Monday, 27 February 2012

'February' ATC

(the snowdrop)

is running a monthly ATC 'challenge' in which
the participants produce an ATC a month
which, for them, sums up that month.

So this is 'February',
not my favourite month, it has to be said,
being only marginally better than January.
But, at least February has
How sweet they are, heralding 
the promise of the start of Spring.

My ATC includes part of the poem
'The Snowdrop' by Coleridge.

I'll link this up with Penny
and then go and see the ATC's
created by the other ATC'ers
(I've sneaked a peek at Penny's, 
Susie's and Jewels' already and
they're GORGEOUS!)

How about you join in too,
the more the merrier!



BadPenny said...

Jo this is so charming & sums up February beautifully. You have captured the delicate snowdrop perfectly. Thanks for the plug - I hope we get more to join us !

SusieJ said...

I love this Jo - beautiful snowdrops and I must admit to not knowing the poem - so you've taught me something today..:)
Hugs xx

Jewels said...

Well there may be snowdrops in your neck of the woods but not here!A few weeks yet... Lovely card Jo and I like how you mixed the font in the poem...J

Sam said...

Beautiful card! I love snowdrops and always associate them with the Goddess Brigid as her celebration is in Feb. The poem is wonderful, I have never heard it before. x

Margaret said...

So pretty Jo, I love the poem. I saw some tiny snowdrops on Friday, yay Spring is on the way! Mx

sugar Creek said...

Love the ATC and that poem. I've never heard of it before but I love it!

Monica said...

i love your choice of poetry. the whole card is lovely

Maggi said...

Very lovely, Snowdrops are one of my favorites. Great job!

trisha too said...

Lovely, lovely atc, Joanna.

February CAN be a bit dismal, can't it? I'm happy to say ours has been blessedly mild this year!


Kristin said...

It is sooooo beautiful! I love the earthy colors and distressed elements - you are hitting it out of the park once again ;) xoxo

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

beautiful!! ...and what a lovely poem :)

Susan T said...

Lovely snowdrops, get enough of them and you could nearly make February worth while, well I did say nearly.xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

So lovely, Jo!