Saturday, 17 March 2012

4x6 Exchange completed

I've finished my 4x6 (postcard)
for the Arthouse Co-op 4x6 Exchange
(please note: AHEAD OF TIME).

There was no set theme,
just do what you wanna do.
This actually made it more difficult -
my poor brain had no perimeters.
The inside of my head was like space,
seemingly never ending and a vacuum.

No one can hear you scream in space.


So I decided that what I wanted to do was 
an image transfer, and took it from there.
It's not the best image transfer I've ever done
but I actually don't mind that
(you know I like stuff grunged and distressed).
I hope the recipient doesn't mind too.

The bird image is from
(what would I do without The Graphics Fairy?!).

I'll send this off to the Brooklyn Art Library
next week, once I've worked out how to
do a USPS self addressed envelope at
the Post Office (any advice from other UK bloggers?).

In due course I'll get a 4x6 back.
I know Lenna, Maggi, Christina and Michelle 
are also taking part.
Now what are the odds of me getting one of theirs
(Grant could probably sit down with a piece of 
paper and stubby pencil and work it out.  
Me?  I'd just say the chances are slim!).



Virginia said...

Oh can't wait to see what you get back and wouldn't it be awesome if you did in fact end up with one of their art pieces back LOL!

Hope you are having a great day


craftattack said...

Your postcard is good and very you. Hope you get a nice one back, too! Have a good weekend! Valerie

BadPenny said...

Very pretty. I thought the bird / blossom was from a paper napkin at first. Love the way the numbers behind show through.
Hope you receive one just as lovely back !

SusieJ said...

It's beautiful Jo and very "you". Hope you get a beautiful one back.
Hugs xx

sugar Creek said...

I love your transfers. I like how I can see the text in the bird. Just beautiful!
Plus yes, I agree, grandma makes me sound ancient! lol!

missy k said...

Oh that is gorgeous....

I love the subtle effect of image transfers.... you do grungy/distressed so well :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh joanna!!!
"The inside of my head was like space,
seemingly never ending and a vacuum.
No one can hear you scream in space."

hahaahahahahah!!! I am still laughing as I type this! SOMEONE out there understands me!!!!!! I have a rather funny picture in my head of the two of us at our desks with 'No theme' and screaming so loud we can hear each other (across the pond)!! shoo-whee. well, at least I thought it was THAT funny -shows where MY brain is and that I have not attempted my 4x6 yet! would someone 'MIND' this postcard? We should have swapped directly!!! : ) mine will be created soon . . . maybe I'l use this conversation as my theme! xoxo
You know i adore this card . . .

Monica said...

Now why would you want something from someone you know and have already swapped with many times. Isn't the lure of this swap something/someone new and unknown?

Margaret said...

Beautiful colours and I love your transfer, I really like the way it's a bit grungy, a plus of that technique I reckon. Mx

Tracy said...

love the soft subdued colors...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the card and your post on what was 'Rocking Your World' on Friday!! I'm also glad to read that your Cally-Cat is doing well!

daisy said...

Beautiful artwork & beautiful sentiment xx

Jewels said...

I find it hard to believe that you (and Lenna) are empty headed LOL...but I totally know what you mean! And yet you still managed a lovely piece....How's Shakespeare coming by the way? I've got mine figured out but nothing actually made - cannot believe we are only 2 weeks away from APRIL arghhhhh.

Kristin said...

Ha! I can totally picture Grant working the numbers and you just smiling! I would do the same thing. I LOVE what you did here - yes! Graphics Fairy! And know someone will be thrilled to receive it!
Thank you too for your sweet comment about your daughter looking at the blue girl - that made my morning!! xoxo

WillieburgScrapper said...

Beautiful card!!! I LOVE your subtle paint effect and the delicate penned border is gorgeous!!! I really want to thank you for getting me to join this challenge- it was so fun to get away from my usual scrapbooking methods and try something new-now I'm using paint all over the place.

misty said...

This is beautiful! I'm in awwe over your image transfers...I recently tried to do some tags that turned into trash because they were so bad and I wiped away not only the image but some of the tag around the image?!