Friday, 4 November 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(click the pic to go to Virginia, Rocking Queen)
Happy Friday, everyone!

I'll get on with my list lickety-quick today
because I've got a load of jobs to do -
I am a Domestic Goddess after all.
Or am I a Desperate Housewife?
Or a Desperate Goddess?
anyway here we go.........

Coffee table - SOLD!
Victorian Pine Pot Cupboard - SOLD!
Numerous books and magazine - SOLD!
A gazillion bags to be taken to charity shops - DONE!

Phew, now I've started I'm like a whirling dervish
working my way round the house.
Don't sit still for too long, kids, or
you'll end up on Ebay!


We had quite a few Trick or Treaters.
Many had come with their parents (also dressed up)
and all had made a real effort with their costumes.
The last lot knocked at 8.20pm which wasn't too bad
(previous years have gone on until nearly 10pm),
and we had some sweets left over :o)

I received these 2 wonderful Halloween ATC's from Penny,

in with a thank you card for some cheesy dream dog
biscuits that Rosie Mae had sent to her dog, Dillon.
Thank you, Penny!


They supply organic fruit, vegetables, 
dairy produce, fish, meat 
and bread (they also do Eco cleaning products).
My delivery man delivers on the same 
day every week, bright and early 
before I go to work.
It all looks so delicious and my goodness 
it tastes delicious too.
If an unusual vegetable is in the box
then they provide recipe ideas
(you can also go online where there are 
loads of recipes).
Apart from the staple basics I never
know what I'm going to get, and that's great!
It's making me think out of the box
(excuse the pun, because their produce is 
delivered in boxes!!) 
and we're all enjoying the variety.
Luke and Hope particularly enjoyed 
their black carrots - 
I cooked them whole and renamed them
 'zombie fingers'.
I know they're big teenagers but they can 
still have fun, right?
 (these carrots had quite a different flavour to 
the usual orange variety).
And take it from me, celariac chips are to die for!

The food might seem pricey, but the quality is outstanding
and I can't recommend them enough.


DH Grant.
Works long long hours and comes home with a 
lovely smile on his face.

DS Luke.
He's finally understood the value of healthy eating.
Rubbish food is out, fruit and veg is in.
At last!

DD Hope.
She's an all-round Top Daughter
and she (usually) thinks I'm great 
(and I'm not telling her otherwise!).


That's all for now, folks!
I'll post this with Virginia who  
unfortunately is feeling
Maybe you could pop over and give her 
some get well wishes?
Click on the Rocking pic at the top of this post.

Have a great weekend.
Personally I'm hoping there aren't too many 
fireworks this Guy Fawkes night,
because it scares the animals so much 
(not just mine but so many pets and also wild animals),
but if you're going to a firework display, enjoy!



craftattack said...

Your veggies look yummy, and yes, celeriac chips are wonderful! But I have never seen black carrots! Glad you had a good week! Valerie

SusieJ said...

What a lovely list of gratefuls...well done you on decluttering..would you like to come and do mine now? Pretty
The fruit and veg sound wonderful...
Well done to DS Luke..I seem to remember the boy discovering healthy eating at about the same age.
Hugs xx
p.s. totally agree re fireworks..Max is terrified...poor boy.

Kath said...

Get well soon Virginia, can I come and visit your Blog?
Good tip about the celeriac, I've been eyeing it and wondering waht to do.
I'm with you on the fireworks, our dogs are terrified, we have to sit with them. I don't mind hving to do it on the 5th it's all the other nights that people let them off.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Totally in agreement about the fireworks - cats, rabbits and dog all terrified in my house which is why I wish fireworks still only happened on one specific, planned for day of the year! Poor Virginia, sounds like she's had an awful time. I love your halloween atcs from Penny. I fancy your celeriac chips like mad ... chips in any form would be good right now as I haven't had any for a WHOLE year now and am distinctly thinner but also totally deprived. Glad you've had a good week Jo and hope next week is too! pen x

Virginia said...

Afternoon hun, having to read these slow time as flickering computer screens not great, thank you for the get well wishes - your list is fabulous as always loving the look of all that beautiful wholesome produce.

Hope you and yours have a beautiful and blessed weekend


missy k said...

Hi Jo

Always lovely reading your rocking post...

have a great weekend

love Karenx

Monica said...

Yummy veggies. Good to stay busy.

BadPenny said...

Black carrots ? I have those in the bottom of the fridge ha !

The veggie box sounds wonderful.

We had people letting off fireworks at Halloween ! Thunder yesterday. Luckily my lot don't get too worked up.

Joe has come out with teenage spots so perhaps now he'll discover vegetables - I'm afraid that he likes his chocolate & chips too much !

Have a great weekend Jo xx

Serenata said...

A wonderful week indeed! The vege box is great.

We get our vegetables in the weekend at a stall that is set up at a garden centre, so although not necessary organic (which I would prefer) they are all fresh and in season. They also provide me with loads of scraps for the guinea pigs, so definitely a good thing! ;-)

A pretty good week, well done on your decluttering, you have definitely achieved more than me this week.

Carmen said...

Yep with a shed full of birdies on eggs and two dogs (though Lucy is a bit deaf) I hear you on the fireworks :( They've already been going off ages here. Ruby doesn't like them either, she's in bed at the mo but am expecting her to be up and down.

The veggies sound fabulous - what a great idea!

Well done on the decluttering - it feels gooooood doesn't it? :D

Have a great week!

Devon said...

Thanks for posting on my blog :)
We only got three trick or treaters one of them was so shy he wouldn't say anything bless!
Loving the ATC's, I love to keep my stuff so... yay well done on de-cluttering, I couldn't do it when we moved house and mum had to de-clutter while i was at school! My Mum is the one who posted above me!

Thanks again x

Katie said...

Your kids sound so cool I think you could bring in some crazy money for them on ebay. Hee! :0)

K said...

Ooo, that veg box sounds great, especially them adding recipe cars for the more unusual stuff.

Letticeleaf said...

Keep meaning to get an Abel and Cole box of veggies'n'stuff. Trouble was the last box scheme I signed up for, I got lots of things that had very obviously been flown twice around the world and not even in eighty days. Then I lost the will to dream up 20 imaginative ways to cook and serve kale that I decided to slope off to Waitrose. Keep well dear heart, LLX

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Just to let you know you won the poster on my draw!

Congratulations :)


Lenna Young Andrews said...

i am certainly late in reading this, but so enjoyed none the less! Wonderful grateful post that I admire. xo