Thursday, 2 February 2012

February Calendar Pages

Carrying on with the super challenge set by
these are my February calendar pages.

The background is smeared acrylic paint,
first red and then duck egg blue.
I liked the overall dark purple colour 
and so cut out squares of dark purple cardstock
for all the days of the month etc.
I heat embossed the pattern round the edge
with Heat It Up (Cranberry).
Finally, to show how jolly chilly it is,
I spritzed the pages with
Ranger's Perfect Pearls Mist.

The quote for February is,

"If Candlemas is fair and clear
There'll be two winters in one year."

Candlemas Day is on February 2nd (today)
and guess what?
It was fair and clear!

The pages in the book are old and brittle
so they're held together with black duct tape.
Not very attractive but it does the job.
Also, unfortunately some red paint from 
my February pages managed to get on
my January pages (it looked like there'd 
been a massacre!), so I'll have to have a 
bit of a clean up there :o(



Debbie said...

I love all your art work - how do you find the time to do it all....and come up with all the ideas for the designs, especially when you have such obscure titles for your starting points? Brilliant!

Monica said...

So we will expect you to keep us informed if this quote is correct. Here, yesterday was 80 degrees and beautiful, today is 60 and overcast.

missy k said...

Your calendar pages are great... love the colours.


ps how are you getting on with the Childrens Book..... I came to a stop with it?!

Katie said...

These are amazing! Let me say it again...amazing. :0)

Virginia said...

Gorgeous pages Joanna, I'm loving the colour choice for your pages!

Sam said...

Great Page Joanna, I love the embossed design around the edge and the heart on valentines day!

Susan T said...

From a distance it looks like an old Dickensian window. I don't know how you manage all the paint effects that you do. I think our first winter is apon us heavy snow forecast for tommorow.A veggie Jewish girl to feed over the weekend, that's loin of pork off the menu then. Have a great weekend Jo, cuddle that little cat of yours it is going to be a cold one.xx

SusieJ said...

Gorgeous pages Jo - love the purple effect and that Cranberry embossing is lush.
Hugs xx

Sabrina said...

We have Groundhogs Day on February 2nd. If the groundhog comes out of his den and sees his shadow - it's 6 more weeks of winter. I guess we are in it for 6 more weeks. Here is the link for the full report:

It's a very bizarre tradition!

thekathrynwheel said...

I love how your colours turned out - the dark purples are perfect for this time of year (and it makes a change from all the pink hearts for February!!) Well done for keeping up so far! (Sorry it took me a while to visit - over 100 entries this month!) Kate x