for the library:
27 books, reference and fiction

To Clothing Recycling:
23 items, various (we really don't need to discuss 
the contents of my knicker drawer!)

So that's November done.

I can't stop now - 
I haven't even touched the kitchen cupboards,
 the loft or my studio conservatory -
so I'm carrying on the challenge into December,
setting myself a new 90 item target.


You bet!



Heavens2Betsy said...

Wow Jo! You have Superwoman tendencies ... I'm totally in awe of your ability to de-clutter. Could you come and advise on mine please? Although I suspect several lots of 30 days would not be adequate! pen xxx

sugar Creek said...

wow You did do some major cleaning out! I need to do that as well, it's just a matter of actually doing it!!

craftattack said...

Wow, well done. But you could have told us about your knicker drawer.... Valerie

Monica said...

Your post brings on an attack of guiltiness. I am just thinking of all the recent accumulations of plastic bags to say nothing of fabric scraps. The conservatory sounds a good name. it was suggested that when i sewed a lot to call my room the atelier. just could not think of short as couturier productions!

Printed Material said...

This is one target I won't be joining you on because once I start throwing things away I want to have a wholesale clear out and there might be nothing left! Can't you de-clutter by re-packaging some of the things as Christmas presents.... to yourself? Or is that cheating?

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

WOW,looks like you on a mission:)
That is one thing I start pushing off,Jo.Want to come over?
Have a wonderful evening.

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

You are an inspiration, my friend!!!

Katie said...

Go,Jo,go!!! :0)

Alix said...

Well done on reaching the target, and on keeping track of what your items were! I've now been in de-clutter mode for a week and I have completely lost track of how many and what - once I hit the bedroom it was impossible to keep track. But our house is looking so much tidier and I will be able to decorate for Christmas happy in the knowledge that the beauty won't only be skin deep!

SusieJ said...

Oh wow!! Well done Jo and good luck for December..:)
Hugs xx

Susan T said...

Can you come for a holiday, I was going to say a short one but it may take a while. I loath our clutter. Christmas is upon us and it is going to get worse. Mind you it would help if I got off my bottom and did something about it instead of moaned.

Virginia said...

Wow you're seriously sorting that house of yours at the minute, there'll be nothing left LOL! I ended up sorting through my stash and got rid of 90 items in swoop! I've been decluttering the house through the year but stash is one of those sacred things I rarely touch LOL!

Margaret said...

well done!! your are our star declutterer!! brilliant and i bet you're feeling better for it as well! Mx

BadPenny said...

Fabulous !

missy k said...

I am so impressed! I had been wondering how you had been getting on.

btw i had noticed a lack of charity shop finds in your posts!!!! Is there less incoming too?

Love Karenx