Friday, 2 March 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Tag Tuesday 'Books'

thank you for dropping by to read
my Friday Rocking post when
I end my week thinking happy thoughts :o)


The sun came out yesterday
and I really enjoyed sitting in the sun
while I had my lunchtime sandwich.


Luke, who is working in a barber's shop,
is being used as a guinea pig for one of the
stylists who enjoys doing hair 'sculpture'.
Last week Luke was wearing music all 
over his head. This week, stars.

Luke has always been rather a shy lad
so it makes me happy for him to have the 
confidence to wear his hair like this and 
cope with the various reactions that it gets. 

I returned to Zumba this week,
having had a few weeks off
(I'd simply run out of excuses!).

It was hard work but great fun.



Her miaow's are getting louder and louder
and boy, does she have a lot to say!

I did this photo collage of Cally-Cat
running up and down the stairs.
She gallops around the house now!
Remember, this is the pathetic creature 
that couldn't get herself through a cat flap
when she first came home to us.

I can REALLY RECOMMEND this stuff;

It's for dogs and cats,
and has made all the difference to Cally.
Rosie Mae has the same stuff in tablet form
and again, it's been great for her creaky old bones.


It's my DH's Grant's birthday tomorrow.
His 'special dinner' request is steak and chips,
which is easy for me to do so I'm happy too.

Oh yes, and of course there'll be CAKE!


We're going to take Rosie Mae for a walk this 
afternoon and, while we're walking,
hopefully make a final decision on 
whether or not I can give up a day 
a week at work.

Keep your fingers crossed for me
(he'd love for me to give up work altogether
but someone's got to pay for my ink habit!).


That's all for now, folks!

I'll be posting this with Virginia
and later on I'll catch up with my fellow Rockettes.

Wishing you a great weekend.


theme this week is 'Books'
so I made a bookmark out of a book spine.

The book, a French-English Dictionary,
was in a bad state of repair (missing the back cover)
so it was a good way of using what was left.

It was quite a challenge keeping the collage flat
and to not add bumpy embellishments,
so I added texture with the gold mesh.

OK, who knows what 
'ma signet' means?
(Susie, please tell me I got it right,
I looked it up in a translator thing!).


I'd better go now,
I'm running behind with my Darcy's postcards
(I've got Cuba and Switzerland to do)
I've got to finish my March calendar pages
I've got to get on with my next
 Gauche Alchemy project.


Virginia said...

Oh Joanna that's a great post, loving DS hair - amazing stuff! I'm just grateful I can get said 11 year old in a hairdressers chair these days LOL!

Cally Cat really seems to be coming along, loving that she's now running around the house, just shows what the difference a loving and caring home can have on our pets.

Will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for the decision whilst on your afternoon walk - let us know what the big decision is!

Liking the sound of the 'special tea' I like straight forward meals too!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.

PS Loving the book mark - genius as always!

Kath said...

Cally is so cute, I love her little front legs, in different colours.

missy k said...

Yes the sunshine was gorgeous yesterday... it felt like spring.

I do love Luke's hair... its way cool!

Sweet Cally looks more like a kitten then an aged cat in need of 4 joints!

Happy birthday to my dear Brother - I do hope that he has a lovely special day and enjoys his tea :)

Fingers crossed.... I'm sure you'll make the right decision ;) on your walk!

OK back to my painting again. Doors doors doors!

Have a super weekend.


Sam said...

I love your sons hair, how fantastic is that, another art form expressed!!!
Cally cat is looking so healthy and happy what a blessing you are to her.
I hope you get the decision you want on your afternoon walk!!
Ypur bookmark is lovely, what a great idea using a book spine and I have no idea what the french saying means! x
Hope you have agreat week x

Margaret said...

Lovely post again, such good news to hear Cally cat is doing well!
March pages? hmm.. must get on and do something myseklf if i can remember what happened in the last two weeks of Feb!!
Happy cake eating!

sugar Creek said...

Love the hair! So glad your kitty is getting around well and doing great! I love your bookmark! I have a few of those sitting around and that gives me an idea! Thanks!

Maggi said...

Holy smokes, love the bookmark! Yet another awesome idea that never occurred to me. lol

I love Luke's hair! Happy bday to DH! Good luck with the job decision, I'm rooting for you! :D

SusieJ said...

Almost right Jo...."signet" (or bookmark!!) is masculine...should be "mon signet" but well done for trying and I love it!! I've just picked up an old Bohemian/English dictionary in a charity shop..shall have fun with that. :)
Loving Luke's hair and so pleased to see Cally cat has really settled in - amazing what a loving home can do.
Happy Birthday to DH Grant - enjoy the steak and chips (and cake, of course).
Fingers crossed you can have an extra day for crafting.....
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Sarah said...

LOVE that bookmark – and your son’s hair looks brilliant! I wonder if I could get away with a “do” like that at work? :)

And I’m really enjoying reading about Cally Cat’s increasing confidence and mobility – bless her

Have a great week!

craftattack said...

Sounds like a good week. Glad your 2 and 4 legged kids are thriving and doing well for themselves! Hugs, Valerie

Joanna said...

Thank you Susie, I knew you'd know! I'll change it forthwith :o)


K said...

You mean her gets to have different patterns shaved in almost every week, how COOL is THAT! Dont think my OH would be too impressed if I tried that on either of us though ;-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joanna, how refreshing your rockin' posts are and I LOVE your book spine Book MArk!! you RocK! xoxoxo

missy k said...

Hi just wanted to let you know that Bloglovin' is working well...

Happy Birthday to Grant! I'll try and catch him on the phone for a quick chat later on his mob.

it'll give me a break from skip filling - it's raining here today :(

Love Karenx

Sabrina said...

I love, adore, covet, the book tag. It's really beautiful and I bet it feels great too. I hope your schedule works out. It's so hard to get thing balanced just right! And what a happy kitty you have! I just love kitties. If not kept in check, I'm sure I'd have a house full (and I'm so jealous of your bunny too! I haven't finished a tag in weeks now, and I need to get on my postcards too, but I also need to catch up reading and writing blogs for the week. Ahhhhh

Katie said...

Luke's hair is awesome. Can't wait to see what it will be next....can we all make requests? I'd like a portrait of someone...pass it on. Ha!
Your little kitty is adorable and so glad she is getting stronger and more energetic.
Have a fun birthday meal and weekend. XO

Privet and Holly said...

How you work outside
the home ANY days and
still get as much accomplished
as you do, creatively, is
just amazing ~ bravo! Happy,
happy to your whole
household, including your
brave son, B-day celebrating
hubby and back to frisky
fur babies!

xx Suzanne

BadPenny said...

It's lovely that Luke has the confidence to let them experiment on him and that you are encouraging him ! Cally Cat is thriving in your care.
Super book tag Jo ( would make a good book mark !

Jennie Louise said...

Hi Joanna... It's been a while since I visited but just wanted to say hi and that I think Cally Cat is adorable... I love her multicoloured two front legs!
Jennie. Xx

BadPenny said...

PS meant to say I hope Grant enjoyed his birthday meal & I hope you can drop a day at work ( I know how much you want to )

Menopausalmusing said...

Brilliant hair do and equally brilliant bookmark. Here's hoping that you get to work a day less...

Carmen said...

Just catching up on these and have yet to do mine this week but loving all your positives.

Luke's hair is amazing and am so pleased to see those piccies of Cally cat. She looks like a kitten in those pictures!

Gorgeous bookmark too - is signet something to do with swan?