Sunday, 18 December 2011

'Hats' Postcard Swap and Mail Art

For some time I have admired Jewels' artwork,
(pop over to her blog, Just Tickety-Boo
to see what I mean)
and recently suggested that we did a 1:1 swap.

We settled on a postcard with the theme of 'hats'
and that we would pop it in a Mail Art envelope.

A while back Bad Penny sent me some old knitting patterns
that had been donated to her charity shop.
Amazingly I found them in my ever increasing
mountainous stash pile
and really liked this image of the happy young boy 
wearing a balaclava.
I can't imagine what he's looking so happy about
wearing that horrid itchy, scratchy thing
(I speak from experience).
They must have said,
"Look happy and you can take it off quicker."

At least his balaclava has a 'fun' bobble.

I added some nasty itchy, scratchy wool/string to give
an idea of what it would be made of.

I didn't go with a 'hats' theme
for my Mail Art.
I had found this picture of the
be-fig-leafed man
and knew I wanted to send him to the USA!
My non-arty friend Lyndsey said it was rude.
Is it?
I didn't intend to shock
(that would be an added bonus).

I know Jewels' interpretation of our theme
is on its way to the UK.
I'll show you when it arrives.



Virginia said...

Oh that made me giggle Jo - I think the fig leafed man is genius and not at all rude - I suppose its down to personal preference!

thank you so much for your card - I utterly love it - gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


Carmen said...

HAhahahahahahaha! I love that fig leaf man is going to someone called Jewel too. Hahahahahaha!

Compose one's self.


Both gorgeous pieces of art - can't wait to see what you get back. I love your backgrounds Jo - mebbe a post about them in the future? *flutters eyelashes*

craftattack said...

Lovely picture, and yes, the man is rather rude - love it! Valerie

Georgie Horn said...

Send it!
Send it!
Send it!
It cracks me up!

Printed Material said...

Love that balaclava Jo! What a great theme to work on. Looking forward to seeing what you receive and popping over to have a look at Jewel's blog. As for that man with the fig leaf.... nothing wrong with it.... go for it!

Alix said...

Love your balaclava card, and your comments about why the wearer is looking so chuffed with it! I never had one myself, though my husband seems to have fond memories of nearly an entire childhood spent wearing one (he's from 'oop North'...)

missy k said...

Great art Jo.... I think the fig man is a bit 'kinky!' rather than rude.... maybe thats just me!!!

Ask Grant if he remembers his balaclava.... I think it was black!!!

ps would love to come on the 1st
looking forward to it already :)


pps your gorgeous card arrived today... homemade is always best!

SusieJ said...

What a lovely happy post...thankfully I never had to suffer a balaclava.
The fig leaf man is a bit kinky but not rude..although I'm now in hysterics over Carmen's comment..I'm a bit slow today (probably due to the brandy) so I didn't spot the "link" myself.
Hugs xx

sugar Creek said...

Oh my I love the fig leaf! Not rude at all, very well placed!!

Yes I agree it must be true about the toilet paper rolls. We need to ban together and change that one!! lol!

Chris Flynn said...

boy oh boy, am I glad I found your blog! What a hoot! Looking forward to more fun in 2012!! Count me in as a new follower!
Sweet Blessings!

Daniele Valois said...

HI Joanna. I am Daniele, I did the swap with Kristin. I just got up Kristin's piece to me, if you wanted to go see what she made. It is fabulous! I saw you left a comment and wanted to see her work, but it took me a few extra minutes to get it done.

Lovely art blog you have here. I am off to check it out!

Happy Holidays!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love it ALL! wonderful mail art and exchanging is grand : ))

Kristin said...

You did a swap too! It's BRILLIANT!!! I love everything about it - and that pattern sounds so cool too.
Thank you for your visit and I hope you and yours have a wonderful and very merry Christmas, xoxoxo

Katie said...

Joanna, You are so fun! I love your sassy art and humor in there! I'll bet you are a blast to hang out with!
Wonderful mail art, sly lady!

Menopausalmusing said...

Loving the theme - what fun! NO definitely NOT rude....

Plush Possum Studio said...

So funny!!!LOL
Loving it here in the states!

Gaby Bee said...

Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your loved ones.

Gaby xo

Susan T said...

I think you have been going to too many Tracy Emin shows, a figleaf! such brazenness madam. Sorry I am behind on my blog comments, actually I am behind on everything, but that is another story. You know I love your work.

Have a great Christmas dear one. xx

sharon said...

Your card is is hilarious! Love it, and your sense of humor!
Thanks for stopping by...I so appreciate it!

BadPenny said...

My poor brothers had balaclavas just like that & one Halloween Joe wore a green army one & a gasmask which was so scarey like the boy in a Dr Who episode I remember watching.
Fig leaf man made me smile as I covered up a naked Action Man with a leaf from an artificial plant at the shop a while back. Of course like all Action men he didn't actually have anything to cover up !