Friday, 16 March 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Friday felicitations!

This week has gone by so fast
 and it's good to stop still for
a few minutes and reflect on what's 
been good about the week.


Luke cut my hair.

I know, I actually let him get near
my head with a pair of sharp scissors!

He needs practice cutting longer hair
and his boss suggested that I could
go in (thanks for that Rob!).  Of course
I wanted to support my son............. ;o)

I had the full service;
wash, condition and chat about holiday
plans.  I have to confess that I felt rather 
self-conscious sitting in a very male 
barber's shop.
Listening in on the men's chat was funny -
football and food.
That was it.
I guess they might have discussed another
'F' had I not been sitting there.

I was really proud of Luke, how he
took instruction from his boss, kept on trying, 
and, actually, how well he cut my hair.
I was able to cancel a 'proper'
hair appointment booked for yesterday.


I enjoyed catching up with my
dear friend, Dawn, yesterday.
It's her birthday today,
We've been friends since we were 18
and both worked as
Fingerprint Officers at
New Scotland Yard.
Those were fun days *wink*
Our lives have moved in very different
directions and it's always a real pleasure
to meet up with her.


Hope is cooking our evening meal tonight.
She said she wanted to do more cooking.
I'm happy for her to do this, of course.
I was, however, expecting it to be something
like macaroni cheese etc.
Tonight we have a Jamie Oliver recipe;
grilled trout topped with mustard and oats,
served with baby new potatoes 
and Spring vegetables.
(Trout fillets were on special offer in Morrisons,
which is rather handy).


Zumba was such fun this week.
Hope came too, which I like her to do.
Unfortunately she was downwind of 
someone's, um, farty bottom
(sorry, I just couldn't find a nice way of putting that).
So when the Zumba instructor told us to take deep
breaths, poor Hope went kinda puce!

He he ;D
(I'm glad I wasn't standing where she was).


for being such a funny old lady.


Rosie Mae
for being my dear old friend.


I can't remember the last time he had a day off.
Work for him has been full on but he's just kept 
plugging away, and still makes time for
all of us when he does get to spend any time
at home (and he still put the bins out for collection).

Well this little list pales into insignificance 
compared to the Rocking Queen 
Virginia's lists!

Fancy joining in with the rest of
the Friday Rockettes?
(You'd be made very welcome,
and we'll pop by and read about
what's made your week better).
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Kath said...

so when Luke goes to put up a girls shed he can honestly say "I'm a hairdresser, why don't I give you my number" LOL

missy k said...

like your listings....

well done to Luke - I always thought it must be harder to cut curly hair?

hope you enjoy your trout tonight... well done to Hope for being so adventurous...

Have a great weekend...

Lots of love to you all


craftattack said...

How lovely to get a free hair-cut! I've been thinking about the third *f* of the men - I've got it - fly-fishing!
Your Zumba sounds very extravagant with warm winds from the south livening up the evening! Glad your week was good. Valerie

Monica said...

Have not stopped laughing about the Zumba class. the perils of the health seeker!
Nor will i ever watch a Beeb Scotland yard dram without wondering what the girls in the finger print room are up to

K said...

LMAO, I have been told that Zumba can help, erm, expel gas. Poor Hope.

Oooo, Jamie oliver style posh meals, how fab is that!

& free hair cuts for life, I'm liking the sound of that, especially if he did a good job of it, so hard to find a GOOD hairdresser these days

Alix said...

A couple of special 'proud Mum' moments there, to be sure. The meal sounds delicious and a tame hairdresser would be such a boon! Have a great weekend!

SusieJ said...

Wow! The high life Jo...personal hairdresser and a personal! Seriously, your children are doing well...proud mummy moments indeed.
Still ROFL @ Zumba class and wind...
Hope you have a great weekend and that DH Grant gets some time off to be with you.
Hugs xx

Privet and Holly said...

Before I take my
computer sabbatical,
I had to pop by and
read your post and
wish you a Happy
Weekend, J!

Poor Hope, that is
fairly ghastly!!

I have a hubby that
also plugs away, yet
gives what little he
has left to us with a
smile. God bless those

Enjoy your weekend!

xx Suzanne

Sabrina said...

Finger printing at Scotland Yard? Now I know where your postcard inspiration is coming from. Intriguing!!

How fabulous your kids are!!! Cutting your hair? Attending Zumba AND cooking dinner? You are blessed beyond . . . well beyond normal parents.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Susan T said...

I have at last got Helena to cook some meals, and am concentrating hard on what Patrick can accomplish. I think maybe he can be my personal computer defrager, he is so good at sitting still and watching a screen.

Seriously though it sounds as if you have a good combination with your two. Poor Grant, he spends so much time at work and you make him put the bins out, you are a hard woman.

That is why I don't go to Zumba classes, if anything like that happened I would be helpless, especially if Helena was with me, we would set each other off and they would throw us out for rowdy behaviour.

Have a lovely Mothers Day sweet one. xxx

Virginia said...

Good Morning sweetie, just catching up on Rocking posts. Love that Luke was able to cut your hair and giggled at the thought of those men curtailing their usual conversations LOL!

WTG Hope for being experimental on the cooking side, let us know how it turns out, if she fancies coming and trying to get an 11 year old to eat something 'normal' then that would be great, last nights tea was a catastrophe!

The Zumba class sounds awful from the bottom burp kind of way - poor Hope, there really isn't much chance of her wanting to go again if she had to put up with that is there!

And hubby - they do just plug away at things don't they, mines gone into work this morning for overtime, most unusual given the Rugby is on today! I hope Grant isn't working too hard!

And to all the other parts of your life that making up your list! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and have a very happy Mother's Day hun



BadPenny said...

Our local barbers don't wash hair - just cut & razor ! Well done Luke and well done Hope for what sounds like a scrummy meal.
Jess is cooking tonight - we've obviously trained our offspring well !

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh Jo. You make me laugh (and cry) every week! The tears in a good way, at how you appreciate everything. I think this list is helping you do just that. xoxoxoxoxo

Sam said...

Well done to Luke for his hairdressing skills, I am just wondering if you made the 'proper' hair appointment after you agreed to let Luke cut your hair in case of emergency?!!!You must have been so pleased to be able to cancel it!It sounds like he is doing so well there-well done Luke!
Zumba sounds funny, I wouldn't have been able to stay I would have been laughing too much!
How wonderful for Hope to cook you dinner and it sounds like it was a fantastic meal.
Great list this week x

Sarah said...

brave you, letting one child cut your hair and another feed you, luckily it sounds like both worked out extremely well :)

have a great week!