Friday, 3 February 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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I'm just about scraping in on time with my
Friday Rocking list.


 I do so LOVE charity shops.

From Oxfam I bought a HUGE stack of postcards 
from all over the world, some used, some not, 
mostly from the late 1960's- 1970's.
I've only had a chance to flick through them but 
what made me giggle is that on the British 
postcards the writers ALWAYS refer to the 
weather as being 
 'raining all day',
'raining all week', 
'cool breeze', 
'not bikini weather' etc.
When will us Brits ever realise that our summer
 weather is USUALLY rubbish!  
Warm sunshine is the exception rather
than the rule.

And then look at this one.

Who takes their car on a plane,
especially in the 1960's/70's?
Well, apparently 'Mummy' does,
who tells her daughter Ruth that 
"This is what the car looks like going
on to the plane."

Some of the postcards are really funny,
both the picture and the message on the back.
I might show you some others in due course,
unless that would be too tedious of me....?

I'm thinking of doing a journal,
incorporating the best postcards
and comments.


I've received such a lovely welcome from the

Thank you for popping over to
Gauche Alchemy and leaving your lovely 
comments about me.  You know who you are 
(Carmen, Jewels, Lenna and Trish!).

I've really got to get on with making 'stuff' now.


Cally-Cat is making us laugh with her obsession 
for the shower room!
If she catches sight of anyone going in there, she's
up those stairs faster than greased lightening
(what's happened to the elderly cat that could barely
 drag herself through the cat flap?!), 
so desperate is she to be in there too.
DS Luke had to physically stop her getting in the
 shower with him this morning, 
so she just sat and watched him.
He said he felt quite self conscious showering
under her unwavering gaze!

I will take some more photos soon,
should she stop moving for long enough.
I don't want to take a photo of her sleeping
in her cupboard under the stairs, that seems unfair.
She's put on quite a lot of weight
and is lovely and fluffy.

I can't believe we've had her for just 3 weeks,
she's such a precious little thing
and we all love her.


Rosie Mae
continues to be so good with Cally
and we're so proud of our darling girl.
Oh, apart from one little blip when she
took advantage of Cally's door being left open and
 scoffed Cally's fish 'n' chicken dinner.
Cally was NOT impressed!


My sweet Valentine
bought me a beautiful gift today.
He doesn't know it yet,
I'll tell him later.

This GORGEOUS bracelet is named 'Starshine'
and is made by the so talented
It was love at first sight when I saw it on 
her blog a few days ago, and then today 
Sharon announced she was 
offering a whopping 25% discount until February 5th.

Thank you, Sharon
and thank you,
my sweet Valentine.

Starshine is SO much better 
than chocs and roses!

Click here for her etsy shop.


I enjoyed coffee with my friend Sue today.
Coffee, cake and catch-up.


OK, that's my Friday Rocking list finished
and I'm now starting the weekend on a high.
I'll post it with Virginia 
and visit the other Friday Rockers.

Thank you for dropping by,
wishing you all a lovely weekend.



missy k said...


loved the postcard! yes, us Brits are so funny about the weather! I am all ready for the snow tomorrow btw.

i'm glad Cally is settling in nicely, she must think she has died and gone to heaven :)

my brother is so nice.... less calories in that gorgeous bracelet than in chocolate - another bonus :) - will last longer and not on the hips!!! Barry is always buying things that he doesn't know about!!!

He has only just got in from work 10.50pm.... i bought him a vinyl LP today... which cheered him up. £2 from the charity shop. Alf!

Have a good weekend.... you are bound to get snow!

Lots of love to you all


SusieJ said...

Loving the postcard - never thought of looking for cards in the charity shops.
Gorgeous bracelet - how lovely of your valentine...reminds me of the year my DS bought me a Cuttlebug for Mother's Day! lol
So pleased Callie has settled in and that Rosie Mae is being good with her.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s I'm not surprised Luke felt self-conscious - Max does the sitting, staring thing and it can be quite off putting!

Maggi said...

Love the postcard! I especially love finding vintage postcards that have writing on them. Although then I have to decide which side to use. lol Welcome again to the GA team, I'm so excited to have you on board officially! :D

Jewels said...

Whoot, Whoot!The postcard is GREAT and look at the stamps on the back! Miss Gwendoline likes to check out when we take showers (she pushes the door open just to be sure)but fortunately she's not interested in joining (she hates getting wet LOL). I may just show hubby that lovely bling to get him inspired (still 10 days left). J

sugar Creek said...

I love postcards too! I read the back of them as well.
Our cat does the same thing! She will race us to the bathroom just to get a drink from the faucet or just to watch the water run from it!
Sending you lots of sunny weather from here!! How many stamps do you think it'll take?

Kristin said...

Well, I hope he loves the gift he gives you, lol! I for one think it's gorgeous!! He has good taste ;)
Your new baby sounds wonderful (we have had our new puppy for 3 weeks now too!) and must be having fun in her new home.
Love those postcards - good find! xoxo

Katie said...

First...I want that bracelet!! Love her jewelry! me want. :0)
The postcards sound awesome and I love the one you posted. Your idea of a book with them sounds sooo great! Brilliant Joanna!
Have a good weekend.

Virginia said...

Loving the postcards, please share more that one made me giggle! Glad you've had such a great welcome to the Gauche Alchemy girls!

Cally-cat sounds like she's returned to her youth - which means she's obviously very settled and happy in her new home.

Loving the bracelet - it's gorgeous - what a lucky girl you are having such an awesome valentine!

Coffee and cake with friends sounds fabulous!

Hope you have a great weekend - they've forecast snow for here gulp!

Susan T said...

People are so posh in West Didsbury, they always take their cars with them on holiday it gives the chauffeur something to do. Love the bracelet your other half has very good taste!!

craftattack said...

Sounds like a good week. Glad Cally is settling in and enjoying life with you. The bracelet is divine - what a generous husband!! and LOVE that collection of postcards! Valerie

Jane Housham said...

Please do definitely post more of the postcards, they're wonderful. (I'm just a leeeetle bit envious!). It's wonderful to hear how your little Cally-Cat is thriving with you. x

Sam said...

I would love to see more postcards, they look fab!
Sounds like Cally cat is really loving her new home and coming on in leaps and bounds!
The bracelet is gorgeous, what a wonderful gift from your valentine!!!!
Hope you have a good week x

Monica said...

I hope your stash of cards included some saucy one, although Oxfam probably removed those and sold to a dealer as i hear they are now valuable. love to hear about Cally. it sounds like she was pining away before your love took over.

Carmen said...

This post made me snort with laughter! First, I had visions of you terrifying poor DS by taking pics of Cally watching him in the shower. Double the trauma LOL! Then you hubby's ever so thoughtful gift! You are naughty Jo!

Have a lovely week :)

Sarah said...

ooooh gorgeous bracelet!

but even more than the bracelet, I envey you your postcards find. I find old postcards fascinating. a little snapshot of someone else's life. please do share more.

have a good week

Menopausalmusing said...

I roared with laughter at the Valentine gift he doesn't know he has bought! Brilliant postcard too.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

wow, I am late in getting to your friday party but enjoyed it all the same!! I love, LuV, LOVE your ms. cally-cat story!
xoxoxox Your bracelet is divine (i won't tell your valentine you chose it yourself) -hugs to you & yours!