Friday, 23 March 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Hello everyone
(all 180 of you, WOW!)
Happy Friday to y'all :o)

The sun is out and it's so lovely
(even if it does show how grubby the windows are).
My list of happies for this week is.......


Hope's cooking.
Her meal last week was a triumph and was given 
an overall score of 9/10.

Less successful were her chocolate cookies......

or should I say, chocolate dust.
We're not quite sure what went wrong,
she's convinced she followed the recipe closely.

On a more positive note, her 
Chocolate Dust (copyright)
is delicious sprinkled on 
Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream.


Grant and I enjoyed a trip to the cinema
yesterday afternoon, to see

(click on pic for info)
It was funny, very moving and, of course,
brilliantly acted - would you expect anything else
from actors of that calibre?

A very 'British' film,
beautifully understated.

Afterwards we popped into our local
Wetherspoons where it was Curry Night,
perfect after watching a film about India!
We really enjoyed our Curry Feast and lager.


I found this piece of paper in my vegetable box from
Able and Cole this week

along with a bulb of garlic.
It just made me smile :o)


Cally-Cat, the little madam.
She's decided that the only place in the whole
world that she wants to be is the loft room.
However, she really struggles with the steep
staircase and stair carpet
which seems to turn her feet into velcro,
and she can't release herself
so has to shout for help
(even the postman asked what on earth the noise
was coming from upstairs!).
I decided to barricade the staircase to
prevent disaster.
When I say barricade, think
Les Miserables - you get the idea?
No one would get through it.

Except Cally-Cat.
Look who I found sunning herself up 
in the loft.  Goodness knows how she got up there,
she can't jump and she's rubbish at climbing!


Watching Spring in action has been lovely.
Lambs in the fields, calves playing,
birds nest building and 
shoots and buds on the plants.
It looks even better in the Spring sunshine 
that we've been enjoying recently.


Talking of Spring sunshine,
Grant's just got in and I think we're both ready for
a cup of tea, which we'll have in the garden,
in the late afternoon sun.

Bye for now......



craftattack said...

Your cally cat is a good one, love her escapades! The choccie dust looks, well, interesting! I hope that film will be shown here, too! Valerie

SusieJ said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that film - I loved the book. And how lovely that you and Grant had some time together...a curry feast..yum!
The chocolate dust does look interesting....
Had to laugh at the garlic as I'm heavily in vampire mode at the moment...
There's something for you on my "Twilight Zone" blog.
Have a great weekend..just hope this glorious weather lasts...
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Everyone is talking about that film! I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I LOVE Bill Nighy!

Cally-Cat is funny! She looks like a kitten not an old girl!!!

Hope you enjoyed your tea in the garden.....Barry, Woody and I did the same today.

I do hope this is not going to be our summer ..... didn't this happen last year?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend... is Hope cooking again this weekend?

Love Karenxxx

missy k said...

ps did you like The Woman in the Fifth? We (my bookclub) were divided on the ending!


Katie said...

Hi there! A good week for sure. The chocolate crumble cracked me up- way to make the most of it, and remind me I have ice cream in my fridge! yay. a good day!
Also, love your last posts too. Great card for Darcys!

Sabrina said...

Your Springtime frolics are sounding quite Idyllic! May you enjoy much sunny garden time over the next week!

Monica said...

tell Hope there are no errors in cooking just disasters waiting to be put to use and what better than ice cream topping.
I want to see that movie
So now Callie has a secret route to the loft! you can never thwart a determined cat.

Virginia said...

Ah hun that post made me fair smile, from time with hubby, to amazing Cally Cat - to you escaping to the garden for a cuppa with hubby!!! Bliss, I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

Much love

Clarky J said...

What a Fabulous list Jo - the weather, great film and meal out with your chap, the discovery of chocolate dust and spring springing everywhere - its all going on and such a fab list - you sure made me feel glad too xx Hugs Janet xx

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Mmmm liking the sound of choccie dust!!....and Cally Cat makes me smile!! Have a fab weekend Jo!
Jan x

BadPenny said...

I really really want to see that film but yesterday was dragged from gardening in the sunshine to see The Hungry Games !
Cally Cat is adorable & making herself right at home - by attaching her claws to the carpet she isn't really going anywhere else is she ?!
Chocolate dust sounds divine & Hope simply must make it again !

misty said...

I bet that chocolate dust would be perfect ice cream sprinkles! lol

Lenna Young Andrews said...

if ever I need a smile, I just come on over to your garden, sit in the sun with a cup of tea and read your gratefuls on friday post! xoxoxoxox

Maggi said...

Ha, love the vampire repellant note! The Chocolate Dust looks delicious...

WillieburgScrapper said...

chocolate dust copyright- that gave me the giggle big time. :) Never get between a cat and her spot of sunshine- she will find a way!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Just stopped to tell you that although I've been absent for such a long time, you (and your loving family) have never left the very special corner you own in my heart!
Love ya!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! Tea in the garden! Okay, I'm on my way . . . ;)
And the chocolate dust (copyrighted) sounds perfectly wonderful to me, xoxo

Sam said...

Lol at the vampire note, that would have made me smile too! Lovin the look of the chocolate dust, very orginal-get a patent on it now!!
I am waiting to go see that film, hopeing my son will come with me as hubby doesnt want to see it :(
Hope you have an amazing week x

Susan T said...

I must see that film, if we can only get a dog sitter for Prince who pines like silly if we leave him. I have to say Chocolate dust sounds he way forward, and I am sure that is the way all great recipes have been discovered, by accident.

Cally Cat has clearly found her heaven.

Sharing sunshine with a loved one, way to

Sarah said...

nom nom nom, chocolate dust! makes me think of the Fat Fighters leader in Little Britain :)

Glad you enjoyed your movie, and I love the vampire repellant note, I like it when companies have a sense of humour

Looking at your sidebar I see you are even more obsessed with art house co op projects than I am :)

I've just sent off my entry for the Jar Project and have also signed up for the photo response one.

have a great week!


Isn't the weather just so amazing ... I hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea in the garden ... it's lovely down here too. My DH and I sat on the roof terrace at Pedn Olva with a glass of wine last evening just looking out to sea ... such a peaceful moment in a very hectic week

Carolyn x