Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tag Tuesday - White (on Thursday)

The theme this week over at

This little girl isn't happy.
She's been told to wear her white dress,
but it is
to have fun
keep the dress clean.

This tag started off lovely and clean and white
but kinda got 'grunged' along the way.
Sums up my life really ;o)



missy k said...

Hi Jo

Great tag.... grungy is good!

Way behind with mine but just can't seem to get in the mood to 'tag'

ps apologies if you get two comments from me.... think I need Tea!

Sabrina said...

I adore, adore, adore, this tag! I'd love it on a crisp white T-shirt. Reminds me of myself as I (sometimes) try to dress decently, but always get art supplies, garden dirt, or food on my clothes.

The grunge makes it perfect by the way!

SusieJ said...

Perfect tag for the challenge!
I can see it on a Tshirt too!
I spoil most of my clothes sadly...messy eater, glitter, glossy accents, ink, muddy paw prints...
Hugs xx

Sandi said...

A lovely sweet and perfect tag! Adore the inspiration..

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh,I just love,love your tag.It is adorable,Jo.Have a wonderful day.

sugar Creek said...

Well I think she's wonderful! Isn't it the truth..when you wear white it never fails you get something on it! I always do!!

Susan T said...

You and me too sweet one. It has been a day to grunge anyone up here, no light, sleet and rain. Alan has come home early and poured two glasses of whisky - we have no mixers, it is THAT sort to day.

I love your decorated tags, they are all so 'you' you always seem to be able to think of a pertinent quote for them.

This one is quite sad really, the little girl has a sombre look. I hope the sun shines for her tomorrow and she can get messy . Messy is fun xxx

craftattack said...

Nice tag - glad I am not the only one who is a little behind this week! This clinic is sure keeping me on my toes just now! Valerie

BadPenny said...

I love the idea behind this Jo & can see how desperate the little girl is to climb trees !

Anns Art said...

What a great tag.

Jewels said...

Don't think I could say anymore than everyone else Jo - lovely tag! I'm skipping this week as I could not get inspired (nor had the time)...cheers, J

trisha too said...

Poor little thing, I know how she feels!

Virginia said...

Loving the grungy feel that you've achieved with the tag - it looks great!

Jenny Woolf said...

Lovely tag! There are lots of subtle colours in it.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love your style, Joanna - love it!! xo

Maggi said...

This is lovely! The grunge look is so awesome for this tag!

dianehobbit said...

Great idea for a lovely tag. All the ideas are so different and inspirational.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! MY NEW favorite tag, xoxo