Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gauche Project - altered tin

My latest project for 
Gauche Alchemy (GA) is
an altered tin.
All the details are on the
Gauche Alchemy blog
so this is a quick resume.

It started off like this
(the coffee helps me think).

After rubbing down with a sand block
to give a key I added texture to the lid by
using some GA Punchinella as a stencil and
smearing a layer of modelling paste over it.
It took a long time to dry..........

I then sprayed it with chalk and shimmer mist.
It was the little drinks umbrella
that inspired me for this piece.

Over this sprayed and textured surface
I stuck tissue paper,
little drinks umbrella,
gold sweet wrappers, sequins
 etc etc.

(inside, the Chinese characters mean 'Love')
This was fun to do!



Susan T said...

I know I say it often Jo, but this is really beautiful. Whoever thought you could make an old tin box into a work of art. The face of the girl on the front is stunning, and I love the words you have chosen too. Very special.xx

missy k said...

I love this project....

especially all the little bits you added... sequins, sweet wrappers etc.



sugar Creek said...

OOOh love that texture! I've got to get some of that!! Hey you got a new look on your blog right? I like it!! xx

craftattack said...

Love this tin! I have two similar ones waiting to be altered, perhaps I will do them one day! Valerie

BadPenny said...

Divine. Do you have to send G A what you make or just Blog about it ?

SusieJ said...

Fabulous Jo! I too have tins waiting to be may copy, sorry, be inspired by,yours.
Hugs xx

Joanna said...

Hi Penny - I just blog about it after Gauche Alchemy have posted about it on their blog. I get to keep everything I make..... :o)

Sam said...

Beautiful tin, love the texture, I used that stencil and modelling paste technique last week on a canvas and it is really effective-I used a heat gun to dry mine though as I wasn't patient enough to wait!
I love your colours and the chinese letters inside the tin. x

Margaret said...

Superb! inside and out! great colours and such wonderful texture, love this littleproject a lot! Mx

Menopausalmusing said...

I love this. Everything about it is just beautiful. Those Hell Bank Notes are such pretty things..... I got some in the local Chinese Supermarket.

Jewels said...

Wonderful Jo. I just love everything about it especially the colours...J

Virginia said...

Oh I saw this on gauche alchemy the other day and had to come and have a look on your blog - it is gorgeous - loving the texture!

trisha too said...

This is beautiful, Jo. GA has the best selection of the punchinella I have ever see!