Friday, 20 January 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Oh my goodness, I turn my back for 5 minutes
and turn back to find that here we are again
with the Friday list of positives from my week.

They say that time goes faster as you get older
but this is just getting ridiculous.

Anyway, fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen,
here we go.....



This little girl has been an absolute pleasure this week
as she settles in to the Urbani household.
She's a different cat from last week -
she's eating (for England)
chatting (for England)
investigating the house
including the upstairs
(for En...... ok, you get the idea),
and is allowing herself to trust us and Rosie Mae.
She is fascinated by the plug hole in the shower :o)
Her coat is glossy and fluffy
and she loves loves loves her new
which we tuck into her lovely soft padded bed
(we got the heat pad from, having already 
bought one for our ageing bunny, Clifford).

I can't believe we have only had her with us for a week,
she is already such a huge part of our lives.


I have finally started on 
Life Book
with Tam from Willowing
(see button, top right).

I had to force myself to sit down and watch the videos
(2 videos, each an hour long) 
and I've got started on drawing 
'my inner goddess'.
No sniggering please!
I've been told to find my inner goddess 
and pick out her (my) super powers.
I can't help but sing "Wonder Woman"
as I'm drawing.
Maybe she's my inner goddess.
What do you think?!


I returned to Zumba after the Christmas break.
I really couldn't put it off any longer.
Ugh, it was such hard work but also, 
thankfully, lots of fun.
I still have Zumba legs from the 
evening's exertions
(I'm walking a little bit like John Wayne)
but I'm sure they'll stop aching soon.


I am really happy to have booked up tickets to 
go with my friend Louise
to see the Lucian Freud exhibition 
starting soon at the National Portrait Gallery.

(Reflection - self portrait)
We'll also go to the
 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011
exhibition, which will just be ending.
(Harriet and Gentleman Jack, 2010  by Jooney Woodward)
(I am NOT HAPPY, however, that I managed to 
miss the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, 
which is sold out for it's remaining few weeks,
that the new David Hockney exhibition 
at the Royal Academy of Art
is also fully booked, pending possible 
further releases of advance tickets).

I am also grateful that my nearest, dearest and I
are all well,  fit and healthy.
I truly NEVER take that for granted.

I am looking forward to watching the 
new Steven Spielberg film
War Horse 
tomorrow with DD Hope.

I KNOW I'm going to sob  and snivel 
throughout the whole film
but I've still got to go and see it.


I'm meeting my dear friend Louise tomorrow 
morning for a coffee and a catch-up.
I love her unconventional view on life - 
so refreshing (and usually nuts!).


I'll post this with Virginia
over at Celtic House
and then I must go and get started on my
Brazil postcard for Darcy's postcard challenge.



craftattack said...

No wonder your week flies by when you pack so much into it! Glad Cally Cat is settling down with you, she seems to be in paradise at your place! Valerie

sugar Creek said...

So glad you are enjoying your new kitty. I would maybe like to have a microwave warmer too! I could use one today!! lol! War Horse looks like a really good movie and I'm afraid I would cry too!
Hey aren't we all Wonder Woman inside?

Margaret said...

I love your catch up posts, there's always something that makes me smile (wonder woman) did we really used to watch her?? and I had a poster, gulp!!
I'm so pleased that Callie Cat is settling in, great news Mx

Virginia said...

Hi hun - loving the Wonder Woman idea as your inner goddess - ooh for that hour glass figure - what I wouldn't give LOL!

The exhibitions look great, sad that you didn't get to all the ones you wanted.

Glad Cally cat has settled in so well and become a part of your household - excellent stuff!

Glad you've made a start on your class, although I too would have struggled with two x one hour videos - just so impatient to start LOL - what are we like!

Will be interested to hear what you think of the film it's not one that I fancy at the moment - but you might convince me otherwise.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead

Much love

Jewels said...

Heh Jo - you will love War Horse (I hope) - hubby took me a couple of weeks ago - though I must say there was a certain scene (wont tell which one) where a lady in the audience in a very loud voice said several times OMG, OMG, OMG - so be prepared! Have a great weekend. (loving Cally Cat - wish I had a heating pad in my bed - sure could use it at the moment. J

Monica said...

Your inner goddess does not need finding ask Cally.

trisha too said...

What Val said, no wonder your week flew by!


missy k said...

Sounds like a good week....

I'm going to be checking out the heat pad for Beattie... bet she'd love that :) glad Cally has settled.. bet she wishes she had come earlier!!!!

Going to see War Horse on Wednesday with my book club peeps.... let me know what you think

After painting Barrys study I got out my fun paints and had fun with my inner goddess.... don't think mine is wonder woman :( - hope to finish her tomorrow... probably after Barrys second coat!!!!

Have a great weekend

Love Karenxxx

Maggi said...

Great picks this week! Wonder Woman is the perfect pick for an inner goddess! :D

Susan T said...

I must be getting very old January has flown by at a rate so fast I hardly noticed it was going. I just knew your little cat would be in dreamland now, she has found her place in life, better late than never.
I wish my outer goddess looked like your inner one.
I would love to see the Lucian Freud exhibition - and as for the Leonardo Da Vinvi one, what can I say. I look in the papers and see what is on down there compared to up here and I tut, a big tut! xx

BadPenny said...

Well Wonder Woman you are quite wonderful for adopting Cally Cat & making her so welcome in your home !
And I wonder with awe about your crafting as I get none done !

We'd like to see War Horse having seen the play & read the book !

Must get to some exhibitions in the spring...I feel a Blog date surfacing !

Sam said...

Sounds like a great week! Lovely Cally cat, how lucky she is to have a foster family like you to look after her.
The exhibitions sounds wonderful. I used to go to London and see quite a few exhibitions when I was at college but now I am back on the Isle of Wight, it is so expensive just to get off the Island that we don't tend to go anywhere!
I hope you are enjoying life book, I have done a couple of courses at willowing and really enjoyed them, love the idea of wonder woman as your inner goddess!
I hope you have a fab week!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am so grateful your posts are now coming in via email so I don't miss one! Wonder Woman is perfect!!! enjoy your weekend xoxo lenna

Gina said...

Jo, the David Hockney exhibition seems to be sold out on line but Gill and I popped in yesterday and queued for about 5 minutes and she managed to buy an advance ticket for the same day in February that I've got my ticket with no problem. Might be worth a try if you're in London?

Sabrina said...

You are so fortunate to be close to so many fantastic exhibits! I could haul my cookies up to San Francisco, I suppose, but it is all craziness getting around up there and I try to stay away unless someone else volunteers t drive.

My daughter wants to see War Horse too, and I know we will both be a pile of tears. Might have to wait for DVD so I'm not all choked up in the theatre.

How wonderful your kitty is working out. I'm starting to yearn for a new little critter in the house. Our kitty we adopted last year does not like to cuddle and I miss having a cuddle kitty.

I'm interested to hear more about your goddess! I like Tamara's classes and Life Book has a different artist every month, right? Wonder Woman has those great bracelets to shield herself too. Not a bad pick!

Sarah said...

if it makes you feel any better, they totally oversold the da Vinci exhibit, and according to my sister, it was impossible to really get a good look at the paintings as it was so horribly crowded and you were kind of herded past. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Enjoy the Freud exhibit, I hope it's not crowded! :)

Carmen said...

Now, I may need to pick your brains. After years of bemoaning that I want to go to a gallery in London I've finally got a girly day planned with Devvie in the summer. It's not the rest of the rabble's thing but sionce she started full on art at school Devvie has really got into it. So. Where do you recommend that's easy to get to?

Love how Cally Cat is settling in, she sounds gorgeous and a real character.

War Horse... not tempting me I have to admit, how was it?

Sorry am so late posting, don't know where the days are going again!