Monday, 5 March 2012

**Gauche Alchemy DT CALL and SALE**

Over at 
they're looking for 3 special 
people to join the team.
Those Gauche gals are great fun, really supportive, 
and, it has to be said, ever so slightly bonkers ;D

Their goal is to support and encourage creative
thought and expression by providing materials that help
artists of all types think differently about their
creative pursuits.  They are all about
inspiration, helping you to embark on that next
big project.  They're into 
but probably not unicycling (although
I wouldn't put it past them).

Ask yourself this:
Are you creative? 
Are you dedicated?
Are you enthusiastic?

Yes, yes, yes?
Read on, my friend.

They need a blog writer,
a newsletter overlord 
(what a great title. If I was a newsletter overlord 
I would have to have a badge saying so, 
or a sash, yes, definitely a sash!),
and a videographer.

What's in it for you?
In their own words, "You will be kept flush
with goodies to inspire your creations and you
will occasionally be assigned tutorial topics
that they'd like covered."
You will also receive a discount in the store 
along with a generous Alchemist kit,
filled with Gauche Alchemy greatness.
Mmmmmmm, yummy.

All the details are on the Gauche Alchemy blog,
including details on how to apply.
Just click the big Gauche Alchemy 
pic at the top of this post.


While we're talking about Gauche Alchemy,
I should also tell you that 
they're having a **SALE**
in honour of 
National Craft Month.
10% has been taken off everything
(apart from ACME kit subscriptions).
Click HERE to go and have a look-see
at their crafty goodiness.



BadPenny said...

Super opportunity for someone !

Maggi said...

Woo hoo! New team members to corrupt...uh, I mean get to know! Yeah, that's it..."get to know". :D

WillieburgScrapper said...

Hmmm you're write up is so much better than mine! I just posted a whole bunch of extraneous stuff and added the GA thing at the end... perhaps that needs a rethink.. :)

SusieJ said...

Woohoo!! I could quite fancy being a newsletter overlord or even a blog writer..esp. if I had a badge..or could make my
Am I bonkers enough?
Hugs xx

Joanna said...

Bonkers enough, Susie???? Hmmm, let me think??!!


Carmen said...

As a former newsletter overlord - I have to say it's so much fun and they are a brilliant bunch of girls :D

Carmen said...

p.s Jo - the doggy picture is Ruby's portrait of Cooper - that's fast turning into the Cooper wall - we have another by Phoebe on there ;)

Alix said...

Love the title 'newsletter overlord'! I believe it is the job to have just prior to world domination! Sounds like a great opportunity for a creative somebody, and who knows where it will lead?

Chrissie said...

"power crazy", some people will do anything for a badge!

Privet and Holly said...

Talk about a creative

BTW, I had to unfollow
and then follow again,
as your blog does not
show up on my dashboard
for some reason! Hopefully
that did the trick. Crazy

Happy Day,
xx Suzanne

Kristin said...

Wow, that is so cool! I had so much fun all over the site - I even watched a few videos! Thank you and I hope you're having a great week, xoxo