Sunday, 4 March 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Cuba and Switzerland

I've been lagging behind with
Darcy's Postcard Challenge
but with these 2 I am now up to date.

First of all,
the country Darcy set was


Thank you for all your suggestions
(I could only think of cigars and Fidel Castro),
and I decided to go with a car theme.
A big old retro car,
which has been totally grunged.
I used the peeled paint technique,
except my pot of Vaseline has gone for a
walkabout so Luke suggested I used 
his petroleum based hair gel,
which kinda worked (and smelt lovely!).


Dear Ken,
Hmmm, by now you
will have discovered
Auntie Nerys' secret 
garden of cannabis
plants.  Poor old dear
does suffer with
dreadful arthritis.
The plants are nothing
to do with me and
have no link to my
present location!
Regards, Lord James.

Oh dear, has Lord James got himself 
mixed up with drugs?


Next, the country is


And the first thought in my head?
Yes, Toblerone.
I know, I'm not very sophisticated, am I?!


Lord Forsyth,
Strange, your Auntie
Nerys clearly has no
knowledge of the
cannabis plants.
My enquiries have
led me to Switzer-
land and to a
deposit box kept
in a bank vault.  I
believe it to be
yours.  I wonder
what I will find?
In anticipation, Kenneth

(dramatic music) Duh duh DUH!
What will Ken find in the safety deposit box?
Will there be a connection with Lord Forsyth
and the drugs industry?
Will Auntie Nerys prove to be an 
unlikely drugs baron?
Will our Ken get a step closer to catching his prey?



SusieJ said...

Loving the way your story is developing...and you've left us with a cliffhanger!!
Gorgeous postcards too ...I would have gone for Toblerone!
Hugs xx

Sabrina said...

I love the way these 2 men communicate. Happy you are all caught up. I'm getting close. Just Switzerland to finish up. By the way, I'm a huge Toblerone fan so in my eyes you are the epitome of sophistication!

missy k said...

Well done for catching up....

Great postcards.....

Love the peeled paint effect on the Cuba postcard especially :)

mags21 said...

What great postcards. glad you have caught up..a good storyline too.

sugar Creek said...

Love them both but the first is my favorite! Love that technique! xx

Darcy said...

gorgeous peeled paint and eek! drugs?

I am rather partial to Toblerone, I think a Toblerone mountain would be fun to dive into.

Jamie Lynn said...

Wow They are super... I can see me riding in that car <3 and the mountain is awesome!

Maggi said...

I just love Lord These are great postcards, love this project!

Menopausalmusing said...

These cars are wonderful! I especially like the car one - so totally Cuban!

craftattack said...

2 great postcards. I wonder how the story will continue? The vintage car looks really good, but Toblerone would be Auntie Cissie's favourite! Well done on catching up! Valerie

Margaret said...

Not a lot wrong with a Toblerone mountain that i can see!!
I love you shabby collage technique on both cards, great texture and colours!
Very exciting about have a bank safety box, I've always wanted one of those but have nothing to put in it!, perhaps it'll be a stash of gold plated Toblerone!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really admire you for keeping up with these postcards and places and stories!! I really enjoy your art and your tales of intrigue ; ) what does grant think of this project -does it interest him at all??

Gina said...

Hahaha...:D Love the dramatic music :D
I refuse to believe that my darling James would have anything to do with drugs! As to the safety deposit box....that's obviously where he is keeping my chocolate :D XXX

BadPenny said...

Brilliant fun. Toblerone ? Inspired !

Virginia said...

Loving the dramatic music Joanna, glad you've managed to catch up on this challenge and love that you managed something other than cigars on your Cuba postcard!

WillieburgScrapper said...

This is So darned funny! Love this idea!

Carmen said...

These are just so fabulous Jo. Yep - toblerone... followed by cheese would've been my first thoughts.

Susan T said...

When I think of Switzerland I think of Clocks, Toblerone is SO much better. You see that is why you are artistic and imaginative and I'm not.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Wonderful techniqe on your Cuba card. Well done with improvised materials!!!

OMG, how did I overlook TOBLERONE?! Only my favorite triangular treat! Great iconic image!

Definitely tuning in next week for the continuing saga!

Kristin said...

I LOVE everything about these! This is SO Cool! I love your mind ;) xoxo