Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's Official.....

It's official......

.......I'm a Gauche Girl
and I've got the badge
to prove it!

The girls over at
invited me to join their Design Team.
(Thank you, Carmen
for pointing them in my direction).
Yes, I know, ME?!

The deal is this; 
they send me their 'stuff',
I make my 'stuff' with it.

What's not to like?!
Especially when their stuff 
is everything I just happen to LOVE -
vintage/retro ephemera,
random embellishments
(the more random the better
as far as I'm concerned!),
found objects, fabrics, punchinella
and mixed media materials.
Their kits are pure inspiration in a bag.
So if you're into mixed media,
scrapbooking, cardmaking 
and/or any other 'arting'
you should pop over to see what
the Gauche Alchemy gang have to offer.
Click here for inspiration,
and then
click here for the shop.
Or you might want to go to the shop first,
there's plenty of inspiration there!

We've mutually agreed an initial 3 month term
so I'll be making quite a few
mixed media bits 'n' pieces in that time.
I've already got a couple of projects 
'in the bag' and I'll show them to you
in due course.



missy k said...

Congrats Jo!

Looking forward to seeing what you pull 'out of the bag'

Love Karenx

Jennie Louise said...

Oh Im sure you will work wonders with what they send. This is what the blogging community is all about.
Jennie x

SusieJ said...

Congratulations Jo!!
So looking forward to seeing your mixed media pieces.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Congratulations hun - well deserved! I love the Gauche Alchemy kits just haven't got round to purchasing one yet!

Jane Housham said...

Ooh, lovely -- you'll be a credit to them, too.

trisha too said...

Congratulations to you, Joanna!!!


Monica said...

well done. you will be great.

Jewels said...

How fun for you Jo! I know you will create some wonderful things...

Tracy said...

Great! I look forward to the upcoming posts...

Sabrina said...

Totally impressed with you over here! Get down with your bad self!

sugar Creek said...

awesome!congrats to you!!
I just love that image of that guy!

Susan T said...

Singing Cliff Richards style congratulations here. Well done you. Let this be the gateway to bigger and better things, then you can do art for a living and live happily ever after. xxxx

Margaret said...

Woo hoo!!! well done you! congrats and more. How exciting to be sent stuff to get creative with, can't wait to see what you do with it all! Mx

Sam said...

Congratulations Joanna! x

Carmen said...

Belated and public CONGRATULATIONS Jo. I think you are a match made in Heaven :)

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Congratulations Jo!! (well deserved) How cool to get mixed media 'stuff' sent to make 'stuff' with!...can't wait to see what wonders you create! :)
Jan x