Monday, 6 February 2012


Phewee, I just scraped in with 
theme this week,
which is


You remember the HUGE stack of postcards
I bought from Oxfam last week?
Well, amongst them was this postcard
of a very solemn lace making lady.

She was begging to be made into a tag.

I cut the postcard into a tag shape
and painted around the outside of the lady
with my very ancient
Twinkling H20's.
Actually, that's not entirely true.
I started to paint using the H20's
but the old postcard sucked up the paint
like a sponge in water
so I had to paint the surface with
clear gesso to seal it.
THEN, I painted round the lady with
the Twinkling H20's!
I lightly tinted her face and hands with chalk.
I stamped curling leaves randomly
around her and edged the tag with 
gold acrylic dabber.

I found the
'Lace, and how to put it on'
in an old needlework book.
It seemed appropriate because
the lacy lady looks like she's advising
us on how we should wear our lace.



amongst the postcards was this one
of lace workers in Gozo, Malta.

There is no date visible on the card.
I wonder how old the child is 
at the front of the picture?

Thank you for looking!



Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
Perfect tag for the theme, I love that you share your techniques with us!
enJOY a wonderful week,

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fabulous tag Jo.. so apt and lovely.. so you....
TFS how you got such a great result too.
Jan x

SusieJ said...

The postcard is perfect for your tag. Love it!
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Perfect tag, and I am still very envious over those postcards....Valerie

Susan T said...

The lace making lady looks rather stern, mind you I think I would if I had to wear that confection on my head in public.

Monica said...

Interesting and effective way of making a tag.

Katie said...

I love it- and I want to wear that headpiece...can I pull it off? :0)
I'm intrigued by lace-hope to try it some day. Great old postcard finds.

trisha too said...

Those postcards are fascinating, Joanna--what a find! Your tag is fabulous, that poor woman, what was she thinking??

I have some ancient Twinkling H2Os, too!!


Virginia said...

Absolutely fantastic stuff Jo - love how you've already put one of the post cards to good use!

Jennie Louise said...

Gosh are there no ends to your talents? I find these old postcards so intriguing.
Jennie. X

missy k said...

Great tag Jo...... i love h20's especially the twinkling bit!!!

Re the postcard - why are they facing the wall I wonder?


BadPenny said...

Your lace lady probably IS a bit glum...with the lighting in those days, her eyes would have suffered ! Super tag for Lace & the postcard is delightful. Lovely haul !

Privet and Holly said...

So, so sweet!

A friend of my
mom's makes
beautiful lace.
I think it is sort
of a lost art, don't

Send me your
address, please...
I want to put a
little something
in the mail for you : )

xx Suzanne

Lenna Young Andrews said...

as always, love your art! (and your heart!) xo

Gaby Bee said...

This tag is awesome, Joanna, and the image is absolutely amazing!
Love those postcards too ~ what a great find!

Gaby xo

Carmen said...

Oh Jo. You do make me smile :) Love this tag, it's just perfect!

Oh and *hint, hint* I'm still waiting for that blended paper tut!

Printed Material said...

Jo, I call using the cabinet card very brave. I'd have wanted to keep the original and use a copy but what you've done is all the better for than bravery! She is joyless, I agree, but you have given her a new lease of life. I hope she appreciates it!

Kristin said...

This is gorgeous! LOVING your tag and all the messages on the back of the postcards, some of them are really funny! xoxo