Friday, 2 December 2011

what's Rocking My World This Friday!

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By the time you're reading this
I'll be on my way to spend a 
'girls night in' 

So that's number one on this week's
 Rocking Friday list -

I'm really looking forward to spending 
some time with Penny,
meeting her bonkers animals and son, Joe 
- who is probably also a bit bonkers -
but I won't meet her husband Roddy nor daughter Jess 
because they are in sunny Antigua awaiting 
Penny and Joe's arrival next week.
Penny's going to show me round the village where 
she lives and I'll meet her friends.

I'll be taking my camera...........:o)


I'm so proud of DD Hope for making a 
 commitment to volunteer every Saturday

which is local to us
(and it's where we found darling Rosie Mae 
all those years ago,
when Hope was a toddler in a pushchair).

She started last Saturday.
She was quite nervous, but I was confident she'd be ok
 - rescued animals is a subject close to her heart
(for her Public Speaking module at school
she chose to talk about why you should choose a 
rescue pet. It choked me up when she referred 
to Rosie Mae as her best friend).

She spent the morning with another young volunteer
cleaning out the many many cat litter trays,
and then her 'job' was to play with the cats, 
or simply give them a quiet cuddle.

She loved it.

I've had to make it QUITE CLEAR, however, that
we WILL NOT be taking on any more animals.

For the time being anyway............;o)


I've got all my Christmas present shopping done, hurrah!
Food shopping ordered from the lovely Abel and Cole,
and delivery booked.

Christmas sorted!


At last, I'll be sending out my Secret Santa 
parcel this morning (apologies to Carmen
SS organiser, for it being a teeny bit late).
I really hope my victim recipient likes it.


I received a lovely surprise packet from 
SusieJ this week, full of Christmas goodies.
I was going to save opening it 'til Christmas but 
Susie says I don't have to so there was a 
frenzied ripping of paper to reveal
all of this.....

Beautifully made ATC's, a gorgeous tag, 
and so many goodies.

I'm going to save this package, however,
 until Christmas Day.
I am, I really really am...........!

Thank you so much, Susie,
Christmas certainly came early xx

An 'aw' moment
(or an 'ow' moment!).

Ds Luke is so skinny that his new
cotton work shirts are rubbing his 
shoulders quite raw.
He blames my healthy eating regime.
I blame his father,
with his coat-hanger-like  shoulder blades.


That's all my Rocking today, folks!

As always, thank you for reading
and for leaving a comment.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend
and keep safe.



craftattack said...

Sounds like you have been / are busy! Lovely package from Susie, I got one too! Valerie

missy k said...


you are going to have fun for sure...

congrats to Hope on her job

luke.... shoulder pads!?

great post :)

ps well done on have done all your shopping.... super impressed!


Privet and Holly said...

Oh, I'm so envious
that you've got
Christmas all
sorted out! I feel
woefully behind,
but have to remind
myself that it IS
only Dec. 2nd!
Have a wonderful
time with your
bloggy pal!

xx Suzanne

SusieJ said...

Pleased you like your parcel..:)
Have a wonderful time with Penny...I'm sure you will!!
Hugs xx

Serenata said...

Have a fabulous time with Penny!

Carmen said...

Mine went late too. Sssh! Don't tell anyone - Santa will give me my marching orders!

Hope you are having a fabulous time with Penny.

How long before Hope turns the Puss in Boots eyes on to you eh?

Jewels said...

Just so you know - I am going to be hard at work on our "mail art" while you are off partying this weekend - so there (LOL, I'm just jealous) J

Monica said...

My sorting of Christmas is called going away, to Florida in the RV and to take in the bay islands. in fact I mailed a parcel to family in UK today. For some reason just hate packing stuff up and sending it off.
Have a blast with the girls night out, and should I check to see the Daily Mail Social Section for a paparazzi moment?

Menopausalmusing said...

"Ouch" re the shoulder problem....... Looking forward to seeing photographic evidence of your visit to Penny's! ;O)

Gina said...

Ooow..lovely parcel :D Hope you have a nice time with Penny :D XXX