Friday, 17 February 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Postcard Challenge, Wales

Darcy's Postcard Challenge 
is at the end of this post.

What's been good for me this week?
What's made my week 'rock'?

Half term holiday,
in which I've....

*had a trip to London with DD Hope,
going to the David Hockney exhibition.

*trolley dashed round Hobbycraft
(why does Hope see the empty basket/trolley
as a challenge?!).

(I just had to buy this little army of chickies, didn't I?)
*bought Hope walking boots for her
Duke of Edinburgh hike
(and they actually weren't quite as
expensive as I was fearing,
although they cost enough, believe me).

*enjoyed time together
doing not much
(isn't that the best time?).

Valentine's Day.

A sweet understated event for us;
a cosy Marks and Spencer meal for 2
exchange of cards
and then all 4 of us watching 
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
Oh my goodness,
the palm tree and pineapple dresses!

Grant really appreciated the heaps of 
heart shaped confetti I sneaked into his 
bag of breakfast pain au chocolats,
which he opened and then scattered in front 
of a team of big roughty-toughty police officers!

My beautiful bracelet from Grant
arrived today and, 

Livewire Jewelry
just like in Cinderella,
it fits! 

I'm happy to have signed up for the
 free 6x4 swap being run by the
Sketchbook Project people,
Arthouse Co-op.

The email came out about it,
I thought about it for an hour or so,
went back to sign up
and I was 700 and something
out of 1000 available slots.
It's full up now, so I'm glad I didn't 
think about it any longer.

are also joining in.
What are the odds of us getting 
one from each other?!

You can, however, still sign up for 

the meal.

Again this is free (and fun!).
Click on pic for details.

I've tidied up my conservatory studio.
It was a MAJOR job
and it meant that while I was tidying 
I couldn't be arting
but it NEEDED to be done.
I present you with a 360 degree view 
of my arting area....
(and remember, these are the AFTER photos!)

It may look chaotic,
but I now know where everything is!

Hope made me the 'Be Happy'
bunting for Christmas :o)

That corner is stuffed with things 'to alter'.....
 Can you see Clifford in her run in the garden?
Duck (on the sofa) has been waiting for
his leg to be sewn on since Luke was
about 6 years old. I either had the duck
but not the leg or vice versa.
Now Duck and leg are finally reunited :o)
But I suspect 17 year old Luke
won't want him back now :o(

Doesn't everyone has a saxophone playing
Christmas reindeer on their book shelves?
Mmmm, that can of air freshener
needs to be put away.

I'll go and post this with Virginia.
Thank you for reading!


Darcy's Postcard Challenge this week is
the land of music -
Tom Jones, Charlotte Church 
and errrm, Harry Secombe.

Here is my postcard for Wales,
sent this week by our sleuth,
Detective Supt Kenneth Clarke
to his quarry, Lord Forsyth.

(Oops, I had a problem with her hands, she appears to have
six fingers on her left hand - I managed to remove an extra
one from her right hand. Although I guess extra fingers
 might be handy when playing the harp!)
This slightly demonic looking lady
is wearing traditional Welsh costume,
while happily strumming on her harp.

Lord Forsyth,

I visited your Auntie Nerys
at her sheep farm in Denbigh.
We had a lovely cup of tea,
over which we had a very 
interesting chat.  She said how
you pop in and see her quite
regularly and that you always
check on her outlying barns.
Now, I wonder why you 
would be so concerned about
her 'empty' barns?  I'm
getting a warrant to find

Yours sincerely Kenneth Clarke (Det Supt)

What will our Ken find in the barns?
Will they be stuffed full of treasures
from Lord Forsyth's criminal endeavors?
Or not......?!



SusieJ said...

Half term sounds as though it's been fun.
ROFL (sorry DH Grant!) @ the heart shaped confetti...priceless!
I wouldn't be too sure about Luke and the duck. I had a major panic after donating some stuffed toys to charity when the boy asked where his rabbit was and hoped I hadn't thrown it out.
Happily "Loppy" was found hiding in a corner of my wardrobe. Panic over. The boy was 20 at the time..:)
I love your studio! And I know you'll know where everything is..I'm the same with my utensil drawer and my craft area...DH despairs of me.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Great post Jo

Glad you had a good half term...

I see you are getting ready for Easter with your chicks!!!!

Easter eggs are out everywhere already....

Enjoyed your studio tour :)

Have a great weekend


Virginia said...

Oh a lovely post from you Joanna today - the trip to London sounds great and doing nothing - fantastic stuff. Yes it was Marks for us for Valentine's Day/hubby's birthday. I loved the story of the heart confetti - I can just imagine his face LOL!

The photos of your crafting space are awesome a great place to be creative in - I'm glad it's not just me with a box or two of alterables (or things that need sewing come to that LOL).

Hope you have a great weekend.

Big hugs

BadPenny said...

A lovely fun packed half term. I love your room for creativity !

Fun postcard. They are a bit scary those women in the black hats !

Margaret said...

Great post Jo! so much cool stuff where to start, love the chicks and i would've bought exactly the same amount!
LOVE your studio, what a fab space! I ordered myself a new cupboard this week and also tidied out, I'm sick of not being able to find anything!
As for your Welsh gal, well yes extra digits always come in handy when playing the harp, think her sis is over on my blog knitting fire! Mx

Sam said...

Great rocking post Joanna! Love all those little chicks, are you going to do something special with them? Your valentines day sounds perfect, love the confetti idea!!!! Your bracelet is stunning as well.
Glad you had a great half term, my kiddies have been poorly again with this cold that keeps coming back so we have done nothing all week!
The tour of your studio was brilliant, I love seeing where people create!
I love your postcard this week, your drawing of the welsh lady is fab!
Hope you have a great week x

trisha too said...

Is it wrong that I am such a snoop,and so thoroughly enjoy these posts???



Sandra Hoogland said...

Hands are always very difficult and maybe it was just your vision because she was playing so fast! :)
Lovely lady on your card! ♥

Katie said...

It is obvious now that the coolest men are Welsh, and quite possibly from another era! hee!
I love your lady with the extra harpin' fingers! She is awesome.
Wow- you;ve been busy, and so much to the bracelet! Want to have YOUR studio!! Jo's wonderful life- sure looks fun-I'm sure YOU make it fun! XO

Carmen said...

I reckon your harp player is an evil henchwoman of some kind. You've surely seen The Princess Bride?

Loved your post today - really enjoyed seeing your creative space, I bet it gets some fabulous light in there.

Another here who had an evil snicker at hubby opening his snack :D

Have a great week Jo x

Darcy said...

great card, lol at the fingers mix up, sounds like something I would do. she doesnt look too happy, maybe she has itchy underwear lol

We had the m&s meal for £20 aswell, love that bracelet.

gottahavemoxie said...

Hmmm, empty barns, sounds fishy. Great drawing!

miniroses said...

her onlyy imperfection that sixth finger and as someone said, maybe it is good for harp playing!

Susan T said...

There you are living it up in the sunny South again, visiting exhibitions of world renowned artists. It shouldn't be allowed. I must admit though I do like half term, no lunches to pack, sons to tip out of bed etc.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Grant opened his breakfast special HA! I bet he got some stick from the large hairy ones.

Beautiful bracelet, someone has wonderful taste!

As for your studio, what can I say I am in awe. I think it looks the perfect place to while away the hours cutting snipping and painting, lots of natural light, very good for the soul, plus all your goodies in one place. I can imagine sitting on that cosy settee chatting away while you do your stuff. I never did get around to pinching the spare room, now son has plonked some of his unwanted furniture in it to give him more space in his bedroom. I think I will work on the conservatory instead, in the summer it is my favourite place to be.

craftattack said...

Your week sound like it was busy, but good. Your crafty space looks very tidy to me! Love the postcard, hope Auntie Cissie doesn't see the girl in the Welsh dress, she might want one! Hugs, Valerie

Janet said...

Brilliant postcard. I never noticed the fingers - perhaps she is a witch as well as a harpist! Scary Harry Seacombe LP - remember them well when I worked in Woolworths as a Saturday girl. Love your story, being a retired sleuth myself!

Janet xx

Jen said...

Love the postcard, she looks like she is concentrating hard. Had forgotten about Harry Seacombe, my Dad loved his voice. Looks like you had a fun busy week.
Jen x

Monica said...

I never manage to quite clean up everything before a new project looms so i understand you plight. I would pin leg of duck to body before it waddles off again.

Maggi said...

Love your chick army! LOL I feel so lucky to have gotten a spot in the 4x6 exchange, that filled up fast!

Your crafty space looks awesome, mine is a COMPLETE disaster. lol Great job!

Oooooo intriguing...what will Kenneth find?!?!?!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh jo, i so love reading your grateful rockin friday posts. I've told you that before, haven't I?? : ) it's true. I had to look up marks & spencer just to know what you were talking about, but that was fun! And I loved your story about grant and the confetti! I am so glad you had time with Hope, it sounds grand.
... but your conservatory /studio - OhMY!! I loved, loved, loved seeing photos of your space where you create! Is that clifford's bunny cage I see out the window? It does not look too cold there right now, your grass is green! Anyway, can I come sit on the couch in your studio?? I promise I would still leave room for Duck! xoxoxoxo

Jamie Lynn said...

it's a lovely card, ah the harp always strikes a cord in my heart me...believe it or not at one time I thought I wanted to learn to play it...then I saw allllllll the strings!

Empty barns indeed.

Nathalie Thompson said...

YES you NEEDED those chicks!
Your work space is so clean and organized (can't show mine!)

I forgot Tom Jones was Welsh! A missed opportunity for Hoardica to "bump" into him. :( She is a Tome Jones fan!

OOoo, the plot thickens! Lord F. has an Aunt with barns! Or is it "bairns" he's visiting? Which means he's got cousins, not a safe house! heehee.

Privet and Holly said...

I love your arty
space ~ lucky you!
I write in a closet : )
Yep, you heard me
right. Although I do
have a sewing table
in the furnace room,
with no windows, it's
not really conducive
to crafty projects. In
fact, brightening up
that particular space
is a project in itself;
perhaps one I will take
on in 2012!

xx Suzanne

PS: My daughter plays
a harp that looks just
like that!

Cynthia said...

sounds like a lovely Valentines Day. Great chicks army. I can't imagine playing the harp in that costume. Her right hand is very interesting. creates a motion as if she's actually playing.

Sabrina said...

Clever of him, having a chat with the Auntie. I hope we get to look in those barns soon!!

What a pretty crafting area. I love the view into the beautiful, green yard. I have lots of projects just like Mr. Duck and his leg. Sooner or later, they just don't need to be done any longer.

I'm waiting to hear about Hockney!

Joanna said...

Ha, Sabrina, you missed my post about Hockney! It's here;

To summarize, it was good but too busy. I'm gonna go back when it isn't the school holidays...... :o)


Gina said...

Piles of sheep poop! That's probably what Lord Forsyth has left in the barn for him haha :D XXX

Sarah said...

oooh I'm jealous that you got to go to the Hockney exhibit! how was it?

(ah - ignore that I've just seen your link to your separate post :) )

I'm also a little sad that I didn't sign up for the postcard exchange - when I got the email from the Sketchbook Project I emailed them back to see if it was open to non US residents (as it said that you had to provide USPS postage...) - they never replied to me and it soon filled up so I missed my chance, phooey :(

but never mind, I'll still enjoy seeing what everyone else does :)

Your craft area is LOVELY - so much light!

have a great week :)

sharon said...

So glad you like the bracelet Jo, and your post is a hoot! Thanks for all your kindness and wonderful comments...and you make me smile a lot with your sense of humor!

Relyn said...

Oooo... I love the studio pictures. They make me happy.

Doone said...

first up: sorry I amlate,

thansk for coming ot see my postcard much early this week!.

second - if the Hockney expo worth payign for?

lastly, your card is fab, LOADS of really famous artists get too many fingers on hands ( you'll be surprised how many) and no one notices...


misty said...

Jo! I suck! I can't believe I keep forgetting to stop by your blog! This has been such a fun post, and you can really get a sense of your personality. I love mrs. 6 fingers! Will be back soon to tell you how much I love your most recent gauche project! ;)