Saturday, 7 January 2012

'Hats' Mail Art and Postcard Received (At Last!)

You may remember that last year Jewels and I
decided to swap Mail Art and postcards?
We sent them off in the same week, 
and Jewels received mine the following week 
(see it here).
A whole month later Jewels' has finally arrived,
much to the relief of both of us!
I wonder where it has been?

This envelope is Jewels at her best, 
I love the colours, the style, everything.
DS Luke was particularly impressed by the 
number of postage stamps used!

Don't you just love those film star-like smiles?

And then inside,
Jewels' 'hat' postcard.......

(get places in the right hat!)
You used to be able to tell a gentleman 
by the condition and style of his hat.
Employment and promotion could 
depend on a man's headwear,
as shown by these successful fellas.

Fab background, I really like the retro look :o)

(back of postcard)
And then inside, naughty Jewels had included
these wonderful retro goodies.

Thank you so much, Jewels.
This swap was fun and I'll be
happy to swap again whenever you want!



Monica said...

love the envelope. I bet that everyone in the post office passed it around. that happened with a post card swap i was in years ago.

Jewels said...

Jo thanks again - I see it showed up in pretty good shape too! Looking forward to our next one. J

missy k said...

Great mail art Jo.... I agree with Monica - it's got on tour to be admired on its way to you :)

Livi and I watched High Society a couple of days ago.... people were more stylish in the old days. I love hats!

BadPenny said...

aw, my grandfather always wore a hat & would tip it when he saw a lady. Lovely.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

awwww, that is wonderful mail art!!! I love that retro look too and think Jewels is very talented... what fun to receive! I think that her envelope must have been being passed around, and admired!

Jill said...

" If you want to get ahead, get a hat" is something my grandmother used to say - looks like you'e got plenty -great stuff.

Dolly Daydreams said...

Wow what lovely mail art and postcards ! Yours was most probably holidaying somewhere and showing its beauty around Europe before it decided to arrive > I know I would if I was that gorgeous. ( drooling under control._) Have placed plastic over my keyboard and will wear a bib for next weeks tag tuesday !!


Carmen said...

Fabulous postcard Jo, have to admit like DS my eyes were instantly drawn to the stamps. Wow - much better than the boring Queens head!

Katie said...

Those are great! Jewels is awesome! I love the vintage images.

Margaret said...

I love it! what a fab piece of art, I can just imagine how many admiring glances it got on it's trip over! Mx

trisha too said...

Wonderful!!! How fun!

Oh, yes, I sent a swap package that went coast to coast here, before landing BACK in the midwest where it was supposed to be . . . naughty swaps, they like to venture off on their own sometimes . . .


Kristin said...

I Lovity - love this!!!