Saturday, 17 December 2011

What Was Rocking My World Yesterday

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What a busy week!

 I'm a little bit late with my
Rocking Friday post.
I don't suppose you mind too much
as I really don't think your lives pivot on me 
posting on my blog.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Anyway, on with the positives picked out
of this last week.

Last day of term for me and DD Hope.

that was quite a slog for both of us.
But we made it
and now we've got a couple of weeks 
off to enjoy.



I came downstairs yesterday morning to find 
this rather pathetic sight.

Darling Rosie Mae, who sleeps in the kitchen at night,
 had dragged her two blankies (looking like rags here)
from her bed and, just like Cinderella, 
was sleeping in front of the cold (unlit) oven.

But unlike Cinderella, she hadn't cleaned 
the oven first, grrrr.
You will NOT go to the ball, Cinders!
(Does that make me the Wicked step-mother 
or an ugly sister, I wonder?).

Just as well trusty Ken from Ovenu is coming 
next week to give my oven it's pre-Christmas 
spruce up. (I know, how daft - having the 
oven cleaned to then go and cook 
a huge spitty, stinky Christmas roastie in it!).


The Christmas decs at home are finally up.
There's nothing very classy or coordinated about them,
but I love 'em - the twinkly lights,
the old familiar decorations brought out year after year,
and the smell of the Christmas tree.

Christmas is coming, the magic is here.  
At last.


I have been enjoying listening to
the Christina Perry cd, Lovestrong,
 that DS Luke gave me as a birthday present.

Jar of Hearts
is one of the songs.


This girl warms my heart for lots of reasons.
She's been through some dreadful family sadness
recently, yet still organised a fun crafty
Secret Santa
(my mystery gifts have arrived and are sitting under
the tree unopened because I am a GOOD GIRL, Santa,
d'you hear, a GOOD GIRL!),
and then she went and sent me this birthday pressie.....

(A Fresh Approach to Creating Mixed Media Art by Kimberly Santiago)

Initially I looked for spy cameras around my home and checked my phone hadn't been bugged 
but then I worked it out - 
she'd stalked my Amazon wish list
(I must find out how to do that) 
and had it sent to me.

I LOVE IT, Carmen.
Thank you so much, my friend.

And this clip is for those of you who 
have ever been to watch a Nativity play.
My friend Ewan (thanks Ewan!)
sent it to me and it brings
tears to my eyes.

It is entitled,
'Funniest Christmas Angel'......


That's all folks!

Thank you for joining me in my Rocking post,
I'll be back soon.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,



craftattack said...

Glad you are enjoying your school holidays - I do miss them now that I am retired! LOVED the funny angel; that must be one angel that surely was heard in heaven! Thanks for your lovely grungy Christmas card with the gingham angels, just beautiful! Take care, hugs, Valerie
PS Rosie Mae has a wonderful way to put herself in scene!

Printed Material said...

Jo, that angel is priceless! I think I used to sing like that. Perhaps it's why I was never in a nativity play! Still smiling and will have to look at that again... and again...

missy k said...


Happy Christmas :)

Great post.... I have that book! It's great!

Enjoy the holidays!!!

Love Karenx

SusieJ said...

Wonderful post - thanks for the Angel, I too used to sing like that (probably still do!!).
Enjoy your holiday (like Val I miss the holidays now I'm no longer teaching).
Hugs to Rosie Mae from Max. xx
Thanks too for the gorgeous card that arrived this week.
The book looks very interesting..Carmen stalked my list too..:)
Hugs xx

Kath said...

Aw, darling Rosie, she looks so sweet xx

Virginia said...

Oh that Angel had me giggling soooooooooooooo much had to play it more than once - said 11 year old had no idea what we were listening to LOL!

I too have cleaned my oven in preparation for the big day - what are we like!

The book looks great, you'll have to let us know if you enjoy it!



Letticeleaf said...

Fast forward to her wedding day... and guess what will be the memorable moment? LLX

BadPenny said...

ooh I LOVE Jar of Hearts ! You are very good not to open your secret santa swap gift !

Susan T said...

Enjoy your holidays Jo. I am sure you deserve them. Rosie Mae looks like she needs a cuddle I will post Prince down, he will make the perfect doggy hot water bottle.

Little Angels, can't beat em. xx

Carmen said...

What a good girl - you are definitely not on the naughty list Jo. Can't say the same for the majority of our Santa's :D

You made me blush! You are welcome you know - it's nice to be able to say thank you!

Big hugs,

Carmen x