Thursday, 9 February 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Postcard Challenge France and Belgium

Darcy's Postcard Challenge
is at the end of my
Rocking Friday post.

(click the pic to join in)
I'm writing this on Thursday night
because I'm hoping that today, Friday,
I'll be going to London
with my friend Louise 
(it's her birthday so we'll eat CAKE!).

But it's snowing.
Quite heavily.
And it's settling.
And more snow is forecast overnight.

We're booked to see the new Lucian Freud
Portraits Exhibition 
at the
National Portrait Gallery.
Keep your fingers crossed for us.

So onto my Rocking list for this week.

It's the half term holiday!
The dark months of January and February
are such a slog to get through.
Getting up in the dark,
getting home in the dark.
But we're through the worst of it
and the evenings are starting to get lighter.

Next week,
I'm looking forward to going up to London
(again) with DD Hope.

We've got gold-dust tickets to the new
David Hockney Exhibition,

I am thankful that my travelling about this 
week has been safe and I've got to my 
destinations without any problems.

The roads have been treacherous with 
black ice and freezing conditions,
and the car park at school has
 turned into an ice rink.

has finally ventured into the sitting room.
It's taken her 4 weeks
but she got very brave and 
just went for it!

We also had a proper pretty girl 
from her the other day.
She's since reverted to her favoured
baa-ing sheep noise,
but it was such a sweet miaow and
I'm hoping she'll do it again soon.

I've been very grateful for our
electric blanket this week!

It's very posh with different temperature
settings for each side of the bed
and timers so we can keep it on
over night.

It's wonderful!

Btw, it's washable,
how can that be right?!

Ok, that's about it for this week.
It's been a week of hunkering down,
keeping warm,
keeping safe,
snuggling up
waiting for sunnier days.

I'll post this with Virginia
when I get back from my day out.

Darcy's Postcard Challenge.


I'm late with my
France postcard,

(Mona Lisa, displayed at the Louvre)

This is my interpretation of Mona!
Believe me, she's a little minx to 
get down on paper.
Would she stop smiling?

The background is Twinkling H20's
and I drew Mona onto paper,
sticking her onto the background once 
painted with water soluble wax crayons.


Detective Superintendent Clarke 
decided to send Lord Forsyth
a postcard of
Leonardo da Vinci's
Mona Lisa.
He had reason to suspect that
Lord Forsyth was planning to
steal the famous painting
of the unnamed enigmatic lady,
which is displayed in the 
Louvre Museum in Paris.

On the back is written,

Lord Forsyth
Following my lengthy conversation with
'One Eye Jack' I decided to recommend
the removal from display of the 'Mona Lisa'.
You have been seen at the Louvre, making notes
nearby this wonderful painting.
I suspect you had placed her on your wishlist!
Sorry to spoil your fun.

Det Supt Clarke


(Belgian Chocolate)

All I could think of for 

The background is copper acrylic paint
smeared onto the card.
I drew the face and hand holding the chocolate
on a separate piece of paper and stuck them
onto the background once painted with
water soluble wax crayons
(I love using them).

On the back is written,

Oh my dear Ken, can I call you Ken?

You really are too funny.
Do you not think that I know that One Eye Jack
cannot keep a secret?  I fed him all the information 
about the Mona Lisa, knowing he'd tell you.  
Why was I at the Louvre?
I was admiring the great Master, Leonardo da Vinci,
and perfecting my sketching skills.
Try harder man!

Yours Lord Forsyth


Poor Det Supt Clarke.
He's been made to look a fool again.
Especially when you notice that Lord Forsyth
has carefully stuck the 
warthog postage stamp right over
Det Supt Clarke's name.
I think he's making it clear how he feels
about the police officer, don't you?!


Thank you for looking,
over the next few days
I'll do my very best to visit all
the other 'Postcarders' and see how
their story lines are progressing!


sugar Creek said...

I hope you get to go on your trip! Sounds like you are always having fun going on trips! Hopefully you won't get to much snow.
Love your cards, the chocolate one is my fave!
I am feeling better today! Yay it's a good day! xx

Katie said...

Hey Miss Jo! Those cards are fab! What a sweet little drawing of Mona! Perfection.
I hope the weather lets up and your weekend plans go on without a hitch! Have fun! xo

Virginia said...

Lovely list - I completely agree about the hunkering down and keeping warm, it seems to have been a week of that, I for one dosed off at a very early hour last night - think my body went into hibernation!

Hurray for half term - I too am looking forward to a week off! We have hardly any of the white stuff out there this morning, just a fine layer that apparently fell last night, problem is that I can't see a single set of tyre tracks which means that that pretty looking coating of snow is very obviously full blown ice - could prove an interesting walk into school this morning.

Then I'm off in search of presents - wish me luck I'm going to need it.

Will keep my fingers and toes crossed that you actually manage to get on your day trip out today!

Hugs as always!

missy k said...

I'm hoping you have gone on your trip :)

The snow here is not too bad - even I would drive today and I don't go anywhere in snow!

Lovely list again.....

Love your postcards.....I prefer your version of Mona! Your stamp placement is tres amusing!!!!

Love Karenx

Printed Material said...

Oh dear Jo, the moment I start to feel a tad sorry for old Nobby he acts like a wally and my admiration for Forsyth comes back to the fore. What next I wonder... and as for being lucky enough to see BOTH Lucien Freud and David Hockney... I am so jealous words fail me!

craftattack said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love your postcards, and enjoy your trips to London, even though I am a little envious....Hugs, Valerie

Carmen said...

Ooh! No white stuff here Jo - well, some flurries of the polystyrene type of snow but nothing substantial since that drop last weekend. Hoping it stays away till after Saturday at least as Devvie and Pheebs are off up to Hastings to spend a few days with Nanna! Hope you are enjoying your day in London. If no-one else has done it already I'll link you up with Virginia :)

Loving your postcards, your drawing is amazing! The story is getting juicy too.

Sarah said...

oooh I hope you got to London to the Freud exhibition, it looks great in all the online reviews I've seen

You just missed Cathy Cambridge, she was there yesterday I think :)

Jewels said...

Sorry you are getting all the rotten winter weather - we have had the exact opposite which is confusing gardens no end (NOT a good thing). I am so jealous you get to go to all these cool exhibits (right now we have costumes from space movies at our local gallery - just not the same :< LOL) Stay Safe. J

SusieJ said...

Hoping you've reached London despite the white stuff. We came home from the quiz in the thick of it but don't appear to have had much more overnight...thank goodness.
Love the postcards and the developing story.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Monica said...

I'll share those chocolates please.
Well today it will be sunny after about 10 am going to 15.55 a cold day for us! Stay warm, cozy and safe.

Gina said...

So jealous of you going to 2 exhibitions this month!!
And your post cards are wonderful. I am struggling to feel sorry for the Detective, and I think I'm starting to crush on Lord Forsyth lol. Your "not so moaning! Lisa is much prettier than the original :D XXX

Clarky J said...

Wow 2 trips to the big smoke! Hope today went well and you ate lots of cake especially one for me as Im not allowed ! LOL Love your postcards and the little things that have made your week xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

is it snowing?? did you go?? I hope so... Wow, I am impressed by your drawing skills, Jo! Really, Fess up -have you been practicing?? xoxo hugs all around and don't forget ms. cally-cat!

Sandra Hoogland said...

So glad you finished these cards and are up to date again on the postcard challenge! Mona looks lovely as ever and I'm ready to snag that chocolate right out of her hand! Great drawing! ♥
The story is great as ever, poor Det Supt Clarke... Will he ever get this weird Lord? So much fun reading your story!!! :)

Alison xx said...

Love both your postcards. Poor Detective Clarke will he catch his thief ?? A xx

Tammy Freiborg said...

Your Mona is lovely. And my, more chocolate - my mouth is watering.

Lulabelle said...

I love your chocolate postcard it looks so real! I am enjoying your story too!

Halle said...

Yeah Chocolates! I'm glad someone else was on my same wavelength. :)

Cazro said...

Ah! But is he one step ahead? I wonder. I love your artwork of the chocolate about to dissapear into the mouth- Fantastic. Cazro

Maggi said...

Such cool postcards! Hope you made it through the snow to go out with your friend, we can't miss cake after all. :D

peggy gatto said...

these are great and so different in approach.
Love the chocolate and the vineyard!!!

WrightStuff said...

Too funny!! I do love this series :)

WrightStuff said...

And oh yes, very jealous about Hockney. I need to get me down to London...

BadPenny said...

oooh have a fab time in London at the galleries with cake too !
Super fun cards Jo. Your drawings are amazing. I think of the foxy Thomas Crown when I read the Lords postcards !

Margaret said...

very cool cards, especially the warthog one!! Love your Mona although she does look a little too pleased with herself!! perhaps she's also been at the choccie?!! fab artwork! Mx

Jamie Lynn said...

truly the best way to enjoy chocolate is by biting it. Well done!

Sabrina said...

"Try harder man!" - I love that quote. Who wouldn't want Mona, especially your impish one. She looks like she's planning a swipe herself. Very clever storyline.

Love Belgium as well. It really make me crave chocolate though - quite tempting!

I'm dying to hear all about the Hockney exhibit. I hope you share all.

Enjoy your cake in the city!

Jen said...

Brilliant cards, I especially love the chocolate one, want to eat it right out of that hand. Great drawing. Hope you enjoy your half term and those exhibitions.
Jen x

mags21 said...

Great postcards and story line. Hope you had good time in London..

Janet said...

Fantastic work, love your postcards especially the chocolate and the mouth! Hope you had a fantastic visit to the Hockney exhibition and to the Lucian Freud paintings. Lucky girl. I have been watching on the tv and wish I could see them in the flesh.

Janet xx

gottahavemoxie said...

Wow, these are beautiful cards. Great job on the Mona card. She is an intriguing one.

Darcy said...

fabulous cards, both of them s well drawn. Love the shiny nails and detail on the chocolate, and I think your Mona is wonderful.

Manon said...

I always enjoy arriving here! So today I was in for a real treat...just gorgeous!!!! Now you made me jealous too seeing two of my favourite artists' work. I hope you had a goo trip.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I love the thrust and parry between these two characters. Great bit with the pig stamp. heehee.

Cynthia said...

great card. love your process. i'm drooling! great drawing and fab spacial relationship. dreamy