Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Life Book Week 2

The task set for Week 2
is to create a 2012 Dream Board,
visually representing my thoughts, 
hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

We were encouraged to dream BIG,
but, for me, this exercise just crystallized the feeling
that I really do not have any BIG ambitions.

I want to continue to;

be important to my family,
 make time to catch up with friends,
maintain my inner contentment 
and health
(sorry if that sounds smug),
enjoy the garden,
marvel at nature,
discover new places, 
cherish family pets,
go on a holiday (preferably one with sunshine),
visit UK beaches (I'd LOVE to own a beach hut).

The only 2 different-to-now
 items on the wishlist are;

keep chickens,
get published in Somerset Studio.

Oh, and I'd love to give up work
but that isn't going to happen any time soon
(maybe I should visualize a lottery win!).



Jennie Louise said...

They sounds wonderful !! i too want to keep chickens... one day. ;-)

Monica said...

keep chickens ;are you going to kidnap them from a farm.
I know how you feel about content with way you are. It is so wonderful to find someone who is not searching for their inner self

Anns Art said...

I hope all your dreams are a reality and wish you well with the lottery!

Jewels said...

Well BIG is whatever you make it to be (I would have included visits from oversea friends LOL). I love the idea of a beach hut too....

sugar Creek said...

I want to do all of those things too. Including having the beach hut! Well maybe not the chickens though. I think my dogs would like them though! lol!

Chrissy said...

Fantastic dreams to have and I like this idea of making a dream board. I really like how you highlighted the images with a white pen.

Great idea and thanks for sharing.

PS: A nice lottery win would be nice......

Lenna Young Andrews said...

i really like this joanna... the lines and dashes accentuating, the way you wrote 2012... the typewritten words on the left side, all your simple pleasures - i like them a lOT!

Joanna said...

Monica, you know me too well - yes, of course we would have to get ex-battery hens x

Susan T said...

What a joyful image and post, you have got the big things though, if you are content and quietly satisfied you have it all. I would love hens too, but the thought of them with Prince chasing them is too much to bear.

Virginia said...

I think it's just fine to dream just as you are - I don't see the need to dream big continually because the big stuff is usually the small stuff and vice versa so your page completely makes sense to me, inner contentment, time with family time to play - all good and not to be knocked - don't stress that you don't dream big!

Margaret said...

Gorgeous mood board, always good to have a gentle reminder of your goals when the general humdrum gets in the way.

Number 5, pick number 5, it always comes up, well it does in Switzy!! I'm with you on that one... Mx

missy k said...

Your dreams don't have to be big.... just yours :)

I love your dreamboard.

My bf Julie had chickens and they were very funny! and she had a dog!?


SusieJ said...

Totally agree with Virginia! Great dreams for this year and I love your artwork detailing them.
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

I love your dreams. With me it's ducks. I'd love to keep ducks. And a tortoise. However seeing as we have a tiny yard, cats all around, the man over the back keeps a hunting hawk and the fella over the other side keeps pigeons (which, by the way, the hawk is trained to catch!) I don't see me getting my ducks anytime soon. Least until we win the lottery too :)