Friday, 13 January 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Postcard Challenge Week 2

Darcy's Postcard Challenge
is at the bottom of this post.
You're very welcome to hang around and 
read about what's made my world rock this week,
otherwise scroll on down until you reach

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No time to spare,
let's get on with 
what's rocked my world 
this week.....

Clothes shopping yesterday with DS Luke.
A challenge for us both
in patience (me) and focus (him).
At one stage he said we should go home and not
try and buy him any clothes until he'd put on some weight -
he is invisible to the human eye when he turns sideways.

Eventually, however, we managed to track down
some clothing that he would consider even looking at.
He's happy - I'm happy.

This was a welcome distraction for me 
on the day that would have been 
my Dad's 80th birthday.

Luke making me laugh.
He decided to conduct a sensory deprivation test,
just because he could.
The idea is that the sight is limited to just light
and hearing is limited to white noise.
The brain then tries to make sense of what it is hearing.....

So this is what I walked into his bedroom and saw.
My 17 year old son lying on his bed with 
2 halves of ping pong ball
taped to his eyes, and white noise blaring 
out of his ipod.  
Is this normal behaviour, I wonder?
Apparently the experiment was successful 
because he 
1 heard a cat miaowing 
(although there was a cat actually miaowing outside)
2 he heard a monkey wrench being used.........

It doesn't seem very scientific to me
but hey, he was happy and he made me laugh.


Talking of cats miaowing.......

Do you remember when DD Hope 
started volunteering at the local
animal rescue centre and I said, quite clearly,

Well, I'll be collecting Cally this afternoon.
 She is in poor health and needed a foster home
having been at the centre since September.
She's 15 years old, 
has poor liver function,
and slight dementia.

She is also the sweetest girl you could meet
and she's just desperate for cuddles and love.
We can do that, sweet Cally.

Apparently, her previous owners moved house 
and simply left her behind.
Yes well, it's easy to forget to take 
with you when you move, isn't it?!

Her bedroom is ready,
(the cupboard under the stairs)
with a new comfy bed,
litter tray and bowls in place.
We'll also be getting a heat pad for her
to warm her poor creaking bones.

Now to break the news to Rosie Mae
that, once again, she'll be sharing
her home with a CAT!

3 generations of Urbanis enjoyed an evening out
watching their football team, 
Crystal Palace, beat Cardiff,

DS Luke, DH Grant and DF-I-L John
made the trek to Selhurst Park
to cheer and sing their team to victory.

Watching the 3 of them enjoying the event
and each other's company warmed my heart.

Enjoy the winning moment, boys.
I fear it will be short lived ;o)

There's something that's bubbling at 
the moment that I can't, as yet, reveal.
But it's made me walk with a skip and a jump
and, unusually, there's a tune to my hum.

DS Luke cut someone's hair this week
- a real live consenting head.
When he came home afterwards he was absolutely 
drained, exhausted with the stress of it all.  
It was great experience for him, 
and another customer is booked in for today.
He's got to start somewhere and I'm glad he's 
got his first one done and out the way.


I'll post this with Virginia, our Rocking Queen,
and then visit our ever expanding 
band of merry Rockers.
It's a great way to end the week on a high,
remembering the good things,
those positive things that have made 
the week better.


Darcy's Postcard Challenge.
The country set by Darcy this week is

(Espana Colorida: Colourful Spain)
Sloppy gesso background,
coloured with watercolour crayons,
I took the original beautiful image by
and added extra colour,
again using watercolour crayons.

The wording is, I hope, correct for
'Colourful Spain'
but ignorance is bliss
so if it's wrong I think
I'd rather not know!

(Translation below)

My Dear Chief Inspector,
You really are priceless!
Did you really expect me to collect my own mail?
I'm a Lord, for goodness sake!
I've been visiting some of your previous 
'customers' in Marbella.
They, and I, send warm regards!
Lord James Forsyth

PO Box 513

Oh dear, Chief Inspector Clark is going to 
have to work a bit harder to catch his thief!

Thank you to all who have come over 
to have a look at my postcard.
I'll be along to have a look at yours soon



Virginia said...

Wow fabulous list this week Joanne - where do I start - good for you helping with the fostering of Cally, although I too did wonder what Rosie-Mae would think of the addition - I'm sure you'll keep us informed. The ping pong ball experiment looks interesting and made you giggle - so a plus on both side. WTG Luke for his first client - it'll be easier the next time I'm sure.

Boys spending time together (and it doesn't matter their age, in groups they definitely boys LOL). Lovely

Completely and utterly intrigued as to this happy news you can't share yet, my mind has gone into overdrive - honestly - these sort of things always get my mind making up all sorts of amazing/weird and wonderful things and I can almost guarantee that I'll be wrong.

Shopping with boys - never an easy task, mine still let's me buy on his behalf, but occasionally wobbly throws and refuses to wear despite my pleading, I'm sure this will stop eventually and I'll have the same delights as you.

The post card is gorgeous (as was last weeks), I for one have no idea on the Spanish language so all's good hear. The story yet again had me giggling, I've still not decided whether I can join in this challenge or not yet - time will tell.




I don't quite know if I am being naughty or nice keeping my rockette and postcard posts separate (all part of the greed of hoping that other doublettes will leave me 2 lovely comments instead of just one!)

So to your rocking post - I am thinking that your offspring give you much pleasure. I worked with someone once who at 5 years old taped his eyes open to find out if his eyeballs would fall out if he sneezed and didn't shut them......... (he still has eyeballs but a tad reckless if it had gone wrong me thinks :O ). How long do we have to wait to find out what has you so excited?

Spain - beautiful postcard and excellent job of recreating the picture. I like your Lords sense of humour coming across I think he will be giving the inspector a run for his money, wonder how it will play out?.......

See you next Friday :D

Sam said...

Fab list this week Joanna! I love the science experiment, that had me rolling around laughing as its the sort of thing my son would do as well (he wants to be a theroretical physicist (SP?) so he always has some science thingy hes working on!)
Bless you for taking on the cat, what a caring heart you have.
I am intrigued by your happy news, just because I am nosey!!!
Your postcard is lovely, I am enjoying reading the adventure each week!
Hope you have a great weekend x

missy k said...

Great post Jo!

Highlight has to be the photo of Luke!!!!

Have a great weekend


ps short and sweet - taking Ells back to Uni at ten and I am not even dressed yet!!!

Printed Material said...

He's a wily character that Lord James but I think I quite like him!

craftattack said...

Good work Jo, your postcard is great! How can people be so mean to leave a poor old Kitty behind? Glad she has moved into cat's heaven at your place! Hugs, Valerie

Alison xx said...

Wow beautiful postcard, and such a fun story I can't wait to see what he gets up to next. A xx

Lulabelle said...

Lovely postcard! Can't wait to see what happens next!

K said...

I've got clothes shopping with my 13 year old lad on sunday, he doesnt think he needs any clothes ... and to be honest he doesnt, but its his Nans "treat" so I've suggested that if something catches his eye we can get it for either him to wear now or a size larger for him to grow into ... I'm not looking forward to the experience.

Well done you on becoming a cat fosterer, poor thing sounds in a bit of a mess, how awful of her previous "owners" to just leave here :-(

debbi taylor said...

love the postcard - waiting to see how the story develops! x

Sandra Hoogland said...

That's a very pretty lady on your postcard. Well done! ♥
When your story is done I think I might write to Lord James, I think we could be good friends! :)

Halle said...

She's how you added to the original.

Darcy said...

ooo love this card, you did an awesome job colouring the image, turned out really lovely.

Darcy said...

oh and my other half read the back and thinks this is a brilliant storyline..but ya know, he's a boy and they do love cops n robbers haha

Margaret said...

fab Jo! love your card, great technique and the ever developing story is coming along nicely, the plot thickens...
Hope sweet cally settles in well to her new pad, just what she needs.
Luke is my hero, brilliant experiment!!


Doone said...

I am very much enjoying your storyline, the spanish lady is fabulous, and here is a confession,

Our 15 year old cat drives me mad,

on one of her worst days I might consider leaving her if we moved - unlike the dogs, who I couldn't live without.

However, there is no way we could leave her behind because she would be first into the moving truck, and first into the best spot on arrival...

thanks for coming to see my spanish postcard,


Sarah said...

love your Rockin' post - especially the photo of Luke, it made me giggle :)

and your Spain postcard is gorgeous!

Jen said...

Gorgeous colours on your card. The game of cat and mouse continues!
Jen x

Jamie Lynn said...

awesome art work Love the gesso work

Gina said...

Lol! the things our kidlings do to entertain us...class photo :D
Your postcard is fabulous, and your thief very cocky...I like him :D XXX

Manon said...

Oooh they say a lot of criminals live in that town, what is a Lord doing there I wonder. I am loving your story!

WrightStuff said...

She's a real stunner! Has the Lord been visiting this lady do you think? Is she an accomplice? Hmm.....

mags21 said...

a great postcard, and a good story.

My Heart Exposed said...

loving your story, beautiful rich colours on the front just fab :)
Helen x

miniroses said...

Looking forward to further developments! Colors are so rich!

Musicalscrapper said...

Ahh nothing better than a great thief on the run story!. OH and the postcard is great!

Rach said...

Beautiful colours and I love what you've done to the image. Great characters too!

BadPenny said...

Luke is such a hoot ! Congratulations on his first live haircut - he did need a quiet lie down afterwards didn't he?!
We have the same problem with Joe & jeans - too short in the leg & too big round the waist.
Sweet Callie. I hope she settles in quickly poor old girl.
I know your exciting news & I' thrilled for you !
Lovely Spain postcard such fun ! I do admire how much you create Jo.

This is my fourth attempt at commenting. I've tried different internet servers & the computer has frozen on me. I'm exhasperated !

Lovely Friday post xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh my, joanna. What is bubbling???!!! That is, of course, what got my attention most of all! Now, if you cannot say, I totally understand. Just know you really peaked my curiosity with that ; ^ ) I will write you more later in regards to your fabulous post, thanks. I do love and so enjoy your weekly gratefulness. xoxo across the pond lenna

Janet said...

Superb postcard and how you have altered the original picture. I feel sure Lord Forsyth is going to get his comeuppance eventually.

Janet xx

lorig said...

Love what you did with the postcard. Enjoying reading the the taunting by Lord Forsyth of the detective.

Steph said...

As much as I love the GORGEOUS postcard, the pic of your son cracked me up. He is a hoot!

NatashaMay said...

Gorgeous postcard and I love the story. :) I bet the chief is gonna be pissed off. :)

Cynthia said...

clever idea and it looks beautiful. love following your story

Carmen said...

What a character your son is. Blasting white noise eh? You are very patient, I might have taken a sledge hammer to the noise :D he looks so serene in that pic too!

Ha! I KNEW IT! Cally doesn't know how lucky she is!

As for the postcard, just gorgeousness! I love that you even go so far as to have the Spanish stamp and postmark on there!

HAve a great week Jo.

SusieJ said...

Loving this week's postcard - image and message!
WTG Luke both on his first haircut and his scientific experiment!!
Can't wait to hear the "news" that's made you so bubbly.
And well done on fostering Cally cat.
Honestly, some people! They don't deserve pets if they can just abandon them like that!
Rant over!
Hugs xx

Catie Cuddles said...

what a great idea to this story... also a beautiful card. love it.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Great Rocking post ... esp the piccy of Luke.. LOL:)
..and your postcard is brilliant! looking forward to seeing what develops between Lord James and CI Clark!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I will enjoy your postcard installments! I hope to join the group this week in Brazil! What a great scenerio you have! The thief taunting his pursuer- brilliant!

Esther said...

What a gorgeous postcard..beautiful image and am loving your mysterious tale...Esther xx

Kathy Hunt said...

What a wonderful technique to your cards! And a great story to follow.