Friday, 24 February 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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This week's precious Flake moments 
of grateful reflection are;



Quick trip to East Grinstead with DD Hope;
she wanted a trolley dash round New Look, and 
popped into The Works and bought a 
couple of 'essentials', such as......
(Also available from Amazon, click here)
this book for £4.99 
(original price £16.99),
and a pack of these....

More about why I wanted these in a mo.


went out into the garden
for the first time since we got her
and enjoyed some early Spring sunshine.

It was a precious moment, and she's 
been chatting about it ever since!

We watched the first episode of the
new Channel 4 drama,
starring Damian Lewis.

This is, apparently, President Obama's
favourite tv drama, and I enjoyed it too.
The second episode is on Sunday night.


An evening of 'arting', bliss.
My latest Gauche Alchemy project finished.
Onto the next one!


Pancake Day!
I made gazillions of pancakes
which were enjoyed by us all with freshly 
squeezed lemon juice and caster sugar.


Coffee with my friend Lyndsey,
we do have a giggle.


DH Grant had the day off
and this was the first day off together that
we'd had for a while. We had a lovely day,
drinking coffee, chatting, etc etc and the 
sun came out which made it feel like
a lazy summer's day.

We discussed the possibility of me
 dropping a day at work.
We're still negotiating.......!

Friday (today)

I received this GORGEOUS 
canvas postcard from
Katie at The Red Tin.

Katie posted on her blog that she'd
been sending out some canvas card postcards.
I commented, wondering how they were surviving 
the postal system. She suggested that we
conducted an experiment and she sent one to me
while I sent her one of my 'normal' postcards.

The postcard arrived in perfect,
tip top condition,
and it's absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you, Katie.
It has taken pride of place on my
dresser in the dining room :o)

That's why I bought the canvas postcards
from The Works........... ;o)


So there you have it,
at least one thing a day that
has brightened up my little life.

I'll post this with Virginia, top Rocker
(and bionic scrapbooker!) before
visiting the other Rockers.
You're welcome to join in too......

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.



Monica said...

Miss pancakes with lemon juice and sugar. know East Grinsted from working at Lingfield Hospital School. Beautiful country.

missy k said...

Lots of happies :)

Have a great weekend.


Virginia said...

Oh you managed something from each day - now this I like! The book looks great and the canvas board packs look interesting too. Loving that Cally-Cat ventured out into the garden - brilliant!

Didn't catch the Homeland program wonder if I could grab it on catch up before the next episode????

Can't wait to see your next Gauche project and glad you're enjoying the arting so much!

We too had millions of pancakes courtesy of DH who seemed disappointed there weren't more left at the end??? Confused

Catch up with friends and day off with hubby and negotiating less work - now this I get... - keep us informed!

The canvas postcard really is absolutely gorgeous and I bet it's even better still in real life, like the experiment you are conducting.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend ahead.

Much love and sparkles


craftattack said...

Lots to sing about this week! Katie's cards are always gorgeous, she is a treasure! Hugs, Valerie

Sam said...

Wow, a wonderful positive week for you!
We watched Homeland as well, I really enjoyed the way I meant to send you a message to let you know it was on, did you watch the documentary on Lucian freud...I thought of you when I saw it adertised on the tv!
How lovely to have a day with your DH, that never happens in our house!
That canvas postcard is beautiful as well.
Hope you have a great week x

Sarah said...

oooh what a great week you've had!

we too had piles of pancackes with lemon and sugar, SO good!

love the canvas postcard you received. I have some of those canvas boards from the Works already...are they not a little expensive to post as postcards? the ones I have are quite heavy...

the photo of your cat exploring the garden for the first time is lovely

have a fab week!

PS I watched that Lucian Freud documentary that Sam mentioned - I had no idea he was such a dirty old man! :)

BadPenny said...

I made Pancake batter Tuesday, but they had them for brekkies Wed morning yum ! That book looks super. Glad you had a lovely day with Grant. So sweet to see Cally Cat outside - Bless her !

Maggi said...

Great week! Hurray for Pancake Day! That postcard is gorgeous, what a treat to get in the mail!

Katie said...

Hi! I just posted your card too-yours made it even faster...and is lovely and undamaged!! yay!! It'll be up on the inspiration wall!

(isn't fun to read what people write about ya on others' nice is Valerie! thanks, girl!)

Have a great weekend! xo

Alix said...

I completely forgot about Shrove Tuesday till Wednesday, and even then didn't make any pancakes - shock horror! I think I'll do some once we're all up and about today instead! Cally Cat looks so sweet investigating the garden - lovely photo. Have fun with your canvas postcards!


Nice week. I forgot about our pancake extravaganza, we have a number of traditions with local friends and the pancake party is into year 7 :) I shall be making more next week though, as I agree with your dh there were not enough (I mean when you have to share the batters with 20 odd other people and kids....... I am about to find out how well something can survive the journey to the great US of A! hopefully in one piece after all the work put in :)

Sabrina said...

Sounds like one lovely week. I haven't watch Homeland yet, and didn't realize that was Damian Lewis in it. I love him, but I always hate him just a little too, he played his part too well in Forsythe Saga.

Hope you have more lovely moments next week. I wish you could come to my Oscars party. As soon as they get that teleportation thing down . . .

SusieJ said...

Hangs head in shame..totally, totally forgot about pancakes....:(
Love the look of the book and that canvas is awesome! I've seen some ATC sized canvasses so may experiment...
Your week sounds lovely...esp. getting time to spend with DH Grant and negotiating a day less at work.
Hugs..and hope your weekend is as good as your week xx

Susan T said...

A week with a lot to smile about. Lovely to see Cally Cat out and about in the sunshine.
I watched Homeland too. Great actors. I used to think Damien Lewis WAS American.
I hope that you manage to sort out another day off work. I am sure you will be able to fill it with fun and creativity. xxx