Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January ATC + Life Book Week 1

'January' ATC

This was created for Bad Penny's 
Monthly ATC Challenge,
One ATC a month to show and tell, 
the theme being that month.
So the first one is 'January'.

Click HERE to see Penny's superb ATC
and for links to those of the other participants.

Blended paper background, gessoed,
distressed and slightly inked,
bird image from old book on nature,
pine needles tinted with Distress Ink
and 'frost' added with little sparkles.
Numbers paper tape.

Quote from another old book
(I liked this quote so much for January
that I used it for my January Calendar pages too).

Life Book, Week 1
(Willowing course)

I'm running about 4 weeks behind on this course, 
which isn't bad really, considering!

The first exercise is about
finding my inner Goddess and her positive traits.


I don't know about my inner Goddess,
I think I've unleashed my inner Monster.
With a trout pout. 
And wonky eyes.

(It isn't supposed to look like me anyway......)
I found this really difficult,
drawing people and faces in particular is tricky for me.
But that's what taking a class is all about, right?

I really enjoyed the challenge though
and will carry on practicing faces.

On the back is a Polaroid style photo
of me, with a paper tape strip of the word
* LOVE *.

I'd better get on with task 2 now.
You never know, I might just catch up 
by the end of the year!



Alix said...

I love all the elements of your ATC and the way it's layered up, and as for your Life Book, I think it's lovely, even if you're being critical. I can only do stick people!

BadPenny said...

I ADORE your ACT ( Ha - I'd already had a sneaky peek ) I'd like your bird on mine hopping in the snow & pecking at berries ( thanks for your too kind comment - as you know I'm struggling to get creative again )

I love the colours of your journal page... carry on the great work as it's lovely !

Relyn said...

I love your I AM art. Thank you, my friend, for your encouraging words over at my place. I appreciate them and you more than I can say.

missy k said...


Well done you. I love 'your' face, the lettering is really cool.

Great atc too :)


Jane Housham said...

Beautiful. I think your inner goddess is very goddess-like.

Margaret said...

Your inner Goddess triumphs! I think she's fab!
My first ATC for Penny's challenge is also a bird, I must do a post!


Menopausalmusing said...

Great ATC and very "you". That's a lovely start to your Life Book......

craftattack said...

The ATC is great, and I love how your Life Book has started. Hope you catch up on yourself! Valerie

Sabrina said...

I am totally impressed with your goddess girl. I didn't know you could paint too! Her face is great, and especially her eyes come through as extremely compassionate. Much better than the "dead eye" I often end up with. Also, when you know the actually amount of time you are behind . . . that doesn't count as behind - only when you lose track!

Katie said...

I love your girl! I also have trouble drawing faces- I can doodle, but never get a likeness of someone! These are really nice. Looks like a fun group! Going to check out Penny's blog,too. :)

Clarky J said...

Just love that atc it is simply amazing! Love the life book too must explore that idea more xx

sugar Creek said...

I love your ATC! YOur life book is wonderful!! I really love how you put the word following the hair! Just beautiful!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
Both are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
enJOY a lovely day,

Miss Iowa said...

Uber cool -- both projects!

Virginia said...

Jo both amazing - loving your inner goddess - mine's still under lock and key - don't want to let her out LOL!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fab atc..and your inner goddess is amazing did a beautiful job with both projects!! x

Jewels said...

Well as always just lovely - I adore your ATC and your "goddess" is just fab Jo :)...

Susan T said...

Your inner goddess looks pretty fab to me, but nothing compared to the photo of your younger self, what a lovely sweet face you have. ATC lovely

Carmen said...

Flipping 'eck! I've missed LOADS of your posts. Right. Better go make a cuppa and catch up I reckon!

As for your face and ATC, both utterly gorgeous. Is there anything you CAN'T do? You can go off people y'know ;)