Sunday, 18 March 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge - the Netherlands

Darcy's Postcard Challenge;

The country set by Darcy this week is

the Netherlands.


Hmmmm, none of them seemed to fit
in with Lord James and poor old Ken.

Then I stumbled upon the fact that the
infamous woman spy, exotic dancer
and self named
Mata Hari,
was born in the Netherlands in 1876.

Her birth name was Margaretha Zella
and it would appear that her downfall was 
her love of men.  
Lots of them.
Accused and found guilty of the death 
of tens of thousands of French soldiers 
she was executed in 1917, 
although there has been 
an increasing unease
about the validity of the guilty verdict
and subsequent death sentence.

There is an interesting report here
should you wish to read more about this subject.

(Mata Hari, exotic dancer and spy)
And back to Lord James and Ken.......

Dear James
I can tell you are enjoy-
ing your little game of
cat and mouse.  I
WILL, however, have the
last laugh - in a court of
So the contents of your
safety deposit box was
a small packet of
tomato seeds.  Funny.
I am in Amsterdam,
I think you know why.

Many thanks to Darcy for hosting
this fun weekly challenge,
and for all the other post-carders who pop
by and to everyone who leaves a comment.


Jennie Louise said...

Very interesting blog Joanna... Lovely artwork too!

SusieJ said...

Fascinating story and a beautiful postcard.
Hugs xx
p.s. had to laugh at the tomato seeds...:)

artimagica said...

An interesting storyline. Mata is lovely - what a creative idea. Love it!

Darcy said...

wow that was so interesting, thanks. I knew nothing at all about her. Seems such a tragic life in many ways, however much she may have thought she was being loved.

mags21 said...

What a great all your interesting storyline to. .

Lulabelle said...

Beautiful postcard!

Sandra Hoogland said...

She's so perfect for the challenge! Love your card! ♥

gottahavemoxie said...

Fabulous job on the card! It's beautiful. Love the pics of all your furry family as well.

Jen said...

Beautiful postcard and well done finding that she was born in the Netherlands in your research.
Jen x

Sabrina said...

Love the Mata Hari connection - that's a great find! Beautiful job on the card too. Hmmm, I wish I knew why he was in Amsterdam. Will he ever get the better of James?

Nathalie Thompson said...

I like Mata Hari's given name. "Zella" May have to write that into a future story somewhere...

Tomato seeds? really?
I am highly suspicious.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Meant to add that I also like your intriguing postcard art!

Margaret said...

now that I didn't know, fascinating stuff, your card is fab, lovely image.
Great story, I'm enjoying your weekly update, the plot thickens!! Mx

missy k said...

Great postcard Jo :)

BadPenny said...

Inspired research for this lovely card. Love the image of the infamous M H !

Gina said...

Gorgeous card!!! Love the mysterious smokiness of the image. And not that Lord James and I are like minded, but I planted tomato seeds this weekend lol. So Amsterdam....a few diamonds gone missing? :D XXX

Janet said...

Fabulous postcard a great piece of research. I love the ephemeral quality of her picture.

Janet xx

Jamie Lynn said...

OOOO Well Done'age <3