Friday, 25 November 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Hello lovely people,
it's Friday so you know what that means,
don't you?

time to recall the good things 
- people, an event, a funny comment etc -
that have made the week better.


My cold has finally gone;
it hung around for a while,
but it is finally gone.

Unfortunately, DH Grant picked it up
and we all know what a man with a cold is like,
don't we.............?!


This little video clip has been making me laugh
all week.

Naughty Benton, a chocolate labrador, has
run off and is chasing red deer in Richmond Park.  
Not good.
But it is the so far anonymous owner
who is SO funny,
"Benton, Benton!!!  Oh Jesus Christ.....Benton!!"

(I have been just like that man, many years ago chasing after Rosie Mae when
she decided she could round up sheep).

The clip has spawned loads of spoof videos
on YouTube -

Lion King

28 weeks later

Jurassic Park


all featuring the man shouting, "Benton! Benton!!"


The school where I work survived an Ofsted inspection.
Being inspected by Ofsted is such a big deal for schools
and the teachers 
(who are all absolutely brilliant)
and us Teaching Assistants were very stressed.
We're still awaiting the final rating
but I'm so pleased it's over.


I really enjoyed a day at
school this week when we dressed up
as Victorians.
The children made such an effort with their clothes,
and I was a very scary school ma'am
called 'Miss Jones'.
The children told me they really liked me being
Miss Jones, and begged me to rap them over their
knuckles with a ruler as I had threatened to do!
We had a go at writing with a pen and ink,
played Victorian style games
and all the staff were very strict.
(The children looked so scared sometimes I had to
whisper to them that I was only acting!).

DH Grant rather liked me being strict Miss Jones too....... ;o)


I received my prize poster from Karen.

Now there's a story to this.....

A while ago I did a giveaway of a book of the
winner's choice from Amazon.
I did the draw, filming it (thankfully), and Karen won.
Karen is, quite coincidentally, my sister in law.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.
Karen is having a giveaway.
The draw is done by my mother in law, Barbara.
What name did she draw out of the hat?
Yes, mine!!

Now, what are the odds of that?!

Anyway, I got my poster
and I LOVE it!
I'll pop along to IKEA,
get a frame and it'll be
going somewhere in the dining room
(if I can find a spare patch of wall).


We all enjoyed Sunday lunch 
at Grant's parents.
What a treat to have a lovely meal cooked for me,
and it was good to catch up with what everyone is up to.


We received such a sweet card and
kind letter from Susie Tu's lovely vet.


So that's it for this week.
There's probably a few more I could mention
but DS Luke and DH Grant
are looking at me with pained, or is it hungry, expressions.

Luke's had the week off work - he seems to have
hibernated for most of it - and we're going out
for a cooked breakfast, yum.
Luke's got an overnight party to go to
tonight (in the middle of a field somewhere)
and a posh 18th birthday party at a golf club 
to go to tomorrow night.

He'll need another week off to recover!

I'll post this with Virginia
our Rocking Friday Queen,
and visit the other Rockettes later.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend.



missy k said...

Hi Jo

Yum! Enjoy that breakfast .... are you stil dressed as Miss Jones!?

Glad you like the poster...

I enjoyed the Benson clip.... and the Lion King one.... now I want to watch the Lion King with Livi at the weekend... we've already got about 3 Merlins to catch up with :)

Have a great weekend...

Hope Grant is feeling better

Love to you


ps loved the Thank You card from Hope x

craftattack said...

Benton and JC gave me my first laugh of the day! I remember dragging my dog out of the dog pond and running for it, with a very irate park keeper hot on our heels! Enjoy your weened, and especially the yummy breakfast, Miss Jones! Hugs, Valerie

Susan T said...

So Sorry that I cannot comment on your week - I am too busy laughing at the Benton clip. It reminded me of Prince on his hols deciding to round up a farmers chickens for him - the farmer was NOT amused.

Kath said...

OMG having 2 lurchers, I know the feeling....

Kirstin said...

Haha I've just blogged Benton on my Rocking Friday too!

Carmen said...

OMG! Not had it quite that bad but memories of chasing Lucy in her younger days when she spotted a rabbit of pheasant! That did make me laugh. Think it was the snigger of the person filming at the end that did it!

Your school sounds so fun! I still remember my Primary 4 teacher - Ms. Gardner - all her lessons were fun. Remember her vividly turning half the classroom into a pirate ship. Loved her!

Virginia said...

Loving the post the clip was so funny seen it a few times this week I can't imagine how he must have felt trying to regain control of his dog.

Glad the cold has gone sorry it shifted over to DH.

Glad you survived Ofsted I know most schools and teaching staff really stress at inspection time.

Glad the Victorian day was a success it sounds fun!

Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, have a great weekend


SusieJ said...

ROFL here...thanks for the film clips, they really cheered me up :)

Having been through OFSTED...well done for surviving.
The Victorian day sounds good...even better is DH's reaction to your costume... snigger :)
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Gina said...

Oh dear... that "Benson" clip was so funny, although obviously not for his poor owner.

BadPenny said...

Oh That clip has been on the news - so funny. Joe asked what I'd do if someone filmed me trying to get Dillon out of the water when he wants to play more ! ( cry probably )

Your luck was in again with the lovely poster !
Ofsted in school is so stressful I know. Glad it's over & glad you had such fun on your Victorian day.

Margaret said...

Too funny!!

I love the poster, aren't you the lucky one!

And well done with the inspection! nice to have it out of the way!


Serenata said...

The clip isn't working at the moment but will try again later.

"DH Grant rather liked me being strict Miss Jones too....... ;o)" LOL, too much information Jo! ;D

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your breakfast!

Alix said...

Just half watching 'Have I Got News For You' and they showed the clip, then I alighted on your blog and there it is too! I will have to watch the follow-ons later, when hubby isn't glued to TV! Glad your OFSTED is over. I've been through 3 of them, but somehow, I have always escaped a proper observation, maybe because of being part-time. Have a great weekend , hopefully without too many nursing duties!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

always love your grateful posts! xoxo lenna

Privet and Holly said...

You are one
awesome Rockette!

xx Suzanne

Kristin said...

NO WAY!! I can't believe that Karen is your family! I have been following you both for a long time now - and never knew! HOW COOL is that! Such beautiful creatives in one family! I love that. xoxo

Katie said...

Jo, you always brighten my day!

missy k said...

ps hi again Jo

i was sharing the you tube clip with Livi and she showed a brilliant one with a talking dog....

you will love it i'm sure!


Nathalie Thompson said...

I love a good RUNning gag. heehee.

A Victorian Day sounds like a lot of fun- wish I could have been there!

Glad you're feeling better.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I love a good RUNning gag. heehee.

A Victorian Day sounds like a lot of fun- wish I could have been there!

Glad you're feeling better.