Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Girls Night in with Penny

(I'm talking,  Penny's moving. Joe, the photographer,
did well to take this shot!)
I had such a fun time when I went to
for a 'Girls' Night In'.

Penny and I have met up a few times
and she invited me to stay with her
because she was having some girlfriends 
round for chili and drinks.

Of course I wanted to go!

I met her gorgeous, and big, dog Dillon,

(Dillon, he's such a gorgeous dog)
and went with him and Penny for a lovely walk along
the beach front.  Poor Dillon was desperate to go 
swimming but he'd just been groomed and had
to stay clean and fluffy for the evening.

I loved Penny's sweet cats -
Frankie, Billy and Bramble,
and also enjoyed meeting Penny's lovely son, Joe.

The evening was such a giggle.
There were about 20 women, all very different,
eating (chilli, ratatouille and LOADS of desserts),
drinking and talking.

Can you imagine how high the decibels were?!

Dillon totally enjoyed all the attention he received while
Joe, having carried out his coat and candle duties,
 sensibly hid in the study, emerging only for drinks.

Once all the 'girls' had gone,
Penny and I tackled the washing up and finally 
got to bed at around 2am.
I slept in Penny's daughter's (Jess) bedroom 
(she's in sunny Antigua).
I was very spoilt, it was like a boudoir hotel room.

In the morning, feeling a little delicate, we went to a 
local cafe and tucked into a delicious 
full English breakfast.


Thank you so much Penny.
I had an absolute blast. 

Sorry there aren't more photos,
we didn't stop talking long enough 
to take any more!



Jewels said...

Well Jo if the glass in your hand is any indication I think you must have had a SWELL time! What fun for you. And Dillon looks absolutely fantastic...J

craftattack said...

This sounds like a GREAT evening! Valerie

Carmen said...

Mmmmmm. Full English. The cure for many a thing :P

Sounds like a fun evening Jo!

Monica said...

At least you were still up right at 2 am. What a blast.

BadPenny said...

You took two more photos than I did cos I took none !!!

It was such fun having you here Jo (" Joe -put your bike away "!) and you were such a help as well as a lot of fun. I've never had a scullery maid at my beck n' call before !!! You also survived meeting all those women in one go AND my animals !!!

Thanks for treating me to a much needed cooked breakfast which went down well and of course...

you can do my dishes any time !!!

Letticeleaf said...

"No need to SHOUT!" Know exactly what you mean. So glad you had a lovely time Jo. Bad Penny looks Good. LLX

SusieJ said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening Jo - great photos too.
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

You are so cute, Joanna. I simply love this post and can just imagine you giggling and having fun with Penny & friends. Thanks for the photos and the report on your fun evening. I truly enjoyed!!

Katie said...

What a nice girls' outing!

Heavens2Betsy said...

I can just imagine the scream you girls had... being the funniest of bloggers I bet it was quite a comedy routine Jo! pen xxx

Susan T said...

You and Penny look like you are having a wonderful time. I can just imagine how you probably felt the morning after the night before. You wash up too, is there no end to your talents woman!

Kristin said...

There you are! You look so pretty - and I still get a kick out of you and Karen being sisters!
AND can we talk about that FABulous quote!? Ohhh, I will want to use that one, good 'ole Pippi! xoxo

Ella said...

Oh, this sounds so fun! I hope you did take some silly photos to share the memories later! Good times~
Nice to meet you!

trisha too said...

That DOES sound like fun!!


Margaret said...

What a dream evening, perfect in every way AND followed by a full English, don't remember the last time I had one of those, sigh...

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I came back to visit and must say I love how you have changed your background - so festive!!! hugs to you & yours xoxo lenna

Nathalie Thompson said...

This looked like FuN! And you girls look fab. :)

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Sounds and looks like you both had a fun & FAB time!