Friday, 30 December 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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I'll keep my Rocking list short and sweet today.
OK, who's that I can hear sighing with relief?!


Relaxing with family 
over the Christmas period.
It's been such a special time
and I've loved every minute.....
including the epic game of Monopoly
that went on for hours 'n' hours and 
(it really doesn't matter but)

I know, how childish.

Unlike EVERY previous Christmas
for this one I did NOT have a cold.



Meeting up yesterday with my dear friend 
Louise (aka Looby).
Love her to bits
and she makes me laugh :D
If you're reading this Looby,
remember to run any future crazy purchases by me 
clicking on  

For everyone else, all I'll say is -
flat pack electric violin.

Enough said!


Getting myself sorted for my 2012 'arting'.
So far I'm joining in the fun at:

Phew! That should keep me quiet!


I'm looking forward to 
New Years Day
when DH Grant's family are coming here -
his sister Karen (Missy K) and her husband Barry
and Grant's parents, John and Barb.

A lovely way to round off the holiday period
and start 2012.


The Christmas decorations in the house
will be coming down on January 2nd,
I've enjoyed having them up but 
it'll be time for them to come down again
(I usually take them down on New Years Eve 
or New Years Day
but this year thought I'd wait until 
the family had been and gone).


There, quite short and relatively sweet.
Thank you for reading and commenting, 
 I really do love to read all the comments.

I'll link up with Virginia and then
drop by any other Friday Rockers
to see what's been good for them this week.
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with the rest of us.

Wishing you all a
safe, happy and healthy 2012.



craftattack said...

Glad you enjoyed your family time and that you won at Monopoly! Have a great New Year, and stay creative! Valerie

Sam said...

A wonderful list of good things! Flat pack intrigued!! Glad you have had a wonderful family time over the holidays. x

Susan T said...

You sound as if you have the New Year sorted on the crafting front. I am delving into Family History again, after a long break.

Yes our decorations are coming down sooner this year, they went up early and our tree looks very Haversham - esque. It has certainly lost it's bounce. Christmas flew by so quickly this year. I can hardly believe it is over for another year.

I spent yesterday nursing a hangover. I am now on the wagon!

Have a brilliant New Year Oh lovely one, 2012 sounds like we are into the realms of Science fiction. Let's hope the Mayan's got it wrong.xx

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Congrats on winning Monopoly!!!

We got Trickster for Christmas (its a twisted version of scrabble by the scrabble people) - it's good fun.

I have lost three games of scrabble over Christmas :(

Really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, our goodies came so will bring them over.

You've got lots to be involved in.... I'm looking forward to the year long class..... I've started the awesome journaling - really loving that.

ps you can tell me about the violin on Sunday!!!

Love to all


Virginia said...

Oh that had me giggling - you winning Monopoly sounds awesome!!!

The flat pack electric violin - really? Why would you LOL - bless her is there any chance of it becoming 3 dimensional!

The New Year sounds great with family.

You sound like you're all geared up for 2012 with your crafting I've not been as organised (yet).

I too was wondering when the tree should come down - the 2nd sounds sensible - last day of the school holidays not sure if I can cope with returning home from work to the decs still up - so might run this past DH!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed New Year and I'll look forward to reading your blog in 2012 if not before.

Much hugs

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
Wishing you and the Monopoly crew a beautiful 2012.

Gina said...

Hahahahaha.....*snort* flat pack electric violin wtf!???
Sounds like your having a wonderful week, good luck with completing all those fabulous projects :D XXX

SusieJ said...

Flat pack violin??? Really???
So pleased you had a wonderful family Christmas..and to win at Monopoly..awesome!!
Your plans for New Year sound good too..
Sending you extra special, extra big New Year Hugs. xx
p.s. I hate, really, really hate Monopoly so I'm totally in awe of you not only finishing the game but winning it too. xx


Hello, I am most happy to be joining in the Friday experience and I always like making new friends :)
Who knew they could flat pack electric violins (can she play or was it an impulse and that would be fun to learn kinda thing?...). I look forward to being able to find one in Ikea in 2012...........
You have got yourself craftily organised. I did a Mandala course on willowing at the end of last year (well I did half of it then Christmas and crafting has to take priority but I will finish it this year!) I did enjoy myself I'm sure there were a large number of less than sneaky beginners.....). Have a lovely New Year.

Debs said...

I'm with you on packing away the decorations - day after New Year's Day. It's nice to put them up , but oh so nice to have the house back to normal again.
Happy New Year to you all, Joanna xx

Katie said...

I think you should work your Monopoly win into conversations every day for awhile! Hee! Enjoy relax make art! xo
Happy New Year!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

safe, happy & healthy to you too!

Carmen said...

Quiet? You? Ha!

Same here - decs would usually be down by now but with Craigs mum here I thought it would be polite not to dismantle around her :P They'll be coming down when we've dropped her off tomorrow mind you!

BadPenny said...

Never press SEND twice !!! I'd better get my artist's thinking cap on for the ACTs & work out a linky thingy,
We have Monopoly on the boat but somehow it didn't get played ( sea to swim & Pina Coladas to drink ) We did read a lot tho !