Saturday, 28 January 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge - China

I'm having such fun with 
Darcy's Postcard Challenge.
I haven't got a clue where my story is going, 
either with the plot or geographically!

The country that Darcy has set us this week is


I wanted my postcard to capture the rich
colours and history of China.

Blended paper background, gessoed and 
coloured with water soluble wax crayons.
I gold heat embossed the bamboo background.
On a separate piece of paper I drew the 
ancient artefact of the horse on the swallow
which I coloured this with Inktense pencils,
cut it out and stuck it on the background.
I outlined the horse with dark crayon.

Finally, I edged the card with 
gold acrylic dabber.

On the reverse:

My dear Det Supt Clarke (with an e!),

Well, I find myself in China admiring this original artefact.
I think it would look perfect in my library, don't you?
It's a bit out of my price range but that has never stopped
me before, ha!

Lord Forsyth (with a Lord)

Oh no!  I suspect Lord Forsyth is planning
another robbery.
Can Det Supt Clarke stop him plundering
the treasures of the world?



Sunshineshelle said...

I'm sure he's planning another robbery LOL, this postcard is a utterly gorgeous work of art - the layers, the colours, the horse, just a wonderful ... thanks for explaining the steps to get the effects too :) Have a great weekend!

Gina said...

Hahaha....I DEFINITELY like Lord Forsyth(without an "e")lol
and your card really does look like an old carved plaque :D XXX

Darcy said...

haha I hope he steals it you drew a great horse, the whole thing looks like a tapestry.. love it..

mags21 said...

a great postcard. also great techniques thanks for sharing

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

This is such a nice and interesting visual. Love the horse artifact and the background and whole design sense of it. Nice work!! *smiles* Norma

Sabrina said...

You have so many styles, it makes a head spin! They are all great by the way. I especially love the embossed gold bamboo. It really makes a rich statement. Well done.

Sandra Hoogland - The Netherlands said...

Your card has depth! It's marvelous! ♥
And your story makes me smile every week. I don't care you have no idea where it's going, I love it! :)

Printed Material said...

That Forsyth is a dastardly fellow. What a cove. Typical aristocracy! My allegance is turning to old Clarkey. I hope he gets his little grey cells working soon and catches the bounder.

Manon said...

Just pretend you know where you are going that is what I am doing lol!.

craftattack said...

Love your postcard! I don't know where I'm going either, but I suppose that's true for all of us! Valerie

Susan T said...

I am with Lord F I would have pinched that artwork in a trice. Gorgeous colours, it has given me an idea for the spare room. xx

missy k said...

Fantastic postcard Jo... the gold embossing is stunning.


SusieJ said...

Wonderful postcard Jo! Love the different techniques and the way the story is developing!
Hugs xx

Menopausalmusing said...

A beautifully rendered and rich response to the title........... Love where all this is going!

BadPenny said...

Gorgeous rich colours here. Brilliant fun reading what Lord F is up to !

Janet said...

Your postcard is gorgeous! Love the layers and it looks so old.... Lord F is a really sharp boy. I would want this horse in MY collection, never mind his!

Janet xx

NatashaMay said...

Oh wow! I'm just blown away with these postcards everyone is coming up with. :) The horse is fantastic! Totally love the red background. :)

Lulabelle said...

Your postcard is fantastic! I wonder what he will steal next week! Lol.

Margaret said...

You and me both Jo! it'll all work out in the end I'm sure!
Love your card, very clever to emboss over the wax crayon, does it have any effect on it? melt it too? love the finished effect.


gottahavemoxie said...

Your China card is so beautiful! I really like the richness of the colors.

Jen said...

He has good taste that Lord. Your horse and postcard are fabulous. I love that background.
Jen x

Katie said...

Hi Jo! I think I am going to start this postcard fun, too! How have I not already? ha!
ooh, this running story sounds intimidating. Must think on that. :0)