Friday, 11 November 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

moan moan moan
I've got a nasty horrible cold.
moan moan moan
I've got friends dealing with situations awful beyond words
and my heart is heavy for them.
moan moan moan
I've got MORE grey hair than when I last looked.
moan moan moan
I've got loads of washing/ironing/cooking 
and cleaning to do.

It's so easy to




But this

puts everything into perspective, doesn't it?

I am so grateful for the life I am given
and able to live thanks to those who gave so much.

11am today


We will remember them.



craftattack said...

You moan if you need to! But it is good to remember those who gave their lives for peace. Hope you soon feel better! Valerie

BadPenny said...

So true Jo. We DO remember them. I love your clear plain image of the poppy.

Hope your cold goes away xx

SusieJ said...

Great post Jo.
I'm remembering them too today, especially the Uncle I never met.
Hugs xx

Ann's Art said...

Indeed we do!

Gina said...

Aaaaah Bless!! :)
And Blessed Be to all those remembered today! :D XXX

Virginia said...

Amen to that one sweetie, the two minutes silence is something we should all do so we can remember those that have given so much for our freedom.

Much love and hugs

Serenata said...

LOL, I really do enjoy your Friday posts Jo, in every guise. This one really made me laugh as I could relate to it so you say it does us good to step back and remember... Thank you.

Kristin said...

Yes, done! I agree so wholeheartedly. Hope you're feeling better soon my friend, xoxo

Monica said...

It is so easy to be caught up in our own trivia. They must have redesigned the poppy, that one looks very nice.

Jewels said...

Jo - so sorry you are feeling poorly but you are right - my 80 year old Dad will go down to the cenotaph today where he lives, dressed in his best blazer and cap with his poppy, and will stand as straight as he can in remembrance. I am very thankful for him and all the others who do us proud...sure puts things in perspective. J

Heavens2Betsy said...

Beautiful, beautiful words in tribute Jo. We do remember and we teach our children to remember. Lest they ever be forgotten.
I hope you are feeling better soon and that the housework fairy comes and frees you from the burden of laundry etc and then, pops round mine directly afterwards! Have a peaceful weekend my friend. pen x

trisha too said...

Thanks for the perspective, Jo.

The poppy poem keeps coming to mind, and it makes me cry and cry!!

Carmen said...

Perfect post for today Jo. I so know what you mean.

(p.s - I've been using hair dye since I was 21 because of all the white hairs!)

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Lovely tribute Jo..
Hope you are feeling heaps better today x (Can't seem to shake my cold off!! :( )
Jan x