Thursday, 22 December 2011

Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

It's finished and ready to go a WHOLE MONTH early.
This is my art journal that I completed as my
contribution to

Participants are provided with a blank 
journal/sketchbook and there is a choice of
subjects, from which I selected
'Encyclopedia of.....'

(Front cover)
My encyclopedia is....
all about me!

Me me me me me me me me!

Tatty old front page of a 1950's encyclopedia
used as a front cover.

(page 1-2)
To make a connection with the reader
I drew around my hand and decorated it.
Should the reader place their hand on mine
I like to think that
an immediate personal bond is forged.

(page 3-4)
Quite simply, I like to sing.
To myself,
behind closed doors,
without an audience.
(Although I have been known to burst into song,
specifically "Jesus Christ, Superstar"
when in the toilets at work. Much to the amusement
of colleagues).

I'm absolutely rubbish at singing.

But I sing because
it makes me happy.
Like the sweet little bird.

(page 5-6)
Was when I was 9,
 and still am,
a dreamer.

My school reports throughout both
primary and secondary education state,
"Joanna struggles to understand new concepts."

That's probably because I wasn't listening,
but away with the fairies in my own 
little dream world.
It's nice there.

(page 7-8)
Mind chatter
(these are NOT voices in my head telling me 
to kill people, that's quite a different problem 
and thankfully not mine).
No, my mind chatter is a gazillion and one 
thoughts flying around my head,
unchecked and unrestrained.
Since I've started 'arting'
my mind chatter has calmed down
 to a quiet, manageable murmur.

(page 9-10)
I've never been part of the cool crowd.
Never have been and never will be.
It's taken me a while to accept it,
or even understand why,
but I'm ok with it.

And I actually rather enjoy being different, 
or odd, although I prefer to call it quirky.

(page 11-12)
Love making it, using it
looking at it.

(page 13-14)
I love my husband Grant deeply
and I'm lucky enough to know that he 
loves me right back.

We laugh.
A lot.
And stay young(ish).

(page 15-16)
Anyone that knows me know that I do 
like a nice cup of coffee.  
Preferably in a 
busy bustling coffee shop.

It sets me up for the day.

(page 17-18)
I love to spend as much time as possible 
watching nature around me,
really looking at the small creatures living 
their lives in their own environment.
It saddens me greatly that this natural world 
is diminishing, and so many butterflies and 
birds that I saw as a child
have now either disappeared from our 
gardens or are now a rarity.

(page 19-20)
You all know how much I love my old girl,
Rosie Mae.
Many of us could learn from the 
guileless example set by dogs.

(page 21-22)
Becoming a mother is my single 
most important achievement. 

Raising Luke and Hope has been a 
both a challenge and a delight.

I keep many very happy memories close to my heart
and am incredibly proud of the young adults they 
are becoming.

(page 23-24)
I haven't seen much of the world yet
and plan to remedy that
 once the children are a bit older.

The world is so easily accessible now
and I want to see the 'real' beauty of the world
not just those presented on the tourist trails. 

(page 25-26)
These pages conclude the book.

(Back cover)
An old photograph wallet was 
used as a back cover.

I'll be sending this book off to USA tomorrow.
When it reaches the Brooklyn Art Library it'll be
digitized, and next year it'll go with all the others
 on a world tour, including London.

I have signed up to take part in 
The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition,
when the sketchbooks will be 
published in a book.
The title I have selected this time is
"Pictures and descriptions"
and it has to be with the Library by May 2012.

I'd better get started........


Click on the pic at the top of this post
for more information - 
there are still places available for the
Limited Edition event.


Jewels said...

Wow so cool Jo - each and every page is great (who would have guessed you are quirky LOL). Well done and awesome it will go "on tour" (does that make you some kind of rock star). J

Virginia said...

Wow Jo that is utterly gorgeous and amazing and I utterly love it, the detail the colours the thoughts and the insights into you and your life are beautiful! I wouldn't want to let it go but then knowing it was going on a world tour is pretty awesome!

Hope you are getting into the festive spirit of things -



daisy said...

Congratulations on completing such a delightful & interesting project.

Safe travels little one & may you cheer & inspire many a heart.

Carmen said...

Oh so beautiful. Just really and truly gorgeous Jo. You did good!

May eh? Wow - you are going to be a little blurry whirlwind of paint and paper aren't you?

P.s this is utterly beautiful!

craftattack said...

Your sketch book is wonderful, I still haven't finished mine....But soon! Have a good Christmas, Valerie

missy k said...

I think this has to be my most favourite project you have ever done.

What an achievement.... I'm sure that everyone who sees it will get 'you' and smile and enjoy your quirkyness.

Every page is an insightful delight.

Well done :)

Menopausalmusing said...

Having been in receipt of some of your work, I would love to touch the pages of this sketchbook. Loved pages 25-26 in particular.

Tracy said...

Wow Jo, that is incredible and I am so jealous you have composed such a beautiful piece of art AND carefully depicted you! I love it...and I particularly like your awareness of not being part of the 'in' crowd; neither am I, nor have I been and it took me quite some time to come to terms with that so thank you!

Susan T said...

Quirky. I love Quirky, it is what makes the world a more interesting place. You know I love your work, but this one takes the biscuit. Beautiful, heartfelt and inspired. I am sure others will look at your work and think the same thing. What a lovely lady she seems. We must meet up in 2012. It is overdue.xx


Joanna ... I love your pages so much. Your book is a real beauty. I'm still thinking about the latest sketchbook project ... have I got time or not? mmmmmmmm.....

Meanwhile ... there is a new TAG TUESDAY challenge here ...
if you would like to join. You don't have to commit weekly ... just now and then if you are busy. The themes for the month are posted ahead too so that it's possible to make the whole month's tags in one day if you wish. Hope you might be able to join us there

Merry Christmas to you and your family, many best wishes, Carolyn xxxx


Printed Material said...

What you sign up for you certainly deliver to. This is a fab sketchbook put together in your signature style. You are so clever at layering and merging imagery and the quality of it shines through. The person lucky enough to digitise this will get to feel the texture you imbue your pages with.Fantastic work. Good on you.

Sabrina said...

Yikes, my comment just disappeared. What was I saying?

You put together such visually appealing pages, AND always have the perfect wording to accompany them. The combination is wonderful.

I don't KNOW you, but I totally think you are one cool chick. I'm sure I'm not alone. Of course not needing to BE cool, adds to your coolness.

Kristin said...

What a wonderful visual display of your heart! The pages are full of color and texture and very heartfelt examples of what makes you tick!
AND I love that it is going on to a tour - and next a book! Wonderful, well-deserved news my talented friend!
I would love to have a book like this for just me - maybe next year in Life Book? I'll see you there!
Happy Christmas!! (please note the proper English version of the saying ;) xoxoxoxo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear joanna, it is hard to express in words how much i love your sketchbook, but I will try . . . it is fantastic, wonderful, creative and so YOU! me, me, me! I love it!! I know even a little bit more about you now and your style in the way you create art just SHINES in this sketchbook. So glad we are going on tour together!

I like so many things that you did but one of my favorites was this that you shared, "I try to see the beauty in everyone and everything, and some days its difficult!" I could simply squeeze you for that!

with much love, lenna

Jane Housham said...

Just catching up with blogworld after being away. So I'm late seeing your fantastic Sketchbook. You've really poured yourself into it -- I'm sure everyone who sees it will feel they know who you are from it. X

BadPenny said...

This was a total joy to look at Jo

Cameron said...

I love this! What a fun project....especially the subject matter :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wonderful sketchbook! I am visiting after finding the link as I contemplate starting my very first sketchbook with Doodly Bird Lynn. I am seeking as much inspiration as possible before I start and your book has oodles of it. Thank you for sharing it :0)