Sunday, 11 December 2011

X Factor Winner (for Penny)

Poor old Penny
is in sunny Antigua for a month.

It must be dreadful.

Warm sea.
BBQ's on the beach.

I know, we must all pity her.

The only thing about 'real life' that 
she wants to know is the
X Factor Final result!

Amelia Lily
left the competition last night
(much to Grant's disgust!).

The final was between
Marcus Collins
Little Mix.

It was very close,
and both acts were
superbly entertaining.

So, hot off the press, Penny - 
here's the result.

(*Deep dramatic voice*)

"The winner 
of the
X Factor 2011

(now we have a pause that always goes on 
for that little bit too long)


(Photo source)
Little Mix!

So there you have it, Penny.
You can go off now
and try and make the most of
the rest of your time in Antigua.

I'm sure you'll find something to commend it.

Anyone else been watching X Factor
or am I the only saddo in the UK?



craftattack said...

Well, good to know things like that. I must admit to NOT liking such shows! Poor Penny, feel very sorry for her! Valerie

Carmen said...

You really do have to feel for penny. I mean she's missing out on bucketing rain, high winds... she don't know what she's missing :D

I am surprised to find myself thinking that Little Mix were the worthy winners tonight, think they were better than Marcus in the final.

SusieJ said...

I too feel sooooooo sorry for Penny. Fancy having to put up with sun and sailing off to magical islands....

I don't watch the X factor but can tell her that the three finalists on Strictly are.....drum roll...
Jason, Harry and Chelsea (?sp).
Hugs xx

sugar Creek said...

Nope can't say I've watched it. I don't watch that much t.v. anymore, due to kids and the hubby!Thanks for the comments on my posts. That last one with just the candy was a test one because with the new computer it was messing with my blogger stuff for some reason! But, yes it is certainly Christmas!! xx

Letticeleaf said...

Gave up watching yonks ago! Telly for the brain-dead, sorry Jo! Still loves yer thO. LLX

Margaret said...

well, I'm not in the UK but yep I watched it (we love cablecom) it'll be inetersting to see just how far any of them go, it won't be the last we've heard of Amelia Lily or Misha B.

Poor Penny, we'll just have to make sure she has some art therapy on her return!


Susan T said...

Poor dear Penny, she has missed out on all the Christmas rush, bad weather, cross people in every shop, pushing and shoving. All to wander round in the sunshine and lay on a beach, wouldn't swap would you?

Sorry I hardly watch TV these days at all, just a couple of highlights, that catch my eye and some catch ups on the net. I used to follow two soaps and plenty of assorted programmes. Can't honestly say I miss them though.

Monica said...

perfect time of the year to be in Antigua.

BadPenny said...

Thank you Jo !!! I'm suprised but pleased for Little Mix. Jess insists they were called Rhyth Mix - or was that another girl band or has the sun got to her ?

I'll check in for strictly finals " Go Harry GO !!!"

Blimmimg hot making Joe irritable- not drinking enough water. Roddy drank too much rum yesterday making ME irritable !... off to a cooler place for a few days, back soon xx

Joanna said...

Oh, Letticeleaf, I winced a bit at 'telly for the brain dead' - seemed a bit harsh :o( However, I'm glad you still love me :o)

Penny, don't expect any sympathy from me! And yes, Little Mix did used to be called Rythmix but had to change their name because a charity already had that name.


Heavens2Betsy said...

I'm equally sad Jo. Watched the whole shebang and then went out on the night of the final! Was fun tho. Poor Penny, it must be so tough languishing out there! pen x

Letticeleaf said...

Jo, Wince I'm not surprised you flaming winced at my stupid comment. I'm here at 6.30 am, yes a.m. for that very reason. After a wild and windy night in the Weald I awoke to a horrid thought 'LL what a clot you are to leave a caustic comment on the lovely Jo's blog!' So here I am full of grovelling apologies. At times I say the most stupid things which frankly aren't funny. Sorry lassie.

How can I now own up to watching Strictly I wonder? LLX

Joanna said...

Letticeleaf, worry not. I'm not so precious that I can't take a bit of caustic in my life every now and again. Still makes me wince though!

ps hope you get a better night's sleep tonight :o)