Friday, 27 January 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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What has made my world rock this week?


the sun is out today,
I'm lovin' it.

a brilliant day out yesterday with my friend Louise.
We went up to London and paid another visit
to the Grayson Perry exhibition at The British Museum,
The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.

We enjoyed it so much the first time and
enjoyed it just as much yesterday.

There's still time to see it
as the exhibition has been extended to the
26th February 2012.

We also queued up at the Royal Academy of Arts
and bought advance tickets for the
David Hockney exhibition,
A Bigger Picture.

The online ticket allocation is now sold out
so buying them at the door seems to be the 
only way to get tickets.
Seems daft in this day and age.

Anyway, Hope and I will be going during 
the half term holidays.

We also popped into Anthropologie in Regent Street.

All the greenery you can see in the photo
is a 'living wall'.
Well, most of it was living, anyway!
I haven't been here before and
we both LOVED it!
Very cool clothes, fun funky 'stuff'
and wonderful books.
Some sky high prices, it has to be said,
but also some brilliant ideas.

I found a gorgeous crusty crazed pot
and 2 drawer pulls
which were just about in my budget. 

Louise and I giggled all day,
even when we were accosted by 
Mr Chatty Weirdo on the
train on the way home.
Creepy man.


Lovely mail today.
I won Connie's birthday giveaway and she
sent me a gorgeous bundle of goodies.

and inside these lovely treats.....

a wonderful table cloth runner, 
some old Valentine's cards,
a fab retro hanky 
(I mentioned to her I'd been looking for
some for a particular project, 
and lo and behold, she sent me one) 
and a spiky thing.  
What is the spiky thing, 
does anyone know?  
It has a heavy metal base, 
is 2cm wide and 1.5cm high 
and has a load of very sharp fine spikes.   
I'd ask Connie but she's away at the moment ;o)

Many thanks to Connie
Many Happy Returns!


Cally-Cat continues to settle in.
She likes to go and wake up Luke and Hope
in the morning, and trots round with me
making her funny little miaow
(more like a sheep baa-ing!).
She has also taken to hiding in squeezy places
which is all I need first thing in the morning
when I'm late for work (why am I always late for work?!).  
Hunt the Cally-Cat is such fun, especially as she stays 
absolutely silent when I'm looking for her!


DH Grant, as always, rocks my world.
Just for being him.
And mine.


OK, I'd better go now and look busy :D

I wonder what the other Rockers are smiling about
this week?  Click on the pic at the top and visit 
Virginia, our Rocking Queen to find out and
you could also join in.
Believe me, this Friday post really helps
me to focus on the positive parts
of the week, leaving the bum notes
in the background.



craftattack said...

Glad you had such a good week. On Sunday I am going to an art exhibition in Bonn, yoohoo! Valerie

Jennie Louise said...

well Im trying to stay happy and positive but I've had so many knockbacks on jobs lately that it's proving difficult. I'm trying to escape my life right now by reading lots of blogs... cheer me up. I've also started to craft a little myself... take my mind off "things".
I am well overdue a trip to London ! I usually go in the spring.
Jennie. x

missy k said...


Congrats on your win :)

Sounds like a great day in London...

I'm hoping to go to a Henri Mattise exhibition in the next few weeks. Should be interesting.

Have a great weekend.

Love to all


Susan T said...

I always look forward to your Friday posts. I saw a programme about the Hockney exhibition It looked good I am sure you will enjoy it.

I wouldn't mind the glazed pot or the drawer pulls from Anthropologie, both are lovely.

Glad to hear Callie Cat is keeping you on your toes. Prince sat as good as gold on a pile of rubbish as I cleared out the back room (again!) this afternoon. He slithered about but seemed perfectly happy just to be near me, aren't pets wonderful.xx

Virginia said...

Hi Sweetie - fabulous post as always - I love that loving wall - amazing stuff. Glad you managed to get tickets for half term and yes I agree it's a bit weird having to queue up for such things in this day and age! Glad Cally Cat is fully settled in, even if she does keep you on your toes when its time for work LOL! We didn't manage much sun today - mainly rain with a little snow thrown in for good measure - just what I need with the red letter day looming LOL! Your crusty crazed pot and drawer pulls are gorgeous too!

Loving the birthday giveaway bundle - the contents are awesome, unfortunately I've no idea what the sharp spiky thing is but I'd be intrigued to find out?

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead much love


Sabrina said...

What a wonderful week. That David Hockney exhibit looks fantastic!!! By the way, why do weird men always want to chat? The package you received is yummy indeed. You almost don't want to open it, it's so pretty, but then again . . . so tempting.

Hope you lovely week continues into the weekend. Give Cally Cat a little scratch behind the ears for us.

Alix said...

Sounds a good week! I may be completely wrong but is the spiky thing for putting in the bottom of a vase to help arrange flowers? I think I'm remembering from deep in the recesses of my childhood, but I may have made it up!

BadPenny said...

I noticed that spikey thing and wondered what it was ! If it's for crafting, I think it's to buff up card to make certainly isn't a cat brush ( run & hide Cally Cat ! )
The exhibitions look fab xx


Reads like a good week. Wouldn't want to live in London but do enjoy a jaunt there every once in a while. Now we are flat free I think we might try and take the little fella down, we haven't inflicted him on the tate modem, or indeed ourselves for a while. Your win is lovely, aren't bloggy people just great :) no idea what your small spikey thing is for, interested to know though.....time to spend the weekend blocking off squeeze places, don't you just love cats! I have bombed on gettingy oat are finished so far this week, it's drawn but need to paint and write it ........

Gina said...

Sounds like you and Louise had a repeat of mine and Gill's visit to London last week. So glad you managed to get the David Hockney tickets.

SusieJ said...

What a wonderful day out! Anthropologie looks fascinating and I love your buys!
Great mail too...sorry but I too have no idea what the "spiky thing" is!
Hope your weekend is as good as your week has been.
Hugs xx

sugar Creek said...

WEll your spiky thing is a flower frog! I have a small one like it too and I slipped a tin type inbetween the spikes to hold it. I just bought a huge one too!
The trip to Anthropologie, uh jealous!! xx p.s. yes we are on the mend and I think the sickness is out of the house now!! xx

Sarah said...

Ooooh - there's an Anthro in London??? I had no idea! Must visit! (maybe will check out the Grayson Perry exhibition at the same time, I saw the documentary about it on the Beeb and it does look interesting.

Coincidentally there was a thread on the UKScrappers forum this week about those flower frogs (the spiky thing) - it seems they are all the rage in the US scrapbooking mags to display artwork

I bought a vintage hanky this week too, I wonder if we are contributing to the same project? (

hope you have a great week - oh and when the date comes around, enjoy Hockney!

Maggi said...

I've seen the spiky thing used to hold cards up, like to take a picture of an ATC standing up for instance. :D Sounds like you've been having loads of fun!

Katie said...

Lots to rock you! I love that living wall. why can't I have one in my house? Hmm,moss it up!
Enjoy your weekend and the sun!xo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you make me smile!

Sam said...

A Fab week for you! The exhibitions sound great and I have never heard of that anthropologie shop before...I know I know but I live on a very small Island!!!
Have not got a clue what a flower frog is, will have to check that out.
Glad Cally cat is settling in.
Hope you have a great week x

Carmen said...

I was going to say the spiky thing looked like a wool felter. How wrong was I? :D Love reading about your exhibition trips. I'm so looking forward to my day out with Devvie in the summer. Not sure still where we'll go but we just don't get up there nearly enough.

I'd say have a great week but I've another Rocking post of yours to read before I can say that :D