Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Rosie Mae's Cheesy Dreams

I've been baking a batch of Rosie Mae's
favourite dog biscuits.
We call them her
"Cheesy Dreams."
They smell absolutely delicious.
The recipe says it should make 60 biscuits,
but only seemed to make 36.
Never mind, 
36 is quite enough for Rosie's waistline!

(nom nom nom)
(action shot: a final lick of the lips)

I took both Rosie Mae and our little cat, Susie Tu, 
to the vets this week because we found lumps in/on
both of them where lumps shouldn't be.
The vet wasn't overly concerned about Rosie,
and we'll just keep an eye on it for any changes.
Susie is a different matter.
I agreed with the vet that because of Susie's age,
15'ish, we wouldn't put her through any invasive
investigations, which could make it worse.  Whatever it is,
there isn't much we would be able to do. 
We feel she's on very precious borrowed time, anyway,
after she was so ill in the summer.   Every day is a bonus
and while she seems happy, purring and eating,
then we're happy.



Lenna Young Andrews said...

our pets are so much a part of our "family" and i can tell it is the same for you, Joanna. You are smart to enjoy the time you have and not fret too much. I may need that recipe for the yummy dog treats, Rosie looks so cute! (and happy). xo

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
What a lucky girl to have home-baked treats! Sorry about your dear Susie Tu, our dear furry loves give us so much, I hope she has happy days ahead.
enJOY a lovely day,

SusieJ said...

I too would love the recipe....Max enjoyed the biscuits Rosie Mae so graciously (and kindly) sent him.
Sorry to hear about Susie Tu....sending hugs and sparkles for you long as she's eating and enjoying life.
Big hugs. xx

Carmen said...

That's exactly how we feel about our Lucy. We don't know how old she is but we know it's old. She was very poorly a few months back and she's started having random mini seizures which we are told don't hurt her but do disorientate her. For example she will wonder why when she was eating her dinner a moment ago that she's now over the other side of the garden with us all hovering over her looking worried. We've just been giving her lots of cuddles and fuss and hoping she's with us a while longer.

Kath said...

Let's hope Susies lumps are benign.
I did enjoy the photos of Rosie Mae, she is adorable.

We have the same concern with Ellie (who has 2 lumps). Both our vet and ourselves dont want to subject her to an anaesthetic at her age.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Rosie Mae is a lucky girly to be baked her own biscuits! She is such a pinup! Sorry to here about your poor pusskins. Totally agree with age being a determining factor when considering treatment options. Sounds as tho' your vet is on the same wavelength as yourselves which really helps! Here's to a long, happy and contented rest of her life. pen xxx

craftattack said...

Lucky Rosie Mae, those cheesie whatnots look great! Sorry to hear that Susie has problems, it's not always easy when pets get older - here's wishing you all lots of happy days together! Valerie

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Has Grant tried those biscuits? I can just imagine that he would!

Poor Susie..... fingers crossed for lots of lovely cat naps still to come on her - oops - I mean your new sofa :)

Love Karenx

Menopausalmusing said...

That is real love - making your dog its biscuits. Our cat is in the same position and we felt the same - he just wouldn't cope with the constant trips to vets and some of the things he would have to go through would be too, too upsetting, so we are just letting him get old (and more lumpy) and shall let him go when we feel the time is right........

Monica said...

I know people putting pets through chemotherapy it is so cruel. pets do not understand and i have listened to all the arguments. Sometimes you have to let go and let nature take over. Enjoy them everyday.

BadPenny said...

Perhaps your portions are extra generous when you are making the biccies. Dillon likes his a lot:)

I've been thinking about your lovely Rosie & Susie xx

Kristin said...

AWE, you bake biscuits!! You are a good Mommy (or Mummy!) I will be sending big hugs and best wishes to you all - and please give Susie a kiss from me!! xoxo

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Just like we enjoy homemade treats, I know our pups do too--I just think they're better for them too, and we know what's in them!

I agree about Susie, and hope that you enjoy more days together!!!

Privet and Holly said...

Happy, eating and purring
is most definitely a sign of
a life still being well-lived : )
You are such a good fur-mama,
Joanna! Love those cuties!

xx Suzanne

Jennie Louise said...

Aww I love that you make dog biscuits for your doggy... Lovely dog.
Jennie. X

Margaret said...

So cool to have homemade dog bikkies! they look very yummy!
All the best to your dear Susie.

Virginia said...

Oh hun, hope that Rosie Mae is OK, enjoying each day is definitely the best way and the biscuits seem to have gone down a treat!