Saturday, 25 February 2012

Altered Choc Box and Safe Travels

My latest
project is an altered choccy box :o)

(He ate ice cream while he rested)
My inspiration for this piece was the retro picture of 
the young boy, day dreaming while he has a rest 
from his chores (from the GA vintage text pages).
The pictures around the boy give an idea of the 
things he's dreaming about.

I started off with an empty chocolate box
(the chocs were yummmmmmm!).

I liked the inner box because of the broad rim,
giving the effect of a frame.

(This photo was taken before my major clean up.
You can see how little space I had to work in!)

I liked the quote by H Wadsworth,
which seemed to sum up daydreaming;

Sit in reverie and 
Watch the changing colour of the waves 
That break upon the idle seashore 
Of the mind.

(GA jean rivets keep the parachutist suspended)
Note to self: must eat more chocs, 
the boxes are great!


As mentioned in yesterday's Rocking Friday post,
Katie (from The Red Tin)
and I did a postcard swap -
she sent me a GORGEOUS canvas board 
postcard (which I showed yesterday),
and I sent her a card postcard.
Katie's arrived safe and sound
and hooray, now so has mine!

(I am amazed by you)
I had fun making this card for Katie.
I'm going to try sending a 
canvas board one next......


I still haven't made this week's postcard
for Darcy's Postcard Challenge.
The country is Cuba.
All I can think of is cigars
and Fidel Castro.



Virginia said...

Oh that's lovely Jo - you really must eat more choccies if you are going to start creating these sort of master pieces, I love the inspiration that set you off on your travels!

Jewels said...

I love the canvas postcard - glad they came through the post! And your quote (or was it chocolate) is wonderful (love the image - just my style!). THanks for stopping by - my "stickles" idea came from you! (you constantly provide new things to try!) Cheers

missy k said...

Sweet pieces....

Cuba makes me think of those gorgeous retro cars ... I stuck one in my journal yesterday funnily enough.

I checked the Lucien Freud programme .... it was called Painted Life. I recorded it on BBC HD. You might be able to get it on iplayer. It was really interesting.......

Have a good weekend...hope you ahave the same gorgeous weather we are having

love to you all


craftattack said...

Love the altered box, and the card you made for Katie! Off to buy a box of choccies......Valerie

Monica said...

Cuba has the greatest Jazz in the music.

sugar Creek said...

Love the box! What a good reason to buy another box of chocolates!! xx

BadPenny said...

That choc box is perfect to alter - must get more ! I adore the suspended parachutist & the little boy daydreaming.
Super sweet canvas too you clever girl you !
My Feb ATC is up now so you can show yours - go on I know you want to !!!

Dezinaworld said...

Love both of these pieces, great idea with the choc box ... may i help eat the choccies ? lol
hope you are having a fab weekend
hugs June x

Sabrina said...

Stunning transformation of the choco box (Lindt are my favorites). Those jean grommets are awesome.

Love the pink awesome card too. So happy!

My workspace reduces down in size all the time! I cleaned my up recently too but after each project it closes in again.

SusieJ said...

Oh MUST eat more chocolates if such inspired artwork is to happen. Love the altered box ..:)
Great postcard too.
Mmm...Cuba.....cigars, Castro, cuban heels, rum, classic American cars (I'm forced occasionally to watch "Top Gear"..)!
Hugs xx

Susan T said...

What you can do with an empty chocolate box is truly wonderful. I could help. I can eat all the choccy's and then post off the boxes.

I watched the Freud programme online. I like his work,sometimes a little stark, but filled with emotion. I don't think I could stand being under his intense gaze for long though.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

joanna - I am amazed by YOU!! Love your altered box, had read about it on gauche alchemy, loved seeing it again. your postcard is fab!! everything here is yummy! xoxo

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are creating such marvelous art Jo! I hope your year has been going great! Sending you blessings and love, Katie

Margaret said...

Awesome altered box! everything about it is fab from the theme to that lovely blue you've chosen, LOVE it!


JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow...loving your altered choccie box...Soooo have some fab ideas Jo....and if you need any help to eat the chocolates ...Just shout!! ;) Jan x